>Winners, Updates, And Some News…..

>All right. Maybe it’s part of getting older, but I gotta tell you. I’m ready for the snow to go. I’ve loved winter all my life, but this year, I just can’t deal with it. Snow days are great. Except, I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things. And all this dry weather has wreaked havoc on my sinuses (and nearly everyone else’s I’ve talked to).

On a funnier note, the dry weather has caused a comical, but terribly frustrating problem. In the mornings, while getting ready for work, I can’t do anything with my hair. It has so much static, it literally stands straight up, and then plasters itself to my face. Un. Bee. Leave. Able.

All that to say this: I finally drew names Thursday night. Old followers got their names put in twice and new followers once. I printed off the names according to the sets specified, cut them out, folded them twice, and put them in a pot. Yep, a pot. Then I let Honey draw from each set while he watched Family Guy.

The winners are:

What the Night Knows-Val Zdero
Odd Thomas-Summer Frey
Harry Potter-Melissa Wideen
Narnia-L. Diane Wolf
Creeper Calendar-Lola Sharp
Steampunk Calendar-Lydia Kang
Zen of Zombie-Ellie Garrett
Watchers-Carol Kilgore

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to everyone who entered. This has been a lot of fun for me 🙂

Unexpectedly, I have had several things come up that I have to take care of tomorrow, so I don’t know how quickly I will be able to get to the post office. I will try to have everyone’s package mailed out by the end of next week, if not sooner.

Reading Updates:

First of all, Theresa encouraged me to join in the 12 Literary Resolutions for 2011. Ann from Inkspots & Quills found this great list of literary resolutions. And guess what? They’re doable!!!!! Theresa’s in and so am I. Evangeline (Co-Teacher) is also going to do it, yay!!! Why don’t you check it out and think about joining us?

 For the month of January, we’re supposed to read a classic novel. I’m reading these two (since they’re pretty short):

Wednesday night, I was exhausted. As soon as I got home, I got ready for bed. Literally. And, once I was snuggled under the electric blanket, Roo tucked under the covers beside me and Kitty Boss between my feet, I finished two books: 

This book, for me, was very different. And I loved it. Today, I loaned it to Assistant Director and I really want to know her opinion of it. It made me cry at the end (like a really good book should).

If any of you have ever read this, please let me know how you felt about it. I’m not going to do a review; I’m just going to recommend it.

This is the book I won a while back in a contest Theresa hosted. I read it in an hour, but let me tell you, it’s a beautiful read. Lyrical. Haunting. Insightful. Dreadful. Healing. And, there’s a sequel! You know I’m gonna get it, right? Again, no review (it’s the middle of the night and I’m sleepy), but I’m going to highly, highly recommend it. Thank you so much, Theresa!

As soon as I finish my two classics, I’m going to read the book from Lisa Maliga, Notes From Nadir, woohoo! I’m making up for last year, for sure!

Okay, now for some news. Warning –  it’s some hard news. I was running through facebook and read a post Theresa had put up. Fellow blogger, and published author, L. K. Madigan was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. I read the author’s post, and I was moved to tears. What courage! What grace!

Theresa’s post on facebook (and I would link it but I don’t know how to link a post from fb) pointed out that Ms. Madigan had just published a book (her second) that came out in October, and perhaps her family would be aided by sales of the book. It’s called The Mermaid’s Mirror and I found my copy in the Teen section of B & N tonight after work.

I found out that her first book was well received, even winning an award, so I’m really looking forward to reading this one. She and her family will be in my prayers.

I’m posting about this and adding a link to B & N on my sidebar, hoping that curious people will either buy the book, blog about the situation, or both.

Also, please remember to keep our friends who live in Aussie-Land in your thoughts and prayers. Many of them have friends and family who have been displaced by the terrible flooding. Denise from L’Aussie Writing published this link on her facebook page. It’s an anthology of short stories, 500-1,000 words, any genre, any age. And, 100% of the sales profit goes to the Flood Relief Fund.

Please take a moment to read the link and consider doing a post, linking on your sidebar, and/or submitting a story for the anthology.

I think that almost catches everything up. I’ll be around sometime tomorrow. I really enjoyed visiting Monday and Tuesday (snow days) and I got spoiled. Sigh……

I can’t stop yawning now, so I’m off to bed. It’s 2:45 am, but I think I’ll schedule this to post later. I don’t know anyone who’d be awake at this hour……

Have a wonderful, and SAFE weekend!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Congrats to the winners. Good luck on your reading. Classics are wonderful to read. I need to get back into reading them. There's just never enough time.I can relate with the sinus issue. Mine have never been the same since I moved to Chicago.Do you have humidifier? They really help. Get one if you don't … helps with sinus and hair problem. Another suggestion… static guard, it does work on your hair, too. Really.Enjoy your weekend.

  2. >You packed a lot in this post! Hope you have a good weekened. A friend gave me Green Angel, and you're right, it's beautiful.

  3. >Congrats to the winners and yes I've had sinus problems since I was little. I found that drinking milk made it much much worse now I drink Soya. I also find those cleaning sprays cause problems. A steam cleaner works wonders, though. Enjoy your reading. I think I'm about to have a migraine so I shouldn't be blogging. Off to get a painkiller and make the beds and maybe the urge to migraine will pass. :O)

  4. >…a few points of interest, it's refreshing to hear that your husband does not shy away from admitting that he's a fan of "Family Guy," which is hilarious. Next, its the weirdest thing, but I just brought home "The Gargoyle" from the $5 discount shelf at Wal-Mart, literally hours ago. Lastly, congrats to your winners…selected during an airing of 'afore mentioned, top comedy on television, "Family Guy."EL

  5. >wow thats lots of stuff for on one post. hooray for all the contest winners. i hope you get all those books read that you could wanna read. mostly on this post i got caught on that author thats got cancer so for sure im gonna be doing prayers for her. …hugs from lenny

  6. >Lot of information in this post! :)Congratulations to the winners!I've read The War of the Worlds–it's interesting to read about the perspectives of the people back at that time, now that we know there aren't actually Martians.I hope the flood waters in Australia recede soon so life can return to normal for the people there. They are in my thoughts.

  7. >Yay! Congratulations to all the winners!!!Oh, I loved Green Angel. Alice Hoffman is one of my favorites. Green Witch was beautiful, too. Happy reading!!!

  8. >Just discovered your blog. Laughed about the hair issues, definitely a universal dilemma. I FINALLY read JANE EYRE. Now I'm putting a classic as every third book in my reading rotation.

  9. >What a group of lovely winners! And thank you for your generosity again! What a sweet girl you are! I'm sure everyone will be over the moon to receive their prizes!Good luck with your reading. Snuggle up with a good book, best way to deal with the snow I'd think? Not that I'd know, ha ha!Thanks for posting about the flood anthology. Was sweet. I'm sure lots of writers will get on board. You can use a story you've previously published on your blog as long as you delete it if it is accepted.Denise 🙂

  10. >Oh and lovely of you to mention L K Madigan. So sad. Must get her book.

  11. >I will see if there is a Kindle download for The Mermaid's Mirror and buy it, perhaps some financial help there for the family. If I see it in hardback, I will also buy it (or PB). Come read both my SHOW and TELL version of Victor in the zombie playground, The humidifier Michael suggested seems a great idea. I'm at work and I have to blood run, R

  12. >Congratulations to all the winners, they're going to be so excited to received their wonderful gifts.I know exactly what you mean about static, I'm the static queen and I always have to keep a can of static guard in the car with me during winter.Sweet dreams.

  13. >*Michael-yep, sinuses can be the pits. I have a humidifier; I just need to actually get it out!And I know what you mean about not enough time. I really wanted to read The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but it was nearly 4 inches thick! Sigh….*Tricia-I'm so happy to have won the book. I'm not sure if I would ever have discovered them otherwise and I can't wait to get my hands on Green Witch!*Madeleine-I really really hope your migraine goes away before it comes on fully. They stink!*Elliot-it's one of his favorite shows. I watch it with him sometimes. Please let me know what you think of the book!!!*Lenny Lee-you are so sweet! I didn't read too many books last year-I just couldn't get in the mood. I think I'm making up for it now :)Thank you so much on behalf of the author; I know she will very much appreciate your prayers.

  14. >*Golden Eagle-I'm finding it an interesting book. We're so used to science fiction and horror movies that our shock levels would be completely different from someone at the time of this book.Yeah, I'm keeping the whole Queensland et all in my thoughts and prayers….*Jamie-I hope to be ready to read Green Witch by the end of the week. Green Angel was completely lovely!*Leslie-yeah, you'd be laughing at my angry responses, too. Stomping feet, growls, hisses….I'm surprised my brush isn't broken :)I haven't read any of the Bronte books. I need to remedy that!*Denise-I got all snuggly with my book….and promptly fell asleep! I'm really glad you're safe!*Roland-I've been a terrible blogger today. I haven't been around at all. I know what tomorrow will be, and maybe late tonight. I will definitely be by to read Victor's entries. You know I love that kid.I did see a nook version when I was online at B & N; I'm sure Amazon has one, too.*Kathryn-what a great idea! Thanks, I hadn't thought of that!

  15. >Pancreatic cancer is a killer, so sorry to hear this news. What a nice thing you are doing to encourage book sales.

  16. >I'm happy your Honey pulled my name out of the pot. Congrats to all the other winners, too. I laughed about your hair – the cats probably freak. Stay warm.

  17. >Thanks again for having the giveaway. I'm excited for the calendar! Hope you catch up on your sleep!

  18. >I was so sorry to hear about L K Madigan — I'll definitely be buying a copy of her latest book, which sounds wonderful.What a generous competition! Hope the sinuses sort themselves out (I find a humidifier helps, and cutting out mushrooms and dairy temporarily, keeping them warm when in pain and sleeping on an extra pillow to help them drain (ew) can help).

  19. >I went over to Lisa's blog and read her post; very powerful and gosh, for a writer to be at a lack of words such as I felt…UGH! …when you read my recent blog, this is making me feel 'Enough is Enough' type of mentality because tragedy seems to prevalent…thank you for posting the news and allowing me the opportunity to say a prayer for her and her family!

  20. >The only thing worse than a bad-hair day…is a no hair day! :)Congrats to your winners!!

  21. >Hello Words Crafter! I was laughing whilst I was reading the way you described your hair sticking out because of static, LOL. That happens to me a lot. Congratulations to the winners! I'm also joining Theresa and Ann in the 12 Resolutions for 2011! Yay! I'm now looking for Mermaid's Mirror, I ought to have a copy of that book.Take care and Happy Sunday!

  22. >Yay.. congrats to all the winners :)I hope you get some rest this weekend.I'm so sorry to hear about L.K. Madigan, my thoughts and prayers go out to her.

  23. >Winners, reading, static hair. What's a girl to do? Great post. You know I'm going to let my bloggers know about L'Aussie's offering.Nancy

  24. >Congrats to the winners. There is something about snow that makes me think of hot chocolate, fluffy blankets and a good book. Yum.

  25. >Yep, my hair has been the same way. Crazy.. the other day I was so tired (I get up at 5:45am & leave by 6:30) I think I sprayed air freshner on my hair instead of hairspray. I only thought that later in the day for 2 reasons… 1.. my hair was much better and 2 I kept smelling 'freshness' LOL (are you laughing yet?) LOL I just had to sharing that after your funny static hair description.HUGS,CoreenPS. This aweful cold really has been making me terribly tired the last 2 weeks. Actually did go to bed at 7pm twice last week. I hope Spring comes EARLY this year!! 🙂

  26. >I can't believe it has taken me this long to say a huge whoop and thank you for my prize. Slap my wrist! Thank you so much.Aah…hair. I suffer from the frizzy hair gene. So, for me the cold dry weather is perfect. Last week it rained, a lot, and my hair took on a life of its own. I wonder if there is a story in that…?

  27. >Congratulations to the lucky winners of your prizes!And I'm glad you're enjoying the book you won on my blog. I'm having another giveaway if you want to head on over.I'm not a big fan of snow because living in a city with a small car makes it hard to get over snowy parking spots. Tomorrow is supposed to be snow, then rain. I hope my tired don't get encased in ice!

  28. >Congrats to all of the winners of your fabulous giveaways!!I live in the Midwest, so you'd think I'd be 'used' to the snow….I'm not…and I'm ready for Spring..already!!

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