>A Haiku And Some Weirdness – Just For You :)


Each Wednesday, Jenn from You know….that blog? hosts the Sensational Haiku Wednesday. This week’s theme is Freestyle….here’s my entry:
I do my own thing
Unrestricted by the rules
And still I belong

I’m Bringing Weirdness Back!
Okay, if you want to skip this part, it’s cool. I just wanted to share some weirdness with you. Monday, Evangeline and I were working on something for Valentine’s day and it required that we use construction paper. That’s normal, right? Especially in daycare. Well, it was a problem for me. 
I sometimes have issues with construction paper. I can’t stand the texture of it. It makes goose bumps appear all over me and I get the shivers. 
Fingernails on a chalk board? No problem. Squeak a balloon? Doesn’t bother me. Put a piece of chalk in my hand and I’ll show you the shiver-jerky dance. *shudder* I cannot tolerate chalk. At all. *shudder*
I also can’t scrape my nails along the edge of a book. Same reaction. Weird, huh?
I started thinking about it and decided to put together a short list of other weird things about me:
  • I can’t write with a cap on a pen (two years of shorthand)
  • All my hangers have to face left
  • I never eat big potato chips (I have to have a little stack of pieces)
  • After I eat cereal, I have to drink Pepsi
  • I can’t stand to fold paper (I have to use the back of my nails)
  • Filing my nails causes the whole goose-bump-shiver-jerky-dance thing. 
  • If I’m out in public after a rain, I have to consciously remind myself that I can’t stomp in the puddles (oh, but I really want to!)
And if you think those things are weird, you wouldn’t believe the rest!
Happy Wednesday! (I didn’t weird you out too much, did I?)


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Most of your weirdnesses I can understand except drinking pepsi after cereal…Now that' weird…..Have a great Wednesday…Michael

  2. >weird as you are, you DO belong! πŸ™‚

  3. >Lovely,lovely haiku.I can't do a cap on a pen either….but I do stomp in puddles sometimes!

  4. >I absolutely love the haiku! When might we expect to see this whole goose-bump-shiver-jerky-dance thing? Sounds like a new fad to me πŸ™‚Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. >Love those, it's these things that make us uniquely us!

  6. >I like all those 'weird' things about you and the one with the chips? …that's me! I make them like a double decker sandwich!

  7. >*Michael-I've given it a lot of thought over the years and my conclusion is that the resulting taste is much like an ice cream float…?*T-awwww, thank ya!!!*Margo-I know, it's soooo much fun!*Jules-I can just think about chalk and do the dance. Hopefully, none of you will EVER see it, as I'm sure I look completely ridiculous :)*Kathryn-random mish mash as opposed to cookie cutter. Yep, and definitely less boring :P*Tracy-yay for another stack 'em and crunch 'em chip eater!!!

  8. >If you have galoshes, it is completely acceptable to splash in puddles!!

  9. >Hey – thanks for visiting back! I did do the drawing myself. I do all my comics by hand, then throw them into Photoshop to color them in. ^_^

  10. >Hi Rainy Day Wanderer,I've got you a little something on my blog for you. Go check it out! Justr go to my post called 'Dtwilight Received a very Sweet Award!' An award has been given!

  11. >LOL! I don't like Haiku…is that wierd…probably not for the average person I guess. Funny,funny post!

  12. >Love your weirdness! A lot of texture issues, it seems… very funny. My daughter has food texture issues… a lot of things she won't eat because of how they feel (my only one like that is cottage cheese) And I TOTALLY love the puddle jumping thing if I am on my way somewhere that I can then get naked (because my aversion to wearing wet clothes trumps just about all the others.)

  13. >Love the haiku. And the weirdness. They are all fairly weird … but in a good way.

  14. >Folding paper and Pepsi after cereal… hmmmm… This is my first venture onto your site and your list means I'll come back. Talk about WEIRD??? I want to check out your other blog as well.

  15. >Love this list! I love stomp in puddles too, and my weird nail thing is that I can't stand anyone else touching my nails – makes manicures a "never going to happen" kind of thing, which a lot of people don't get. The very thought makes me shudder.Glad I found your blog – via The Golden Eagle.

  16. >Cereal, and then Pepsi + your paper-folding thing. Interesting quirks!I check under the bed for monsters before I go to sleep. That's an excellent haiku, by the way. You've got a knack for 'em.

  17. >*Mandarinblue-I'll have to put a pair on my next shopping list. Hopefully, it will rain and I'll get to break them in right away :)*dtwilight-thank you for thinking of me!*Kimberly-I didn't either, until I started writing them and they're grown on me….*Hart-what a great excuse to get naked. Jump in some puddles and strip! Hey, that sounds like fun:P*Simon-hahaha, thank you. You're being very gracious *wink**JeannetteLS-glad you liked your visit, and do come back!*Tyrean-yay!!!! for someone else who has issues with nails, even if they're different. I'm glad you found me, too :)*Theresa-thank you very much. I'm growing to like them. If there were any monsters under my bed, the kitties would turn tail and run. So I figure if they're up there with us, it's okay.

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