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>Contest!!!!! $35 Gift Certificate To CSN!!!!

>Hey bloggy friends, I’m back!!!!

Yesterday was filled with much napping and general lying around. Bliss 🙂 Honey’s feeling lots better (minus his persistent back pain), which is a very good thing. In addition to all the obvious reasons, he was able to replace our router. Apparently, it was the reason behind our recent internet woes. Yay for Mr. Techno-Fix-It!!!

Moving on…..

Remember when I promised something exciting for today? Here it is…..

For the last several months, I’ve seen giveaways all over the blogging world for CSN Stores. Guess what? They contacted me and I get to offer a $35 gift certificate to all my US and Canadian readers!!!

I’ve entered a few of the contests hosted by other bloggers because they really do offer just about anything you can think of, from generators to cribs to kitchen sinks. This morning, I browsed through home decor, cookware, pets, pendant lighting and did you know they even have a whole selection just for daycares?!!!! I found some really cool stuff and I’m sure you can, too.

 These are from the home decor section. 
I do love maps and globes!
 This gorgeous lamp is from the lighting section.
You know how I love trees!!!
 I really need this roaster from cookware….
 Couldn’t you just see Kitty Boss and Roo having a blast on this thing?
And the kids in my class would adore this cool set of pattern magnets!
So, if you’d like a chance at the $35 gift certificate, here’s what you have to do:
1. Be a follower
2. Browse through the stores and leave a comment telling me your favorite item
That’s it. The contest will run through Friday, March 4. On Saturday, March 5, a winner will be drawn. Simple, huh?
Be sure to leave a valid, working email address so I can contact you and good luck!



 Today is Squirmy’s very first birthday party, woohoo!!!!
Officially, her birthday is Monday.
For new readers, Squirmy is the miracle baby belonging to Brother and Pooh.
She’s friendly, outgoing, funny…..a little stubborn (she gets it honest!)……
And I have her goodies all ready in a gift bag, 
but I won’t be going.
 Following the strong advice of the doctor he saw at the urgent care center,
Honey and I spent 6 1/2 hours in hell the emergency room last night.
He has a viral infection…..
Don’t. Even. Ask.
I will only say this:
I was ludicrous up in that place.
Ever heard that song, 911 Is a Joke In Your Town?
It applies to ER’s, too.
*hand up, head turned away*
So anyway, because he’s viral, and I’ve got a scratchy throat,
I feel it would just be wrong to expose Squirmy.
Especially since she just got over an illness herself.
It just wouldn’t be nice.
We didn’t get home until after 2am.
Honey is still passed out on his Percocet. 
I’m exhausted, but I desperately need to do some housework.
I’d rather go back to bed, even as late as it is.
I do have some other news, though.
Exciting news.
But I’m saving both items for their own post.
The first one will be tomorrow (Sunday).
The other I will schedule for Monday.
Unless I post it later this evening….
We’ll see.
I know, I know….this one is whiny.
It’s the sleep deprivation and frustration.
I’ll check in later.
Till then, enjoy this wonderful weather (at least here it’s wonderful!)
and make the most of your weekend!

>News, Information, A Head’s Up, And Some Pondering……


Hello friends,

I wanted to share this link with you. Lola Sharp from Sharp Pen/Dull Sword sent me info concerning Lisa Madigan’s son. A trust fund is being set up for him and donations are being accepted. If you would like more information, just click here. I’m sure any amount whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. And please, keep him and his father in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, please remember all the people affected by the earthquake in New Zealand. The devastation is catastrophic…..

Maybe it’s all this sad news (including  the news about Zahra Baker – remember, she lived in my city), but I’ve been in a strange, melancholy funk this evening. The gorgeous weather (I love cold, gray, foggy, rainy days…thrive on them) didn’t help as it usually would. I’ve been thinking a lot about the word ‘legacy’ and all it implies. There’s a blog post coming…..I just have to sort it out.

Do you ever think about the legacy you’re leaving behind?

On a lighter note, tune in Sunday for a special announcement; you won’t want to miss it.

Too, a big, giant shout out to everyone who made the first round of ABNA!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

This is a strange post, I know. And I haven’t been around to visit. I’ve actually avoided the computer…..yep, my brain-pan is working on something, for sure.

Hope you’ve survived the week intact and relatively sane. Hang in there, Caturday is coming!

>Some Sad News

>Please play this as you read…..

Ah, my bloggy friends, my heart is broken…..

The lovely Lola Sharp left some sad information on my previous post, and I feel I should pass along the news.

I don’t even know how to begin…..

Lisa Madigan, award winning author of The Mermaid’s Mirror, died today. I only ‘met’ her when someone else posted about her diagnosis (stage IV pancreatic cancer) and her last blog post, which you can read here. It’s an amazing post, especially considering everything she was going through mentally, physically, and emotionally at the time. I was so moved by it that when the weekend finally came, I went to B & N and bought their last copy of Mermaid’s Mirror.

I went back occasionally to read the post and prayed that she would be healed, that she’d beat the beast that had invaded her body. I hoped with all my heart that she’d have a chance to write the sequel to M’s M, visit more sunny beaches….have more time with her husband and son (read her post).

I never actually ‘met’ her. But she was a fellow blogger. She was a fellow writer. We’re a part of the same wonderful ‘family,’ the same supportive and incredible community…….and because of that, I feel a sense of loss.

My thoughts and prayers are with her husband and her son…..

And if mermaids are real, a mournful chorus will be heard across the seas tonight……

>Thank You


I just wanted to say a very special Thank You to everyone who stopped by here yesterday and wished my husband a happy birthday.
It really touched him to see all of your b-day wishes in the comments section 🙂
You guys are the best!

>Happy Birthday!!!!


Well, today is a very special day.
For all kinds of reasons.
First, it’s Honey’s birthday, yay!!!!
Today is also the one year anniversary of my blog. 
Yep, one year ago today, we ate pizza, watched the movie UP,
(I have no idea what we’ll do tonight….)
and I sent my very first little baby post out into the mysterious blogverse….
and you responded!
*long, whispered “Wow!”*
So, if you’ve stopped by here today, have some Honey-Blog birthday cake.
And know that I really appreciate your presence, your friendship, your guidance, and your encouragement.
This has been an amazing year.
The next one is going to be even better!
And, since you have been sweet enough to drop by here today,
why don’t you pick up this lovely ‘gift’ before you leave.

Last week, dtwilight from Goddess of Cats gave me this lovely award
and I’d like to pass it on to you.
Cause you’re sweet!

If you haven’t checked out her blog, do so,
especially if you love cats 🙂

Happy Birthday, Honey!
And, Happy Birthday RDW 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!!

>Happy Sunday!!!!


I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

Yesterday (Saturday) I had my first migraine since the whole strep thing.
I took a med and slept through most of the day.
But the headache is gone, yay!
An observation: in lowering my bp, I’ve gone from a migraine at least once a week, to one in a month. 

And today, I’ve been really, really lazy.
Honey and I both have.
And it’s been glorious.
Since last night, we’ve watched movies:
Prince of Persia and The Crazies
We’ve watched TV:
AOTS, Top Gear, NCIS and Modern Family
And one award show:
IAA (about gaming)
We’ve also just talked and played on our ‘puters.
Now, I’m trying to finish up what didn’t get done yesterday.
I don’t mind.
Here’s why:
My phone can be upgraded in April and Honey had the $$$ set aside.
He’d looked into a phone like his so that I could blog on my lunch break.
He has the Droid X.
(It’s actually been a blessing for him on his job, he uses it that much.)
Yeah….’puters are fine but I struggle with my digital camera!
I decided to keep my Blackberry.
I know how to work it.
He got me an iPod instead.
Now, instead of blasting my stereo so I could hear it (mostly) throughout the house,
I can carry my tunes with me.
Yay =D
(The kitties really appreciate it. No more loud noise for them!)
One thing: am I the only person who hates ear buds? They hurt! I prefer the big, ol’ fashioned headphones.
That’s me.
Fashion backwards =P
Happy Sunday
I’ll be around to visit soon!

>Friday – I Haz A Bizzee Happeh


I DO haz a happy! I’m off today, yay!!!!!
But I may not be doing too much visiting. Yet.
I’m trying to get the house all prettyful because we’re celebrating Honey’s birthday this weekend.
Officially, it’s Tuesday, but we’ll both be working, so….
AND, I have to go into work later.

 It’s Book Fair Week, and tonight is Family Night, yay!!!
Games. Food. Books. 
What could be better?
 These are the two books I’ve gotten so far. 
The Last Child has great reviews and it sounds really interesting, so we’ll see…..

This one, While The World Is Sleeping, I bought just because it’s beautiful. 
The illustrations are dreamy and filled with wonder….
and sometimes, that’s enough to completely sell me on a book.
It’s a rhyming story about an owl that takes a child on a late night ride through the world to discover who’s awake when the moon is out. 
Love it!
Well, I need to be off.
Laundry. Floors. Dusting *achoo*
You know. Fun stuff 🙂
But I will be by to visit later this evening!
Till then, Happy Friday!!!

>A Haiku And Some Weirdness – Just For You :)


Each Wednesday, Jenn from You know….that blog? hosts the Sensational Haiku Wednesday. This week’s theme is Freestyle….here’s my entry:
I do my own thing
Unrestricted by the rules
And still I belong

I’m Bringing Weirdness Back!
Okay, if you want to skip this part, it’s cool. I just wanted to share some weirdness with you. Monday, Evangeline and I were working on something for Valentine’s day and it required that we use construction paper. That’s normal, right? Especially in daycare. Well, it was a problem for me. 
I sometimes have issues with construction paper. I can’t stand the texture of it. It makes goose bumps appear all over me and I get the shivers. 
Fingernails on a chalk board? No problem. Squeak a balloon? Doesn’t bother me. Put a piece of chalk in my hand and I’ll show you the shiver-jerky dance. *shudder* I cannot tolerate chalk. At all. *shudder*
I also can’t scrape my nails along the edge of a book. Same reaction. Weird, huh?
I started thinking about it and decided to put together a short list of other weird things about me:
  • I can’t write with a cap on a pen (two years of shorthand)
  • All my hangers have to face left
  • I never eat big potato chips (I have to have a little stack of pieces)
  • After I eat cereal, I have to drink Pepsi
  • I can’t stand to fold paper (I have to use the back of my nails)
  • Filing my nails causes the whole goose-bump-shiver-jerky-dance thing. 
  • If I’m out in public after a rain, I have to consciously remind myself that I can’t stomp in the puddles (oh, but I really want to!)
And if you think those things are weird, you wouldn’t believe the rest!
Happy Wednesday! (I didn’t weird you out too much, did I?)

>Whaddaya Think?


Okay, first of all, thank you, everyone, for all your helpful advice. Since I don’t have some of the suggested software, I went to and picked out a free photo. Then, I uploaded the pic to picasa and edited it in picnik (took a while to find the right size for my template)….and came up with this header.

Then, I had to find a background that I both liked and that sort of matched.

What do you think? Be honest, I can take it!

*******Edit: I already changed the background…..this one has a more ‘rainy’ look to it…..? Opinions? Suggestions?********