>Some Sad News

>Please play this as you read…..

Ah, my bloggy friends, my heart is broken…..

The lovely Lola Sharp left some sad information on my previous post, and I feel I should pass along the news.

I don’t even know how to begin…..

Lisa Madigan, award winning author of The Mermaid’s Mirror, died today. I only ‘met’ her when someone else posted about her diagnosis (stage IV pancreatic cancer) and her last blog post, which you can read here. It’s an amazing post, especially considering everything she was going through mentally, physically, and emotionally at the time. I was so moved by it that when the weekend finally came, I went to B & N and bought their last copy of Mermaid’s Mirror.

I went back occasionally to read the post and prayed that she would be healed, that she’d beat the beast that had invaded her body. I hoped with all my heart that she’d have a chance to write the sequel to M’s M, visit more sunny beaches….have more time with her husband and son (read her post).

I never actually ‘met’ her. But she was a fellow blogger. She was a fellow writer. We’re a part of the same wonderful ‘family,’ the same supportive and incredible community…….and because of that, I feel a sense of loss.

My thoughts and prayers are with her husband and her son…..

And if mermaids are real, a mournful chorus will be heard across the seas tonight……


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Boy, that is sad. I should buy the book as well.

  2. >*Aubrie-I really enjoyed the book. Hopefully, her family will receive royalties; I'm not sure how that works. Yep, it's sad 😦

  3. >I feel just like you. Her agent, Jennifer Laughran linked the Time post. Her mermaid book had been in my Amazon cart, so I bought it. Then I started reading it 2 days ago. Like you, I checked her blog from time to time but there were no more new posts. I didn't take that as a good sign.At least her books will live on. Her poor family.

  4. >I've noticed the cover of The Mermaid's Mirror on your blog for a while now. I wish I had taken the time to visit Lisa's site before today. Reading her last blogpost brought tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart. I spent some time on her site and found a wonderful piece of advice for writers. It's something I will treasure forever and I think it's the best advice I've ever received.Hugs,~Jamie

  5. >*Theresa-would you please send me the link? I'd appreciate it.*Jamie-I hope to go through her blog at the end of the week….

  6. >I learned about this on Twitter today. I didn't "meet" LK Madigan either until I read her post last month, even though I'd heard so much about FLASH BURNOUT. It's really heart-breaking.

  7. >Life is so fragile and short. None of us know when the sands run out for us or for those close to us. We should take each precious moment with those we love and cherish it, for we are not promised another.My prayers are with her devastated family. May lovely memories of her help ease their pain in some small way, Roland

  8. >Wow, that was one heck of a post. She had a real acceptance of her situation and expressed it with such dignity. My father died of pancreatic cancer when he was 67. It's apparently a difficult way to go. I watched him suffer and it was tough. Blessings to her family.LeeTossing It Out

  9. >I had been hoping that she'd have more time, but I was afraid her silence on her blog meant that wasn't to be. My heart's with her family.

  10. >I found her last post only yesterday and was moved by its honesty and calm. It doesn't seem possible that today I'm reading news of her passing. Love to all who knew her.

  11. >That last post should teach us all a lesson. Life what a gift it is. Such sad news my thoughts and prayers are with the family.Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. >it's amazing how close the blog world can become. I'm so sorry to hear about Lisa. My condolences go out to those who loved her. Thank you for sharing this sad news.Best,Bonnie

  13. >What a lovely, well written post, Becky. A heartfelt tribute.She was way too young and full of light and life and grace…but cancer doesn't care. I am praying for a cure for this evil disease. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. Love,Lola

  14. >Such sad news. I didn't know her but your tribute was so heartfelt I feel I must now buy her book. My toughts goes out to her friends and family.

  15. >Beautifully Written WC

  16. >How very sad that such a lovely talent had so little time to move the world with words. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and all who loved her. Blessings to you all…Mary

  17. >Oh, so sad. It sounds like she left a beautiful legacy of words and warm emotions behind. I'm so sorry for the worlds loss.

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