>My New Year’s Wish…..


Well. It’s New Year’s Eve.

This is traditionally a time of reflection and of looking ahead…..

Looking back:

This has been a hard year for me in many ways. Not a bad year, mind you. Just hard….

I’ve had to let go of things, of people, of dreams…..

It’s seemed as if every teeny, tiny thing was an epic battle, no exaggerating. I pinky promise.

And my hormones are wreaking havoc on my emotional state. I know what it is, I’m just not ready to face that particular reality. TMI, I know…but I’m looking back here….

One of the hardest things about this year, for me, has been Honey’s jobs. He had been working for a satellite company, which would have him out till whenever, and in all sorts of weather conditions. I hated it and so did he; but we were both thankful that he had a job.

Then, he got a job working with his BFF. He absolutely loves it. And he’s not in the weather. But, where before he had three days off every week, he now only has one. And the hours are just as long….

Still, there have been many wonderful things about the year:

Squirmy was born.
Director’s husband is cancer free.
Roo came into our lives.
My family is healthy and employed.
I’m fortunate enough to love the people I work with and for.
My husband loves his job and works with and for great people, too.
We paid off a lot of debt.
We have a home. And heat. And food.
I began writing. I wrote a book (nano).
And I met all of you….

That’s not too bad, huh?

As for resolutions, I gave those up long ago. They’re exercises in failure.

In February, I decided to write. And I have. It was my only goal for the year.

This coming year, I’m concentrating on The Follow-Through. That encompasses many things for me.

If I can manage to follow-through on at least one thing a day, it will be a success. And success is measured in small victories. I intend to build upon those small victories……I’m going to make success a habit. It only takes twenty-one days for a thing to become a habit, did you know that?

So, for the coming year, I wish for us all the healthy habit of success….

Successful in our relationships….
Successful in our work….
Successful in our creativity….
Successful in our letting go of negative things….
Successful in our endeavor to become better selves….
Successful in our healing….
Successful in our courage….

I’ve not put periods at the ends of any of these sentences because they’re open to interpretation. Healing for me may be different from healing for you….and we all have various things in our lives that require courage….

I am being courageous (more than you know) in hoping these things. I want them for all of you, but hoping them for myself…..that’s a big deal.

And for me, it will be all about The Follow-Through…..and the key will be not focusing on all these things I’ve listed or looking at the big picture. It will be about focusing on one thing at a time; doing it; completing it; and moving to the next thing….and success will simply be the natural by-product….

So, my New Year’s Wish is simply this:

I hope for all of you that this new year will hold many successes, in many forms, and so abundantly that you will have to begin heaping it onto others…..and still have so much left over that you can just wallow in it from time to time….


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >All the best for 2011. Yes my hormones have that effect on me. I hope it is full of success and happpiness for you. :O)

  2. >Those are such wonderful thoughts and sentiments. It's been a tough year for me, mostly in terms of my emotional state and realization of things I want that will never happen. May we both have a better 2011.

  3. >Wow. You said it all. Seriously. I echo your list. And I wish it all for you in abundance.I'm excited about 2011 and am leaping in with everything I've got. 2010 was about healing emotionally, 2011 I'm ready to heal the physical. That means transforming my body and losing 35 pounds (by 6/30) and putting my prize-winning novel down on paper (same deadline).I'm ponderizing my own New Year's post, thank you so much for helping me with that.Of the things I'm most grateful for on 2010 is meeting and getting to know (and love) you and so many others, our wonderful writing community. Which, by the way, includes several people who don't profess to be writers, even though their blogs belie that. :)Happy New Year to you, my dear, dear friend, Olivia aka that rebel

  4. >Great post! Just remember you can't have the good without first experiencing the bad so you can appreciate when the good comes. I hope you reach your goals.

  5. >Sounds like you've had a lot of positives this year. It's hard not to be thankful when thinking of all the good we have in our lives. Haven't made any resolutions, but I do know I want to get some projects completed. Happy New Year when it comes!

  6. >I think that's one of the best new year posts I've read. A long time ago someone said to me as I was about to go into an exam "I won't wish you good luck, I'll wish you good skill." So I won't wish you good luck, I'll wish you good success! Happy and successful 2011.

  7. >What a wonderful, heartfelt post and such lovely sentiments. Wishing you a glorious and successful 2011 x

  8. >Great reflections, thanks. I wish the best year for you, full of writing, love, and happiness!

  9. >Wonderful post. :)I hope you have a year filled with love, happiness, and success!

  10. >…resolutions can be lofty expectations that are difficult to achieve if their heights are set beyond reach. When worked on, earthly goals can be attained if set forth with heart and soul, both of which you have. Set your goals high, my friend. For the sky's the limit:)Be safe on this New Year's Eve, and be merry!EL

  11. >What a wonderful post. 2010 has been a hard year for me as well physically, mentally and emotionally. But as you so beautifully said there has been successes too. One is I finally started to blog, and to write. In 2011 I will try to be more organized, so I can find everything easier, and to write more. Maybe even start a book as well.I wish you more success than you can imagine in all aspects of your life ….

  12. >WC,This is a beautiful post with many many heartfelt sentiments. I certainly hope you accomplish all your hopes and dreams :)Happy New Year to you and many blessings in 2011!

  13. >I know that you will be able to accomplish any and all of these things. You are a great inspiring person who has been an inspiration in creativity. I'm not going anywhere so if I'm going to take any of your "resolutions" as my own I might need some help and I'll be there for you, too. Remember…ACCOUNTABILITY!

  14. >What a beautiful post. Here's wishing you and your family all that you wish for and so much more. I also wanted to take the time to say thanks for all your comments on my blog, there have been many times when they've lifted me up.Happy New Year. x

  15. >Great Post!!! You described how I feel about last year in so many ways similar! I too am happy to have a job… even though a year ago I wanted another one. Instead of finding one that works out with my son in school & carpooling. I learned to stand up for myself; express myself through writing/blogging and gain more confidence than I ever imagined. Even though I didn't find the 'one' yet, I know that in 2010 I grew more than anyother year of my life. I also know that I am really close to finding my 'one' because I can just feel it in my heart & soul!!! :-)Thank you for sharing this with us & for all your kind comments, enormous support & mostly for your friendship!!Happy New Year!!!!! 2011 is going to be Our year!!! I just know it!!!Hugs,Coreen

  16. >I wish you joy, peace, love and happiness in the coming year Words Crafter. And I wish you success in everything you attempt, no matter how small or how large a concept. You have been a pleasure to know.I look forward to the coming year.Give yourself a hug from me.Happy New Year!!!…….dhole

  17. >Even though it's all just the turn of a calendar page and the tick of the clock there is something about a new year that gives us hope and renewed energy. May all your wishes come true in this new year.

  18. >Happy Happy New Year!!!

  19. >An heartfelt and inspiring post. Each year brings with it trials and tribulations, but also the successes and good times. I wish you every happiness and good luck with all your endeavours.

  20. >Wonderful post straight from the heart. I agree resolutions always seem to fade away before January ends… Years ago, February used to be my month for CHANGE and IMPROVEMENTS, but it has more or less fallen by the wayside. Another blog I follow, posted about the inspiration she found at one of the blogs she follows. She proposes coming up with one word which symbolizes their focus for the new year. Hers was mindful, the other blog was 'nourish'. I think mine will be 'purge' and 'challenge'. It is a challenge to keep myself on any task, but I am determined to make my life seem lighter in 2011….

  21. >This was beautiful. I can't wait to read your book!

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