>Wednesday Haiku-River Of Stones-Now Showing…..All In One Post, Whew!


Jenn from You Know…that Blog? hosts the weekly Sensational Wednesday Haiku. The theme for this week is Resolutions. Here’s my entry for the week:


I’m following through

setting goals and meeting them
one step at a time


A River of Stones is an international writing project begun by Fiona Robyn and Kaspa. For more detailed information, including how to submit your writings for a chance to be included in the anthology, go here.

The goal is to “pay attention to one thing every day during the month of January and write it down.”

Here are a few of my stones so far…..

a black cloud hovered over me, hiding in my peripherals.
tinting my perception; tainting my mood; creasing my brow

two little children were playing in block center at the end of the day, a boy and a girl. I crept up to them, hands raised like claws, struggling to maintain my fierce facade.  the little girl simply smiled, confident and amused. the little boy laughed and squealed. then suddenly, he jumped up and stood in front of the little girl, arms spread wide. on his face was an expression even fiercer than mine.

he told me NO! YOU CAN’T GET HER! his brow was furrowed but his lips hinted at a smile. this tiny little knight, fearlessly standing his ground to protect his friend from the big bad monster. I was slain by his courage.

a half grown bundle of fur, curled up under the covers, her warm body next to mine. her purrs became soft snores as she turned to lay on her back, exposed and vulnerable. confident and secure, the former orphan is completely at home.


Madeleine from Scribble and Edit is hosting the Now Showing Blogfest in which we’re challenged to convert one or more of the provided prompts from telling to showing.

This is a great writing exercise! Here’s my entry:

Her heart raced and her breathing became shallow as she felt the heat rising in her face, bringing with it the neon scarlet that drew every eye to hers.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my giveaway and see if there is anything you’d like to take a chance at winning!!!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >All these are lovely….your haiku is subtle, still and beautiful The River of Stones (missed that one!) is full of charm and I can really feel the emotion in the Now Showing…well done on all!

  2. >Wow! These are really great. Good job! The first one is my favorite.

  3. >I love the haikus and like hearing the inspirations behind them. You're doing a great job sticking to your resolutions!

  4. >Love that story about the little knight. And your Haiku is gorgeous. Go you.

  5. >Great Haiku! I love the knight short. Kids don't fear me either :)Keep up the great work!Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. >wonderfulness! šŸ˜€

  7. >This is all great stuff. You get a gold star today, teacher.

  8. >What a gorgeous tale about the two children!

  9. >Absolutely loved all of your creations Excellent! :O)

  10. >WTG on achieving your goals..one step at a time!

  11. >The description of the sleeping kitten is so perfect!!!

  12. >very wise thoughts "one step at a time"! Happy 2011

  13. >cool Haiku and I love your observations šŸ™‚

  14. >Impressive and ambitious! Oh me oh my!

  15. >I love that Haiku, and the fierce but determined little Knight. šŸ™‚

  16. >I absolutely love the "half grown bundle of fur". We have six little feral kitten living on our patio, one of them wants to be a house kitty…maybe. She will snuggle in my arms but only for a few minutes.

  17. >Nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

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