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I’ve mentioned before that my mom and I had a complicated relationship. As an adult, I grew to understand that there were two major contributers to our often uneasy and sometimes brief truces. Her mother, my grandmother was a real piece of work and never passed up an opportunity to run anyone into the ground, especially Mom. The other thing I didn’t learn about until a few months before she died. She suffered from severe, chronic depression….

Needless to say, my life growing up was ‘interesting,’ but I survived. When I was 18, I moved out on my own, and we grew to be friends. Good friends. And I will always be thankful for that.

There are several things in my life for which I have to give Mom credit. My passion for reading. My love of Christmas. My creativity. My passion for learning. And my endurance. One of the biggest things she instilled in me was the habit of giving.

Mom always told us that whenever we had the opportunity to give, we should do it. She reminded us that at some point, we may need to receive….

So, I give. I contribute. I assist. And it gives me joy. Real joy. For the record, I have had to be on the receiving end a few times. It’s a difficult place to be, but, it’s also providing someone else the opportunity to be a giver. Yeah, it’s still not a fun place to be, but I am extremely thankful that someone took the time and resources to give…to me.

Recently, I reached and exceeded 100 followers. Something I never even dreamed of! In February, my blog will turn 1 year old – on my husband’s birthday.

In honor of Mom’s birthday, my Honey’s upcoming birthday, the first anniversary of my blog, and reaching 100+ followers, I’m having a little giveaway. I wanted to do it at Christmas, but I thought of how hard it is for some people at this time of year. So many get the blues….and I wanted to offer some cheer.

I also wanted to showcase a few fellow bloggers who are are also artists in some form or other. Take a few moments to check them out as you read through the rest of this.

I suppose I could call this giveaway A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS…..

Here, in no particular order, are the sets up for grabs (I’m not the best photographer and I really didn’t have anywhere to set up, so these aren’t the best pics, sorry):

Charlene is a fellow blogger who creates beautiful paintings. She also creates digital copies of her originals and makes art for hanging, bookmarks, and canvas covers for checkbooks, etc. I got two of her calenders for myself, and two to give away. This one is the Creeper Calender. You can get a better look at it here.

This set includes: the calendar, a votive holder from Yankee Candle (and a tealight), a mini-bookmark from Charlene, a mini stapler, mini post-its (because I’m not writing on my calendar-it’s too pretty!), pens, mini-clips, a bookmark from Barnes & Noble, and an OPI mini lotion.

I’ve been a Dean Koontz fan for years. I even have a signed letter from him. Written to me! This set includes his brand new release, What The Night Knows. This set also includes a hand-made soap from another fellow blogger, Kathryn. You can find her shop here. This soap is Ginger and Cinnamon Olive Oil and it smells divine. I have two pieces of her original art and they’re gorgeous. 
This set also includes a necklace from another fellow blogger, Linda Pruitt. I found this beautiful leaf necklace in her shop and had to have it. However, when it arrived, some little voice said to hang on to it, that it wasn’t for me. And I love leaves!!!! It’s okay. I’ll just order another at some point =P
Also, there is a bookmark from Barnes & Noble and a mini lotion from Bath & Body works.
I tried to think of something that would appeal to guys as well as gals….and I struggled. Finally, I thought of the upcoming movie, Cowboys and Aliens. Then, I found this cool looking book at Barnes & Noble. I thought about going with a zombie/western/north-western kind of theme and here it is. 
This set includes The Zen of Zombie, a cowboy mug from Hobby Lobby, as well as the two iron moose welcome hooks, a Twisted Peppermint hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Words, a mini OPI lotion, and a Creeper bookmark from Charlene’s etsy shop. There’s also a mini bookmark.
This set includes Koontz’s Odd Thomas, a wonderful book if you haven’t read it. It also includes a pair of earrings created by fellow blogger Nicole Murray. They’re little birds with tiny red beads and they’re absolutely adorable. You can find her shop here. There is also a lotion from Bath & Body Works, a bookmark from Charlene’s daughter’s shop, and a candle from Kathryn’s shop.
This set includes the Steampunk Calendar and you can see it better here. There is a mini bookmark from Charlene, as well as one from Barnes & Noble. There are mini post-its, a mini stapler, pens, mini clips, a votive holder from Yankee Candle (and a tealight), and a mini lotion from OPI.

***BTW, the stands are not included with the calendars. I needed them to hold the calenders up to photograph***

One of my all time favorite Koontz books, Watchers is in this set. It also includes a candle from Kathryn, a bookmark from Charlene’s daughter’s shop, a lotion from Bath & Body works, and a pair of OOAK handmade earrings from Val. I have several of her pieces, some are custom. These are dragonflies and you can see similar ones here.
I call this set the Harry Potter set. Fellow blogger Willliam picked up two CD’s for me. Lenoir Rhyne University, where William is a student, had a Harry Potter week, complete with concerts, guest speakers, and Quidditch games. The two bands that came….well they brought some CD’s to sell. They’re not in the plastic…because they’re signed!
William did mention that a few of the songs were naughty. I haven’t listened to them. Everything here (in all the sets) is new, not used….or listened to =P
This set also includes a CD I picked up at the ResFest. I have an old copy just like it, except this time, the guys used LightScribe and made your copy pretty. It’s called drums and drones. 
There’s also a journal and a bookmark from Barnes & Noble, a lotion from Bath & Body Works, a votive holder from Yankee Candle and a tart warmer from Kirkland’s (with a tealight for each), and a bookmark from Charnene’s daughter’s shop.
This set includes the Chronicles of Narnia Radio Theater CD’s. All of them. It also has a bookmark from Charlene, a tart warmer from Kirkland’s (and a tealight), 2 mini lotions from OPI and a hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.
Here are the rules, and they’re pretty simple. You have to be a follower of this blog. No linkage; no tweets; no facebooking; not even any sidebar-ing. Just following.

Old followers will have their name counted twice; new followers will have their name counted once…..

Leave a comment telling me which set you prefer. Be sure to leave an email address if it isn’t linked on your blog or if you don’t have a blog.
This giveaway will run until January 12th. On the 13th, I will put your names in a box and have the children in my class draw the winners. The winners will be announced on Saturday, the 15th. 

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >My Goshness Becky! WOW – now this is what I would call a MEGA giveaway – your heart is so big hon to be giving away so many goodies – please put my name down for the draw, the first one is my fave – I too am a Dean Koontz FANNNNN and have all those books myself and right now I am reading his latest book What the Night Knows (loving it)!Wishing you a wonderful, prosperous, happy, joyful New Year!!! – many hugs from your pal from Aussie Land 😀

  2. >Congratulations on the followers! And that was a lovely tribute to your mom. (The dynamics of the relationship and description of your grandmother sounded really familiar…)I'm an old follower and would love the Narnia set!wolferock AT earthlink DOT net

  3. >I'm a new follower. I prefer one of the sets with a calendar because I still don't have a 2011 calendar!!

  4. >I second that, you really went crazy here. I'd love the Narnia set because Monster Baby loves to listen to stories.And I'm glad you and your mom finally got it together. I'm struggling with my own these days.

  5. >Wow…nice giveaways! WATCHERS. I'm glad you and your mom had time to know each other as adults and become friends.

  6. >What generous and well thought gift(s). I think I'd have to go with the Dean Koontz group but I like them all. Congratulations on your 1 year/100 followers. I'm an old (make that long time) follower.In answer to your question: January 12Best,Bonnie

  7. >Man, when you give you give! Fabulous point about being on the receiving end too. It is not much fun but it opens your eyes to the goodness of the world :)Congrats on 100! Old follower and surprise me 🙂Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. >Oh Gosh, what a giveaway! I will definitely spread the word! I'm an old follower, of course. 🙂 And I'd love to have the set with the bird earrings!! Thanks for hosting such a beautiful giveaway!

  9. >What a lovely set of presents to giveaway! I'd choose the one with the steampunk calendar because, well, I'm kind of big on stationery!Looks like you've got your blog layout all sorted now. Looks great, as usual 🙂

  10. >just dropped by to wish you a very happy 2011. i'm glad that things turned out for the better… congrats on your 100! xo, carla

  11. >These are all fabulous, it's hard to choose! Thank you for this opportunity to win such lovely treasures. Yay! I think I'll go with the Harry Potter set if I were to win. I'm an old follower.Congratulations on 100+ followers!What you wrote above is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your kindness with your words and this lovely celebration.Here's to many more followers! 😉

  12. >way to go, b… on all things! 🙂

  13. >Wow, that's a major giveaway your having, so generous. Here's to your next year of blogging and many more followers. x

  14. >Hi there, I just found your blog through Val's facebook page, I have been a follower of her for a long time. Wow what an amazing and generous giveaway!!! If I had to choose I would pick either the first set with the new Dean Koontz book (I love him too!!!) or the other set with his book 'Odd Thomas' as I haven't read that one yet either! Congratulations on your blogiversary and I look forward to getting to know you through your blog!!! :0)

  15. >I shall be checking back with your blog as it won't seem to let me become a follower at the moment, some sort of 'blogger problems' grrrrr I shall keep trying :0)

  16. >A great tribute to your mother, and also lovely way to honour your honey – and congrats on 100 followers!! Wow, re the prizes! This is like a mega giveaway, I like the last one with the Narnia CDs. 😉 Happy New Year!

  17. >I loved this tribute to your Mother. What a kind person you are.And I get what you mean about receiving being the harder end of the bargain.You know, I like all your giveaways but I'd probably pick Dean Koontz!I'm already an 'old' old follower.Happy 100, too, sweet lady.

  18. >"What the Night Knows" package I am in love with!!! The book is perfect for my husband and I and I adore the necklace, boy do I love the necklace!I'm so in love with this giveaway!!! I love it!!! I'm glad to be a wonderful old follower! I love your blog!

  19. >I found this a very touching post. Aren't our relationships with our mothers fraught at times. I'm glad you are so positive and attribute some of your creative gifts to her. You are definitely a giver with a capital G. I expect this giveaway is not international but I'm a freakish fan of Dean Koontz and would love Odd Thomas…I totally understand if it's not open to the Aussie.Also congrats on reaching 100 followers. This is going to be an awesome year of writing and blogging.Happy New Writing Year!

  20. >Goodness, WC, how gracious of you! I am excited but know what I'm most happy about? you and your mother had a good positive relationship before she died…and what wonderful gifts she left to you!I like all the sets but the Narnia set would delight my son!

  21. >i am a newbie and maybe the only man… i think? i am interested all the things with calenders, narnia and The Zen of Zombie…but i like to read and be pretty… besides there is some very great things…:)jeremy

  22. >Congrats on so many joyous things to celebrate! And you are too generous with your giveaway! It blows me away. I seriously can't choose. I know you said no extras are necessary, but I'm putting you on my sidebar anyway.:)

  23. >WOW! it's so amazing to see the size of your heart put out on paper. I am so happy that your relationship with your mother was mended enough that you had some good times with her. How special that was. I love everything that your giving away, My love for dragon flies win out hands down… Thanks for the give away. Good Luck to all who have entered.

  24. >WOW! You went totally crazy! I'm amazed with all the stuff you're giving away. I'd love to enter. I'd love either the Harry Potter or Narnia set. Harry Potter is my first choice though.

  25. >Huge congrats on all the successes in such a short time, and for all the wonderful followers! I'm so glad to have met you through your blog. Every time I see a comment from you on my blog, I smile!This is by far the BEST line-up of contest prizes EVAH! Those calendars and jewelry are gorgeous. Thanks for the linkage to the wonderful talents behind the art.Okay, my fingers are tightly crossed that any one of these packages finds their way to me :))Have a wonderful evening!

  26. >I could have sworn I was already a follower, but I don't see you on my blog roll. Thanks for always coming by my place. I'm so MIA all the time, I don't think I deserve a chance at any prizes, but I'd just like to mention two things.1. Koontz is a god. I could go on for pages, but I won't. I wrote him a letter once, and he handwrote me a reply a few weeks later. I almost died of shock. 2. I would have asked for the latest release, "What the Night Knows" but not for the Koontz book. I've always been pretty poor, so only afford the paperbacks and a hard copy would ruin my Koontz shelves' orderliness. I would have wanted the package for the bookmark. It's clearly a Death Eater bookmark, and I'm a Death Eater, through and through. 🙂 Fear me. Rawr.

  27. >The giveaway to end all giveaways. WOWZA! (Did I just say that?)Odd Thomas or Watchers for me. The jewelry is so gorgeous. Thank you for doing this. I'z a follower, yanno? Happy New Year, girl.

  28. >I am a new follower. Actually I joined your other blog first, We have some things in common. My mother passed away in May. We were not close. I think what I learned from her was to be a person of integrity on the job and to really like shoes..lol!I also write poetry or rather am trying.

  29. >Wow 100 followers! That's impressive!!! Congratulations! You are finally doing something you always wanted to do and are brilliant at. Writing! I'm proud of you! I like Harry:)

  30. >congratulations on the followers. i think your short story of your relationship with your mom is amazing, especially that you found out so late in her life that she suffered from depression. so many people are beat down by the diseases of this culture. thanks for sharing.i like that necklace:)

  31. >Congratulations on 116 (as of this moment) followers and your one-year blogaversary! The tribute to mother was really touching. It's lovely you became friends. You'll have that to hold onto always.And my gosh, what a giveaway!!! We're talking giving with a capital G. All of the packages are fabulous, but I'm especially taken with the Dean Koontz "collection." Not only am I fan of Dean, but cinnamon and ginger are my two favorite scents, and that necklace is to die for. Thank you for hosting such an amazing contest!

  32. >Congratulations on 100 followers. What nice sets you have presented. I am not putting myself in the drawing, just commenting. I used to read Dean Koonz and WATCHERS was also my favorite! Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been getting to know you.

  33. >Hi, I'm a new follower from Down under =) WoW what a giveaway, you have some hugeeeee karma heading your way =) I like the harry potter setriotrara AT bigpond.com

  34. >I'm a day late – sorry! Returning to school exhausted me.What a generous contest. I'm giving it sidebar and FB love anyway so you can get more followers!I'm going to enter for What the Night Knows set because of that Harry Potter bookmark especially. I think it's great you got to know your mother and move past your childhood. Maybe one day we can meet and share.

  35. >Oh, my. You are a wonderful generous human being. And 100 followers? Yay for you! It was interesting to read about your difficult relationship with your mum (mine neglected me and my sister and we ended up in care – long story). I'm so happy for you that you were able to form a good friendship in the end.Now which set to choose??? It would have to be the Zen of Zombie set. What fun this is!

  36. >Oh my gosh…it looks like you've got to be one of my biggest fans!! LOL!!Thank you so much for being such a sweet little gal! I love so much reading your blog! You've done a great job letting us all get to know you:)

  37. >wow, you are so generous! I'm also a Dean Koontz fan and would love either one (and I love the artwork in the calendar), but I'm also an Aussie and I understand if this competition isn't open internationally.Congrats for all your followers, your Mom's birthday, your Honey's upcoming birthday, AND the first anniversary of your blog!! There is much to celebrate!

  38. >I gave you some blog love. Check out my post!

  39. >Oh my goodness…this post made me tear up a little bit. What a lovely and moving tribute to your mother. *hugs*Happy birthday to your hubby and your mom.CONGRATS on all your well deserved followers. You deserve millions more.And, WOW, what a generous contest! Holy frijole. (I love Koontz, too)Gee whiz, I'd be happy with any of these sets. Who wouldn't. Also, I love how you supported other bloggers. You are a shining example of goodness. Thank you for being in this world.I will be putting this in my contest sidebar, perhaps a tweet or 2…and hopefully into a post. You deserve massive link love. :)Love and hugs,Lola

  40. >What generous giveaway. I'm an old follower, been following your blog but mainly lurking around. And I'm also Dean Koontz fan after reading his "Strangers" I've got a collection of his older books. But alas no new ones.Congrats on reaching 100 followers!

  41. >What an awesome giveaway! I'm a new follower. Would love to win any of the lovely sets but if I had to pick one, it would be the Narnia one.

  42. >Becky, you're amazing. What a sweet thing to do: buy from our fellow bloggers and give back to others. I ❤ you.I love them all and had a hard time choosing between the leaf necklace and bird earrings. ALL the books look fab, sooo…I choose Odd Thomas and red bird earrings. THANKS for having such a cool giveaway.You rock! that rebel, Olivia

  43. >ooh ooh ooh! i love rustic goth (charlene, i guess?). i would super-love the steampunk calendar and it was a tough decision (so many awesome gifties!) but i'd still get a mini bookmark from charlene.

  44. >That was a really nice piece about your mother, some parts sound very familiar to me. When you do a giveaway you go all the way, wow! I have been thinking about getting the new Dean Koontz book but haven't done it yet so that would be my choice.

  45. >I am a new follower, very nice giveaway!! I would love to win the one with the 2011 Creeper calendar thank youearthdancedaph@yahoo.com

  46. >Great contest. I'd love the Narnia set!

  47. >Hi Becky, thank you for reminding me..I think the Odd Thomas book and the bird earrings would suit me… Thank you for joining me at heartnsole..I can be found at Clothed in His Beauty too.. (:

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