I know I’ve griped about this before, but dang!

I love visiting, and I’ve managed to get around to most of you. The rest, well, hang on. I’m getting there.

The thing is – it takes me forever. Not to visit and comment. To post the comment!

Nearly 90% of the time, I have to click the Post a Comment link a dozen times before it will take me there, and always first by telling me the webpage isn’t available.

Then, I have to save the comment, Leave This Page, and go back to the post again before it will let me post a comment.


And it’s not with blogs containing lots of widgets or long comments. It’s nearly ALWAYS. Does anyone else have this problem on a continuing basis? If so, let me know. I’m going to contact Blogger about it.

Oh, and it’s not just on this computer or simply a recent thing. It’s been for months.

Sorry. I hate to gripe much on here, but I had to get this off my chest.


Happy Sunday!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >WC, I rarely have a problem posting comments, except on sites that require a captcha password. I DO however, have a hard time with follower lists. If I don't click follow BEFORE commenting, it's gone. I have to get out then back in to follow.That's my grrrr. OH. And since I changed my template I can no longer see my preview, which I have come to depend on. What up with THAT??Let us know how you fare with the Blogger folks.~ that rebel, Olivia

  2. >You, too? Sometimes I have to hit the CTRL button while hitting "Post A Comment" before the box appears. Sometimes I hit the comment button only to see nothing until I think to look up at top bar where my tabs are to see the comment box is lurking there. I am a man of high hopes and low tech — and Blogger is testing my limits! LOL.I sent you those stories in response to your comments. I hope I didn't swamp you in prose.May today run smoother for us both. I woke with my muse feeling as if it needed a new set of spark plugs! Roland

  3. >Sometimes I get the "Requested URi too long" message when I'm posting comments, but that's usually just for the longer ones. I've never had that much trouble commenting.I hope Blogger starts working right for you!

  4. >I do have that problem occasionally but I just reload the page and weird enough it works. But then I keep this BIG hammer next to the PC with the word "Google" written on the handle 🙂Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. >I don't have that problem. Maybe try a different browser? I've had problems with Firefox, so I always use Safari when blogging. I hope it gets better for you!

  6. >I must be lucky – I almost never have a problem. I will say it's easier when there's no word verification, even tho sometimes I find them interesting 🙂

  7. >A ggrrrr right back….it happens to me too – also, sometimes I post only to have it disappear later! Weird….haven't tried blogging in Safari, though. Happy Sunday to you too.

  8. >Yep that happens to me too at times, although lately it's not been so bad. Thank you for your visit I can't believe you had a black widow crawling up your leg OMG!!!!!!!! That is scary!!!!Have a great week :0)

  9. >Ha! I hear you! Blogger is always full of tricks when I'm running late, composing a long post or commenting on the fly – it always never fails to eat it. Here's to a happy blogging week! *fingers crossed*

  10. >I must be eating right because I don't have that problem…ususally when I have problems it is 'operator-error' and I know that…Deep breath…

  11. >Hmm, I've not experienced that problem (touch wood). I hope the problem sorts itself out for you.

  12. >I have not had this problem – though I don't use firefox. Hope you get to the bottom of that problem! Sounds frustrating!

  13. >I use Firefox and I don't have any probs. Hmm! I wonder if it's something that's loaded onto your computer. Have you run a Malware or virus program lately? Do you have anything else running at the same time, any programs or music or anything? I usually have to turn OFF Yahoo messenger cuz it makes my whole Internet drag down. Stuff like that. Good luck, and I hope you figure it out!

  14. >*Roland-I haven't gotten around to reading them yet. Busy and fighting the normal sinus headache…hopefully, the gremlins will encounter a brilliant sun. And, I hope your muse (and you) get recharged!*Golden Eagle-thanks, me, too! *Jules-hahahaha!!!! I have a hammer. I guess I need to break it out and put a label on it!*Theresa-I left Firefox for Chrome, and initially, it worked much better. I'd love to use Safari, but I have a PC….*MSHatch-some of the word verifications are hilarious! *Margo-ah!!! I'm sorry that happens to you, but it makes me feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one.

  15. >*Nicola-I'm glad it doesn't happen too often for you. And, I learned I can hit some awesomely high notes if a spider crawls onto my leg. I was impressed with myself =P*Talie-YES!!! Maybe it's a conspiracy…..*Tracy-lol, I understand that. Especially when I'm pressed for time!*Lynda-I'm beginning to think blogger sees me as 'the red-headed step-child' and is treating me accordingly :P*TerryLynn-I may begin the search for a new browser. I've tried Explorer, Firefox, and now Chrome. Could it be me?!!! Yikes!*Carol-this is a pretty new computer and it did it on my other one as well. I do regular scans and it's pretty clean. It just occurred to me that perhaps it's our provider….? It's a mystery.

  16. >This annoys me soooo much! Sometimes, I just end of quitting on the comment because I can't get it to post!

  17. >*Lisa-me, too! And I hate to keep trying because sometimes it will post many times 😦 Technology…

  18. >Argh.. I haTE it when that happens! I noticed it a few time last week, but nothing nearly as bad as this. It's horribly frustrating!And vent away! That's what we're here for 🙂

  19. >*WritingNut-lol, thanks! It is good sometimes to just let it all out….. 🙂

  20. >I get the occasional glitch but nothing like you're complaining about. There must be something blogger can do!

  21. >I can't say I've had this particular issue, although I'll occasionally run across a glitch. Mostly, I have issues with word verification because I don't always see it and I'll close out without leaving the comment I thought I left. Good luck with those issues! I hope they get ironed out.

  22. >I use Firefox and almost ALWAYS have problems. You have NO idea of the comments I have lost. UGHThinking of trying Safari as Theresa suggested. Hmmm, at least you're not alone? hehe

  23. >That has only happened to me once or twice. Frustrating! I no longer require word verification on my blog and have had no problem. Blogger has a built-in protection–or so I was told and it has worked well for the past few months.I use Safari.Best,Bonnie

  24. >I don't have it continually, but I do encounter it off and on. Knock on wood, it hasn't happened to me recently.

  25. >Aggh…me too! I think part of the problem is some blogs have too many interative options/graphics, which means it takes forever for the comment page to load up. This is the worst thing timwise: I click on the comment box and start typing, and then for some mysterious reason I'm taking back to the post page. I have to re-click on comments and start again. Not good.

  26. >Oops…I meant 'timewise'. LOL.

  27. >Interesting, I too left Firefox for Chrome because I couldn't comment. I don't have any problems commenting since I switched though. I did a google search but couldn't see anythng that seemed to relate to your problem. Sorry I can't help

  28. >Hum…I don't have that problem…even with my 'crippled' computer. (I think I remember having problems on IE…now I use Firefox and I haven't had any problems commenting.)

  29. >Thanks, guys, for trying to help. I thought that Safari was only for MAC's. I was happily wrong. They have Safari for PC's, too. I downloaded it and have not had one single glitch. That alone has shaved off at least an hour of my blogging time. Seriously. That's how much trouble I was having!If anyone else is having a hard time, try it. And thank you so much Theresa for suggesting it!

  30. >I mostly just get fed up when I comment then get asked for a word verification as an extra stage in the process. I've tried to get rid of as many barriers to commenting on my blog as possible, but if you have problems please let me know. I don't hold out much hope for Blogger taking our issues seriously.

  31. >PS This is a nice easy blog to comment on!

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