>Does Anyone Win An Argument With Strider?


In November, during nano, I finally experienced what most of you have known about for quite some time. I had a major character take the reins from my hands and assert his own will upon my carefully constructed outline. 
Of course, I was most unhappy about his sudden independent streak and I let him, and everyone else, know about it. As a result, I still haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to end the book, but it turned out that the story is much improved. I refuse to give him any snaps or high-fives; I don’t want to encourage anarchy. He does have my respect, though….
So, okay. I can deal, to a point, with a character changing part of a story. But, lately, I’m feeling a bit like Mo (Inkheart for those of you who’ve never read it). Characters not of my own creation are calling out to me, demanding my attention.
You may recall that I had a whole reading list lined up. Ha!!! Let me show you how it’s turning out.
I did finish this book. For it’s time, it must have been very frightening and I think Wells was visionary in his depiction of the Martians and their probable advanced technology and physiology. 
Still, I was glad to finish it…..

I was supposed to read Of Mice and Men next, but this book kept calling to me; and I answered.
I loved it. Really. It’s beautifully written and one of my favorite things is how it treats families.
If you get a chance, I highly recommend this book for your TBR list.
I believe I read somewhere that L. K. Madigan intended to write a sequel.
I hope and pray she will get the chance…..
Honey wanted to watch a movie Sunday night. So, for dinner, we had breakfast and watched Despicable Me. Oh My Gosh! It’s adorable! We laughed out loud all the way through it. I actually like this movie better than Up, which is pretty awesome.
If you haven’t seen it, go get it and watch it!
Since I skipped Of Mice and Men, I intended to start that one next. 
Uh huh….
While flipping through channels before starting the movie, we came across Fellowship of the Ring. 
All I could see in my mind was Strider, sitting in the bar, watching the hobbits get drunk and forget to be cautious. 
Mind you, this isn’t the Strider from the movie.
This is the one from the book.
The one that can be a bit unsettling at times.
Okay. I can deal with reading change ups, too. What I’m struggling with, and don’t laugh too hard, is the time of year it is. 
See, I feel like Fellowship is an Autumn read. Not a Winter read. 
All evening, I told Strider that it’s just not the right time of year to let him and his companions out. 
He’s terribly stubborn. 
He narrowed his eyes at me.
I told him that I needed crisp, colorful leaves and frost on the ground. 
He pointed out that there’s plenty of snow right outside my window. 
I sighed.
I reminded him that all the colorful leaves were gone and that Rivendell would feel all wrong. 
He uncrossed his  ankles, removed the pipe from his mouth, and leaned forward, staring hard into my eyes. 
I sighed deeply. 
He settled back into his corner.
I guess I’m reading LOTR next….
Does this happen to any of you? To you talk to characters that others have created? Do ya reckon I need a huggie jacket?
Happy Monday πŸ™‚

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Nah, no huggy jacket maybe a weird look or two πŸ™‚ I do plan on seeing Despicable Me, glad to hear it is good and funny.Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. >I don't talk to any characters except my own. And yes, I've had some of them take control, too. Happy Monday back πŸ™‚

  3. >I was so bored and bogged down by War of the Worlds. Very disappointing read for me.

  4. >Congratulations – your characters have become teenagers! LOL.No. You don't need a huggie jacket. What you are experiencing must happen to all writers, I think. Certainly my characters quite often talk to me and if their story is not completed, they demand to know why. The best thing for me as a writer is when they take over and tell me what THEY want to do. For me, it means I'm in the zone with my writing. So, don't feel it is a bad thing. Go with the flow, I say!

  5. >While I don't talk to other authors' characters, I don't think you need a huggie jacket… yet.You're busy reading and writing. It's great to hear!

  6. >I'm glad you were able to keep your character in his place :-). It pays to assert your authority. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  7. >I've spoken to characters from other books before . . . and they can be just as frustrating as ones from my own. πŸ˜›

  8. >Sometimes when I'm watching a DVD movie or reading a book, Victor or Samuel will intrude in my head with what they would do that would improve the situation or the prose. I think all authors do this. At least that's what I'm telling my voices. LOL.

  9. >I love that Strider convinced you to read LOTR. I'm not a huge fan of the trilogy but I absolutely adored The Hobbit (so excited they are making that into a movie!). I want to read The Mermaid's Mirror and I swear, I will watch despicable me! I keep putting it off but I'll do it.

  10. >I'm always talking to my own characters, and I know I get riled up about others too, so you definitely don't need a huggie jacket πŸ˜€

  11. >I just loved the LOTR Movies. I tried to read the books at the same time…but I was working in Corporate America at the time and just could never find the time to get through much other than the first two HP Books.And…'Despicable Me'…sounds like something I really need to see:) I'm currently working on a custom painting request with 'my take' on the Minions as the subject matter.

  12. >I certainly would be no match for Strider.Currently I am trying to deal with a young woman called Valentina. She is supposed to be a secondary character in my WIP. She has other ideas and is is threatening to force her way to centre stage

  13. >When my MC and one of the antags took over, I was aggravated. BUt, boy, they created a much better story that I had originally planned for them. If I've learned anything, 4 books in, it's: Don't fight them. They are stronger, and usually know better.

  14. >I hope you can get this Strider dude sorted and finish your novel. Keep us poste.I love the books you've been reading. Made a good start to the year as have I!

  15. >Oh, I should have said, come by for my latest Publication Party. I'm giving away a Kathy Reichs novel, nice and scary, and most people are passing. Maybe you'd like to win it!

  16. >Sorry to hear you weren't impressed by War of the Worlds, of course I read it in high school so more than likely I would feel differently about it now. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Of Mice and Men, another one that I read years ago. In high school and college I devoured the older classics.

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