>Happy Sunday!!!!


I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

Yesterday (Saturday) I had my first migraine since the whole strep thing.
I took a med and slept through most of the day.
But the headache is gone, yay!
An observation: in lowering my bp, I’ve gone from a migraine at least once a week, to one in a month. 

And today, I’ve been really, really lazy.
Honey and I both have.
And it’s been glorious.
Since last night, we’ve watched movies:
Prince of Persia and The Crazies
We’ve watched TV:
AOTS, Top Gear, NCIS and Modern Family
And one award show:
IAA (about gaming)
We’ve also just talked and played on our ‘puters.
Now, I’m trying to finish up what didn’t get done yesterday.
I don’t mind.
Here’s why:
My phone can be upgraded in April and Honey had the $$$ set aside.
He’d looked into a phone like his so that I could blog on my lunch break.
He has the Droid X.
(It’s actually been a blessing for him on his job, he uses it that much.)
Yeah….’puters are fine but I struggle with my digital camera!
I decided to keep my Blackberry.
I know how to work it.
He got me an iPod instead.
Now, instead of blasting my stereo so I could hear it (mostly) throughout the house,
I can carry my tunes with me.
Yay =D
(The kitties really appreciate it. No more loud noise for them!)
One thing: am I the only person who hates ear buds? They hurt! I prefer the big, ol’ fashioned headphones.
That’s me.
Fashion backwards =P
Happy Sunday
I’ll be around to visit soon!

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Glad to hear your headache went away! :)I don't really like earbuds, either; headphones might be bulky, but they don't jam themselves into your ear and headphones can give you better sound.Happy Sunday to you, too!

  2. >Glad to hear your migraine went away. I get those, too. No fun at all!The shots and pills for my mutant virus and napalm poison ivy knocked me out all night and up to now when I just got up! Whew!Enjoy your day. You've earned it.Remember the hero of PRINCE OF PERSIA when he was a young boy outrunning and doing jumps at the beginning? It is called Parkour or "free running", and I have Victor Standish a master of it in my book. So now you know how he evades some of those monsters he meets on the dark streets of New Orleans.I have toying with doing a blog tour for THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS. Would you consider being one of the hosts for it? I've never done anything like this before. So it is rather daunting to this low-tech pilgrim.Have a beautiful, healing Sunday, Roland

  3. >Glad you're feeling better today. I don't have a cell phone, but dig my iPad and iTouch!

  4. >Glad you managed to get the migraine to shift and that you're experiencing less of them. Enjoy what's left of the weekend. x

  5. >WC,So glad your migraine went away…I have never had one and really choose not to! Hah, I laugh when you talk of your phone…mine is as old as the hills but everytime I think of getting a new one, I think, 'why?' I really don't use it all that much and I live one mile from work so I walk u=much of the time when the weather allows it so really I prefer my I-Pod and lap top…I'm good to go!

  6. >I still use head phones when I'm sitting down. If I perspire I prefer the ear bud. I hat it when a pool of sweat collects in my ear. I know, TMI.

  7. >*Golden Eagle-yay for headphone wearers! And you're right, mine do have a better sound.*Roland-I first learned about free running on an episode of Top Gear a couple years ago. They raced a car against two or three guys in Paris. It was awesome!*Alex-no cell phone?!!! Wooooooow! My hubby wants an iPad. I'm getting him one for his b-day. Thankfully, they don't come out again until March, which gives me time to finish saving for it :)*Kathryn-thank you and you do the same :)*Tracy-ugh, I've had headaches since childhood. Hope you never have one!I'm loving my ipod, big time. And as for my 'puter, we're BUDS!*Stephen-you made me chuckle! I used to move my 'puter so I could listen to music while on the treadmill. Yep, sweating and headphones don't go too well together. I'll keep that in mind now. I'll do the buds when I walk! Thanks for the reminder ;)Have a great week everyone!

  8. >I might have a migraine once a year. Hell, pure un-adulterated hell but very infrequent.My mum used to get terrible migraines all the time when I was a child, she worked out her trigger was chocolate. She didn't have another for thirty years… until she tried some chocolate. Bang migraines again.Do you have an identified trigger?On to happier notes Yay for sitting watching movies!I'm with you on the earbuds. I wear the old fashioned headphones too.

  9. >Sorry to hear about the migraine. Wow you lucky lucky girl!! Loved the cat pics.:O)

  10. >I love your rainy banner photo. Live-In Handyman and I enjoyed a lazy weekend last weekend. This one was a little busy. Those lazy ones are nice. Enjoy your iPod!

  11. >I hate the ear buds too. The bigger the head set the better I like it :)LOL: I bought a Kindle and still haven't really learned to use it. But I bought Roland and Alex's books. I started both. I need to pick one and sit down to read it through.I veged out in front of the TV on Friday. Sure felt good.I'm glad you're feeling better. Thanks for visiting me so much while you were ill and I was absent the blogverse. You're a true treasure Becky………dhole

  12. >Sorry about your strep. This has been a rough season for you when it comes to sickness. Don't forget to e-mail me tmilstein at gmail dot com so I can send your magnet swag! Have a good week.

  13. >*Al-I couldn't have said it better. I'm glad you hardly get them! I'm beginning to think allergies have a lot to do with mine. I was spring cleaning…and I used to take shots for dust, so that's probably what did it. I need to stay on top of dusting!!! (and I hate dusting, lol)*Madeleine-thanks. I told my husband that I loved my ipod so much I could sleep with it!*Carol-lazy weekends are the absolute best! And thank you!*Donna-you're sweet! I've only gotten around to a few people. Busy or passed out….and I'm glad I'm not the only person with ear bud issues. It seems many people don't care for them. You'd think that someone, some clever entrepreneur would take notice and do something about it!*Theresa-it was rough all over the place and I'm glad it seems to be over! All the kids, staff, parents, and people all over blog-land had the crud that wouldn't go away! Yuck!But, thankfully, I feel much better 🙂

  14. >Droid or iPod is my next phone, when my Crackberry dies, LOL!

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