>Roland Has Published An E-Book!!!!!!!!!


Happy Happy Joy Joy….. Guess what? Roland published his first e-book!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

For those of you who may not know the fabulous Roland, you should check out his blog. His writing is beautiful, evocative, wrenching, filled with humor and pathos by turns.

Over the months that I’ve known him, I’ve fallen in love with a whole slew of characters-Victor, Sam, Death, Alice, the whole cast of Ghost of a Chance, and, my all time favorite, Fallen. And don’t forget about Gypsy!

I found the beginning of The Bear With Two Shadows on one of his earlier posts and was frustrated that I couldn’t read the rest of the story. Now, I can!

Here’s a bit copied from his post announcing the new e-book:

My mother was half Lakota Sioux and half Irish. She learned young the harsh truth that sometimes nightmares invade our waking hours to swallow our world. 

I, too, learned it early in my childhood. My mother and I found ourselves living in a basement apartment during one of the worst winters in Detroit’s memory. 

Money was scarse. Food, too. Warmth even more so. Then, the power went out.

For days.

To keep my mind off the numbing cold and my worsening cough, my mother told me tales spun from the legends of the twin worlds of her own youth.

As I lay shivering under my blankets in the darkness, a magical world slowly took shape within my mind. And I was lost in wonder.

Souix legends contested with the fae and foe of Irish myth. 

And the cold became only the chill embrace of Estanatlehi, the ghostly Turquoise Woman. Mother told me that while Estanatlehi’s touch was cold, her heart was warm.

So the colder I got, the more it made me feel loved, for I knew that an unseen someone was only hugging me closer. And within the shadows at the far corner of my bedroom, I could almost make out the hulking form of the guardian of all hurting children,

Hibbs, the bear with two shadows.

If you wish to buy a copy of the e-book and don’t have a kindle, don’t worry. Amazon has a kindle for pc’s, which is what I have. You just download it to your pc and it’s free. Yay!

The Bear With Two Shadows is available here. Go on, get a copy and find out why so many of us love his stories!

Congratulations, Roland!!!! And a huge shout out to Michael from In time…..  for helping with the cover design!!!  

****If you want to download kindle for pc, click here.****


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  1. >Oh…if ever I get more than two or three minutes at a time to spare…I would love to read a book or two.Heck…I haven't even seen the last HP Movie yet…congrats to Roland though!!

  2. >*Charlene-I hope you find time at least to see Harry Potter; it's totally worth it!

  3. >Charlene, WB is releasing the last HP movie this April 15th I believe. Perhaps you can find time to watch it in snippets?Words Crafter, you are super-special to write this whole post about me. Gypsy gives you a high four (her paws only have four pads). LOL.Guess what? Fallen, your favorite of my characters, appears in THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS. And her sister is the love interest of the book, too. Fallen's mother is in the book as well as her father.Actually, quite a few of my characters appear in the book : Death (Victor's mother), the Turquoise Woman, Elu, and Maija (who slapped poor Victor around on her birthday.) I am humbled by your great kindness to me, Words Crafter. After a long, hard, cold, and wet work day, your blog made me feel re-newed. You're the greatest. "Thanks" is too small a word.And so here's a secret just for you and the others reading here : The world of Hibbs,the bear with two shadows, is actually the Mirror World dimension which imprisons Elu, Samuel's bloodbrother. And yes, Samuel is even mentioned — with a clue to who infuriates Elu by loving Samuel.You really an angel tonight. And Michael sends his thanks, too.

  4. >…been on hiatus for a week and come home to find Roland's name scattered across Blogland…and it's about time:) It's well deserving…EL

  5. >OK…first, I must check out Roland's blog.Second, I LOVED the teaser of his book you posted…and Third…please tell me more about getting a free Kindle for my pc…HOLY MOLY I am so excited!

  6. >Wonderful post.WE ALL LOVE ROLAND>>>Michael

  7. >Congrats to Roland! A combination of Sioux and Irish folktale sounds awesome. I'll be sure to take a look 🙂

  8. >Congratulations to Roland. I don't have a Kindle (I may give in some day but, for now, the printed page is for me) and I have a Mac but there is probably an application for it. One of my favorite authors is James Alexander Thom. His wife is a charming Lakota Sioux.Best,Bonnie

  9. >That's so full of AWESOMENESS for Roland!! Way to go!! 🙂

  10. >put another into the win column…

  11. >So happy for Roland! He's an amazing writer, and I fall under his spell every time I read his work!

  12. >A very alluring title. Well done Roland! :O)

  13. >I know, cool right? I just downloaded it to my Kindle for Mac!

  14. >Oh wow. This is so neat. And it sounds like a wonderful read. I am still on the stone ages with actual paper… I would buy it as a book, though.

  15. >Congratulations to Roland! 🙂

  16. >Congratulations to Roland! I'll check out his blog.

  17. >wowswers… grats bro roland! 🙂

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