>Highlights and Sidenotes

>I spent most of yesterday (Saturday) trying to get around to visiting all of you. There are still a few blogs I haven’t made it to, sorry. Working on it. Anyway, while on my trek through blogland, I came across a few things that I wanted to share.

My inspiration for doing this comes from all of you, and especially from Donna Hole. No matter how busy she is, she manages to scour the blogverse and gathers all kinds of important news and goings on, and posts the information in her weekly Flyby’s and Shout Outs posts. Seriously, she does an awesome job and you should always make a point to check her out.

You may have heard the awesome news about Roland. But just in case you’ve been super busy and away from the computer the last few days, (hey, I was gone nearly a month!) Roland has published an e-book. The Bear With Two Shadows is available on kindle at amazon.com. If you don’t have a kindle, like me, you can download a free app to your computer. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of good things to come for him! Congratulations, Roland. We’ve been waiting for this!!!

Michael from In Time……  has been so moved by the responses to his recent posts about earthly angels that he’s decided to do a weekly feature. Earthly Angels will be posted on Fridays and will consist of your comments on his blog. You tell him about someone who has been an earthly angel in the comments section (someone who performed a random act of kindness, for example), and on Friday, he will post the comments as a whole feature. What an inspirational idea! Keep your eyes open and your pens ready. Let’s make this an awesome showcase that focuses on the positive in our world!

I found that a couple bloggers are hosting contests and hoping to grow their reader-base/followers. The first one is JC Martin. Not only is she working on her MS, participating in blogfests and weekly memes (including a weekly post that focuses solely on one of her followers!), she’s in the process of getting married and making her own invitations!!!! Wow! The contest runs from March 4 to March 6, and involves writing a short story of no more than 300 words. The story should be about a race-literal, against time, for life, be creative! she says. For more details, click here. If she reaches 200 followers before March 4, there’s an extra mystery prize! (And she already has some really great prizes lined up for the winners!)

Lisa Claro from Writing in the Buff is having a February Blog Contest. Her goal is to reach 100 followers and she’s almost there. There are three great prizes up for grabs (I like all three!) and the rules are simple. The contest will end on February 25th and the winners announced on the 28th. What are you waiting for? Go check out this witty and clever writer and enter – there’s not much time left!

The lovely Hannah Kincaide posted Friday about several fellow bloggers who have been around for a while, but are still struggling to grow their reader base/followers. If you have a few moments, check out her post, Still Fly and Under 25. In Saturday’s whirlwind race through blogland, I managed to visit and follow a few of them. I’m completely surprised they don’t have more followers! The ones I found were funny, informative, and clever. Kudos to you, Hannah, for your blog love. Now, let’s the rest of us show some, too! Please, check out the post and visit them. Maybe mention some of the ‘fests coming up….

Lola Sharp is hosting a Lolapalooza Partay and Giveaway! There are some yummy and terrific prizes up for grabs and all kinds of ways to earn extra entries. It’s all about paying it forward, showing kindness – in blogland, in real-world-land, to each other…..all you have to do is total up your activities and post them in the comments section of her blog. And really, there’s a crazy list of things that will gain you points! Better hurry, though. The contest ends February 28th!

Don’t forget about DL Hammons’ amazing Whodunnit – 600 Follower Mystery/Celebration. There are clues that go with the short story/mystery all over the blogverse. You can take a guess early; you can gather clues/keep or share them, and make a guess; you can wait for the blogroll that lists the clues and guess….there are several ways to get your name in numerous times to win this mystery contest. How cool is this? It’s like a giant, interactive game of CLUE. Are you participating? Have you found any clues? Have you seen the grand prize? Here is the link to the story. Now, get busy!!!! So far, at least five people (the last time I looked) have correctly guessed the answer. So get your hat, your pipe, and maybe a good dog, and go hunting!

Okay, now, it’s time for a change of pace. My blog title isn’t a random thing. I truly love soft, rainy, cloudy, gray days. I think I’d be quite happy living in parts of England. Especially the parts that I see on this website. Tony Richards is a photographer, and he goes walking every day. On his walks, he takes the most amazing photographs. For me, they take me to long ago, and far away. They looks by turns mysterious, ancient, modern, sleepy, sweet…..and I want to visit every place I’ve seen. Can’t you just imagine woodland and fairy creatures meeting on these stairs? I want to buy some ‘wellies’ and go walkabout. Check out his webpage daily. Or, you can click on the link that says This Week On the Cam. Me…I gotta have my daily fix! (photo property of Tony Richards)

Now, I have a bit of a shocker. Maybe not to you, but it certainly was to me. Lately, as you know, I’ve not been well. I am, however, thankfully, on the mend (I’d say I’m at about 90%). I’ve done really pretty well with the low sodium eating. No caffeine whatsoever. And I’m catching up in the blogverse. I’m still behind in other areas, but that’s coming together, too. If you knew me really well, you’d think all that info was the shocker. It’s not. It’s this: I’ve joined the A to Z Challenge.

I wanted to do the Crusade, too, but I simply don’t have the time. And the A to Z, I can work ahead on it to a degree. So, yeah, I’m in. I have until April to prepare, as well as to move some things around. Kind of like Nano. I’m looking forward to it and already have some ideas. If you want to join, Lee from Tossing It Out is the official host. However, because last year’s A to Z was such an overwhelming success, Alex, and Jen, and Talli, are helping with the hosting duties this year. If you want to join, click on any of these blogs and linky up.

I’m going to put a button on the sidebar and see about linking it to one of the hosts. It’s been a while since I was a daily blogger. I think I went on a more relaxed schedule sometime in the summer. It will be good to do it again 🙂

That’s all I have for now. Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

OH!!! WAIT!!! If you didn’t make it by Saturday to pick up your awards, please see the previous post and do so!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Thank you! For the mention of my contest, and the links to those other bloggers. There was a couple I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting yet and I'll be checking them out shortly.The A to Z Challenge is a phenomenal undertaking, but one I could never take on. I'm a sporadic blogger at best…for a reason…but I admire those like yourself you seize the opportunity! Good luck!!

  2. >I'm doing the A to Z Challenge this year as well! As for visiting all my bloggie friends regularly, I think I have despaired of success in that dept, so now if I comment on 3 posts a day I pat myself on the back.

  3. >*DL-you're welcome! I've gotten sporadic lately-just not enough time….*KarenG-lol! I'm thinking about visiting a set amount every day, too. That way, I won't feel guilty all the time, and I'll still be present 🙂

  4. >Thanks, Words Crafter, for the shout-out. THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS is slowly, but surely gaining momentum in sales. Thanks in no small part to you and my other blog friends.Like DL, I had not of several of the bloggers you mentioned. It is gracious of you to give them a banner on your blog. Only 300 words for JC's race. It will have to be a short one then, right? Maybe do Caesar's : I came. I saw. I conquered. See? I did it with 294 words to spare! LOL.Rats. A hospital just called. I have to run. Thanks, again, Roland

  5. >I'm sorry that you've not been well. I hope you get to being 100% soon! Love the rainy day photo. I like the rain when I'm in Ky. Probably because we have so many wooded areas. Here in Florida, I prefer the sun!

  6. >Wow, what a wonderful list of great blogs to visit. Thanks. I love the idea of the earthly angels. I think we all need the reminder to focus on the positive in the midst of all the negatives in the world. Good luck with the A-Z challenge.

  7. >I find it very interesting book The Bear With Two Shadows, try to find it.

  8. >Very glad to hear you are feeling better – I shall imagine you here in the rain in rural North Devon, England for extra healing:-) I also love the rain.Thank you for the info on the other blogs, I shall check them out. I admire anyone who can whizz around the blogs, I try my best!All the best for the A to Z – I love the idea but didn't feel I could commit, although I am a Crusader!

  9. >…thanks for the links and info, W.C. You're a sweetheart:)EL

  10. >*Roland-you're welcome! I hope it becomes a best seller. Be careful out there!*Kimberly-Florida, wow! I would like to have had some of that sun lately :)*Maryann-thanks, and I agree. The world would be a much better place to live!*Leovi-thanks for stopping by. I hope you can find it!*Margo-wow, you're doing the Crusade. That's a chunk! As for imagining me in North Devon, happy sigh…..I'm sure I'm enjoying it. *Elliot-awww, you're pretty darn sweet yourself 🙂

  11. >Glad to hear you're feeling better!Thank you for all the links! I've signed up for the A-Z Blogging Challenge as well, but I'll have to check out some of the others!

  12. >Wow. You've done a pretty good job of rounding up interesting goings-on in the blogverse! I'm a Crusader as well…looking forward to meeting more fellow Crusaders! And to echo , DL Hammon's Whodunnit is indeed great fun! There's still time to check it out!Thanks too for showcasing my Race to 200 Blog Contest! I'm on my way to check out the other links! Hope you feel 100% soon, and thanks again for sharing!

  13. >Saw most of that this week! Glad you're part of the A to Z Challenge.And my apologies – I didn't realize I wasn't following you!!

  14. >Thanks much for the link to my blog and contest. I so appreciate the support. I signed up for the A-Z. This will be my first go at it, but it sounds like fun. Thanks again!

  15. >WC…I guess I have some places to check out for certain! Thanks for the tips and I better get busy. Oh by the way, I'm glad you are at least 90% now…

  16. >*Golden Eagle-I'm looking forward to blogging daily again! I'm glad I joined you guys :)*JC-thank you, and you're welcome! Good luck with the Whodunnit and have fun in the Crusade!*Alex-no worries. I found out today that I wasn't following someone. All this time, I just thought she was busy with her book or something, but nope. It happens :P*Lisa-you're welcome, and welcome to the party!*Tracy-thanks and I'm sure you'll find some you'll like 🙂

  17. >I'm visiting from another blog and based on what you have posted, I have more stopovers to make.

  18. >I am amazed at what these writers' blogs can accomplish. Publicity, following, yes, but most of all supplying that much-needed support and helpful criticism. It's out there. I've seen it here and there in comments on other blogs and hope to see it on mine.

  19. >*JL-nice to meet you! And yep, I need to make a few more stops myself:)*walk2write-nice to meet you, too! Ah, the blogverse is made of the best people in the world. There's no place like it!

  20. >Thanks for the award, and I hope you make it to 100% soon. Sounds like you are working hard to take care of yourself. Good job!

  21. >Hello sweetheart, so glad you're 90%. By now maybe even better than that? I'm like so pleased at all the like things you found at the like blogs but disappointed that like none of my stuff like made the cut!! Woo hoo!Seriously thanks for the links. I'm already in the A – Z 'fest. I'm using my travel blog and that's going to be a cinch – a different country/place each day. I'm so excited the list has been forming in my head of all the places I'm going to visit.I'm going to check out another coupla links now. Thanks and you take special care…Denise:)

  22. >What a great post! I'll definitely check out some of those blogs and posts. And I must find out what this "A to Z challenge" is all about!

  23. >I'm glad you're feeling better. This is a great post. Thanks for all the love.Happy Valentine's Day.

  24. >Hello, I'm one of the bloggers featured on Hannah's 'Under Twenty-Five' series. So glad to stop by. Your blog is beautiful–love the pictures. My homework assignment in blogsphere has just gotten bigger (but in a good way).

  25. >That is a huge shocker! No caffeine! How do you do that?Now A to Z is a natural for you. I know you'll do great. Glad your with us.LeeTossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  26. >You are so awesome! Thank you for the mention. Way to spread the blogger love. 😀

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