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>A is for the "A" List


For the first day of the A to Z Challenge,
I thought I’d start things out 
by posting some of my favorite things 
that begin with the letter “A”.
In no particular order
(and believe me, this is a very short, random list):
About a Boy
I love this movie. It’s sad, funny, tragic, and real.
And you’ll see Hugh Grant in a whole new way.
Highly recommend it.
It’s no secret that I love YA/MG novels.
Artemis Fowl is one of my favorite characters.
I’ve read the whole series so far and I’ve enjoyed watching him mature.
August Rush blew me away.
It’s a fairy tale. Musically.
Freddie Highmore is completely brilliant.
He breaks my heart, in the very best of ways.
Very highly recommended!!!!
This is probably my favorite Audio Adrenaline album.
There’s even a fantastic cover 
of Pete Townshend’s Let My Love Open The Door.
AA has a rock flavor that appeals 
and a message that encourages.
Check them out if you haven’t before!
Funny Face
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
My Fair Lady
War and Peace
Grace. Charm. Beauty. Talent.
That smile…..
Has there ever been anyone like Audrey Hepburn?
I absolutely adore this movie.
Ingrid Bergman is beautiful, fragile…..amazing.
And Yul Brenner just makes me swoon!
A real life fairy tale that almost could have been….
It’s not for nothing that this is a true classic.
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So, what’s on your A List?

>The A To Z Challenge: My General Plan


Oh boy.
Friday is just hours away.
I read only moments ago that the Challenge has reached 800+. 
That’s a staggering number!
Arlee Bird at Tossing It Out, the creator of this massive blogfest,
posted his plan of action for the upcoming event here.
If you feel a bit overwhelmed, perhaps his plan will help you either
gain perspective, or come up with a plan of your own.
My Own Plan:
Like Lee, I will post a general response to comments unless a specific one is needed.
I will be visiting everyone who leaves a comment, especially those with whom I’m less familiar.
I will also try to visit other blogs from the blogroll that I haven’t ‘met’ before.
I’m budgeting 2 hours per day to visit blogs, roughly.
My goal is to visit people completely new to me as much as possible.
A chunk of my visiting will be done on Fridays and Saturdays.
My posts are going to be short, light, simple, and, hopefully, entertaining.
If there is a link inside the post, it will be something that can be done very quickly.
I promise.
We’re supposed to take Sundays off.
I may use that day to visit others who are not participating in the Challenge.
So, basically, I think that’s it. 
Knowing me, I’ve forgotten something.
But I’m not going to worry about it.
I’m going to bed!
Get some rest. Loosen up your fingers. Take a deep breath…… 


I just wanted to get a quick update out here….

There may be a couple days in April when I’ll be late visiting blogs. We have a staff meeting, a fund-raising yard sale, and a couple other work related things going on during the upcoming month. But I will still get around and visit. It just may be a bit faster and perhaps a couple less blogs….

As for this week, a couple things. I can’t seem to kick this darned headache, so I didn’t visit anyone Monday. Plus I had a few errands to run and that put me behind.

And, I’ve been busy scheduling posts. So far, I’m up through ‘J’. I hope to have the awards post up by Wednesday, and I’ll do most of my pre-A to Z visiting then. If I can’t find time to do the awards post, I will save it until the end of the month, or perhaps for a Sunday.

Otherwise, it will be pretty light around here until Friday, when the blogfest kicks off.

How about you? Are you ready? I just read that it’s now at 600+ bloggers participating. W. O. W. That’s pretty awesome!

BTW, my posts are going to be pretty short and relate to things that are in some way favorites of mine. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

>My Kinda-Sorta Sunday Plans……..


Wow, yesterday was a very long, but fun day. The class, I’m happy to say, was really fun. And active. I was ready for bed as soon as I got home……but the day wasn’t over yet.

Honey’s knee acted up at the cookout, but he still ‘whooped’ Furby at ping pong.

And I…..I managed to actually get some writing done. On my favorite wip! Yay!!!

I don’t know if it was because it was so late, or because I was so tired, but when I read the last few pages I’d written (some time ago, mind you) I couldn’t remember writing them. Strange.

It’s chilly, wet, and gray outside. My favorite kind of day in the whole wide world. Gonna fly through a little housework, get a shower and do a few errands, arrange for some face time with Brother, Pooh, and Squirmy, then I’m gonna write. For a few hours I hope.

I will also be coming around to see what you all are up to. This will be the giant push before A to Z starts. Which reminds me. I’ve got some awards to pass around…..gotta get on that before the first!

Are you ready?

Happy Lazy Sunday!!!

>No Caturday?!!! For Real?!!! *sigh*


Hello Friends!

I hope the week has been kind to you. The tree pollen has kicked my tushy. Big time. Ah, the joys of spring…..

Anyway, because of my wicked allergies, I’ve been feeling less than perky, to say the least. Thus, I’ve not been around as much as I’d like.

And to top off this loveliness, I have a class tomorrow. Each year, we’re required to have a particular number of credit hours in addition to our certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Yay.

Am I looking forward to the class? Nope. Not at all. I am, however, looking forward to fun with my co-workers outside of work. We’re a pretty tight bunch and we usually have a pretty great time together. Lunch is included with the cost of the class and my secret pal is buying my breakfast. Thank you, Secret Pal!!! *waving and blowing kisses*

So, I’m off to bed because we meet for breakfast at 7:15! AM!!!!!

Then, later in the evening, we’re supposed to go to Furby’s house for a cookout. More fun. More friends. And more food.

It’s gonna be a very long day, but hopefully, a fun one.

Honey did pick up some stuff with real sudafed in it. It’s about the only thing helping, though I’m not supposed to take it anymore. Oh well. One’s gotta do what one’s gotta do.

I will see you all this weekend. Either Saturday evening or Sunday. Till then, relax, be safe, and have a great weekend.

And enjoy some yummy noms!!!



Okay, I know that those of us who like to write can really get into our stories and/or become attached to our characters.

Part of my process is imagining scenes and dialogue, sometimes for weeks or months, before they gel or click together in just the right way. Then, I’ll write it down. A slow process, I know, but for some parts, it’s necessary.

Anyway, one character, upon meeting the MC for the first time, asks her a question in response to her plea for his help. The question at first seems simple enough….but it’s actually quite profound. I’ve thought about her response for nearly two weeks now, and I think I’ve almost gotten it right….almost. Her answer is crucial because it will reflect her soul, who she is, what she believes, and why she follows the path and makes the choices she does. And, more than anything, I want to avoid trite, commonplace, been there-done that type answers. I want something….real. And bigger.

My question is this: have any of your characters ever asked a question of another character, or of life, that has affected you? Profoundly? Have you ever thought of your own response to the question….and found that you really had to contemplate before you could fully answer it? Has it ever made you go deep within yourself, causing you to stop and look – at yourself, your life, the world around you – and question it?

Want to share?

Just wonderin’…….

>A to Z Challenge – A Couple Questions And Suggestions


Several bloggers have posted tips on how to make the A to Z challenge more efficient.
Some of those tips are:
  • disable word verification
  • use a pop up window for comments
  • keep posts short
  • preschedule posts as much as possible
  • begin going through the list of participants now to see how many bloggers you can realistically visit in one day
And I’m sure there are many, many more that I’ve missed.
Myself, I turned off word verification a month or so ago. And on Saturday, I changed my comment box from embedded to pop up.
I’ve prescheduled a few posts – still need to work on that. And I’ve alloted about 2 to 2.5 hours an evening to visit blogs. It will be a sprint, I can tell you. I also need to work on visiting blogs unfamiliar to me that are on the list. 
Sounds like a lot of work, but hey, many of us did nano last November. It shouldn’t be too bad!
A couple things I’m suggesting/asking:
  1. Let me know if my page is easier to comment on/load. Really!                                                              
  2. Go to settings and enable mobile viewing. I can visit at least 3 or 4 blogs on my Blackberry during my lunch break (it takes a bit to load, my phone is old). However, some blogs I try to visit won’t let me comment….I’m not sure why…..? If you know the answer to this, please let me know.
  3. You may also want to see who you’re allowing to comment. Mine is Registered Users. If there is a better solution, let me know. Do any of you allow anonymous users to comment?
  4. If you would like to use your cell phone and have a limited plan, such as 2 G’s per month or so, William turned me on to this: This will load a blog (or any website)….without the pictures! All you have to do is put in the address you wish to visit. Just be sure to click Hide Images. This should greatly cut down on your monthly allowance usage while also allowing you to visit a few blogs on your phone. Having no pictures to load greatly speeds up the loading process, too.
  5. If you do decide to use your phone and for some reason, you aren’t allowed to comment, don’t forget email. If the link is available, use it to leave your response/comment. ****Bloggers: Make sure your email address is available!!!****
Well, there you have it. A couple simple suggestions and a couple questions. Let me know if this works for you, feedback is always welcome here!
Now, I’m off to schedule a few more posts and this evening, I want to begin going through that giant list 🙂

>Dr. Who? LOL!!!


Okay, yes, I love Dr. Who.
Ever since the first time I saw the show on PBS.
Way back in the early 1980’s.
Here’s a few random LOL’s 
about The Doctor…..
Hope you like ’em!
(If you’ve never seen the show, watch the trailer!)

>Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


>I Fought The Ides…And I Won!!!


Monday was crazy. I mentioned that, right? It was also Brother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Brother!!!

Tuesday was the Ides of March. That would explain a lot. 

Have you ever had something happen so fast that you didn’t have time to be angry about it? And it turned out to be a good thing, because you’d have done something stupid? On the way to work this morning, a car was apparently so close on my rear that I couldn’t even see the glow of his headlights! DANG!!!! I didn’t know he was there till he tried to go around me. Dummy. The car I was following wasn’t going anywhere, so neither could he. *smirk*

Normally, I would have brake-checked him. Good thing I didn’t see him. He was so close, it would have been a wreck for sure! And I never want that to happen!!!

Then, I get to work and one of my little babies threw up. From our classroom, to the bathroom, and then some (a lot) more. And, wonder of wonders, I didn’t get sick! I’ve never been able to do throw-up, but it didn’t bother me this time. Hmmm….

I also left my wallet at home. *sigh* Yeah…a wreck would have been all kinds of awful. I had to drive all the way home this evening, pick up my wallet, drive all the way across town to get the kitties some food, then come back home and cook dinner. Sheesh!

I cooked. I cleaned. I put away laundry. I washed dishes. I put dishes away. I cleaned the kitty feeder. I mixed food and filled up the feeder. I de-cluttered. I (spot) mopped. I emptied the little trash cans. This evening, I rocked!!!

The Ides of March may have struck the first few blows, but I finished the day on top, so there!

Gonna go pass out now. Wait! I gotta make salad for tomorrow! Waaaaaa!!!!! Yay!!!!

So, how did you fare on this fateful day?

****Edit**** Before anyone ‘yells’ at me about safety, know this: a. I never, EVER tailgate. Ever. b. I tap the brakes enough to make the light come on. c. I always stay out of people’s way. Always. and d. Amazingly, the majority of people doing the tailgating that I see are moms. With mini vans. With kids in the car! Cutting people off and pulling out right in front of people and running red lights!!!!! Thank God for car seats, dang!

*yawning* G’night!