>I’m In Love!!!!!!!!!!!!

>Oh, my friends, this may not matter to you at all and THAT’S OKAY! For real! But if I don’t share this, I’m going to just explode!

I’ve mentioned before about my favorite wip. Not the nano novel (which I do love, btw). There’s just something about Tangi, my favorite MC. She’s haunting and haunted. She’s tragic and epic and I adore her. However, it’s a giant struggle to write her story and do it RIGHT. Therefore, most of it is still in my head. (I can do that. It’s my super hero power-storing whole story elements in my brain-pan.)

I can see the entire thing, but some of the characters need to be more, you know? And the antagonist(s) need fleshing out, as do a few other elements.

Well, I had a major breakthrough yesterday. Still not what this post is about, but it’s important nonetheless. One of the major characters solidified! His whole story just birthed itself, wow! And, his bff….I got the whole relationship, how it’s relevant, and how it affects Tangi in all kinds of ways. In fact, there’s a whole trickle down effect happening!!!! *happy dance*

Now, if I can just figure out the rest of the cast (make them more than 2D) and more specific conflict stuff….

ANYWAY! Recently, I saw Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time. I have to admit, it was way better than I expected. What’s more, I love the soundtrack. I love listening to the music as the credits roll and I’m glad, because I found something amazing.

This is going to be Tangi’s song. It fits her in a very different but profound way…….

The passion with which Alanis Morissette sings….it blows me away. In my head, I can hear Tangi singing this – with anger and sorrow and defiance…..a declaration to all who hunt her.

Sigh….I’m in love with this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >That's awesome, Becky…YOU sound so elated. Congrats…. I love your enthusiasm… Now you have tomorrow to really get into it.Michael

  2. >Just listened to the song. I love this music! First time I heard it. And I haven't seen Prince of Persian, but now I want to. And isn't it great when you have those breakthroughs and characters seem to birth themselves? Very cool.

  3. >Wasn't PRINCE OF PERSIA great fun? And how the young 13 year old hero evaded the Sultan's guards along the rooftops is parkour — Victor Standish's great skill. Have a great weekend, Roland

  4. >I haven't seen this but after watching/listening (I love Alanis) makes me want to. I'm excited about you fave MC too Becky. Isn't it great when it comes together!Denise<3

  5. >There's nothing like being in love with a WIP or even specifically a MC from a WIP. Enjoy the romance! Can't wait to hear how it develops.

  6. >No one can do angry better than Alanis M. She truly does those strong emotions justice! I'm glad you found your 'vision' because sometimes that's all we need to get us over the hump…

  7. >Well wow, that's just great! It's a very fine day indeed when all the colors of the rainbow align and grant you what you need.

  8. >Powerful song! I was just talking about this movie the other day. Loved it and now I really want to watch it again. It surprised me, too!This breakthrough is so exciting! It's a fantastic feeling when things start coming together and the ideas flow.Enjoy this writing rush and good luck with the rest of your characters!*Happy Dance*

  9. >It's an awesome feeling when everything just falls into place, isn't it?

  10. >Fantastic to hear how everything’s coming together. And, I just love Alanis, who is so expressive.

  11. >Prince of Persia was waaay better than I thought it would be! I love when Alanis does a song for a movie. One of my all time faves of hers is "Still" for that Kevin Smith movie "Dogma". Great, great song. I love this one as well!

  12. >Great – now write woman, write!And Ii enjoyed Prince of Persia.

  13. >i love prince of persia! the soundtrack is amazing too… have a great sunday! xoxo

  14. >Congrats on your writing! 🙂 I hope the inspiration continues.

  15. >That's so exciting! There's nothing like having a character finally take shape. And now she even has her own music — amazing!

  16. >*Michael-thanks. Hopefully, I'll begin some serious work on it in the coming week :)*Stephen-I'm so glad you liked the song. Let me know what you think of the movie!*Roland-I'd love to learn how to do that myself. Course, I'd probably pass out and splatter into a wall :P*Denise-it is great, and you really need to watch the movie!*Theresa-thanks for the encouragement! I hope to have an update by the end of the week. Wow. I just made myself accountable!*Tracy-it's been tough. It's such a great story but it's complex. Now, hopefully, other things will fall into place. I love Alanis, too!

  17. >*Anne-*grinning* I love the whole rainbow thing, thanks!!!!*Jamie-we can do the happy dance together! I've watched the movie about three times now….*Christi-yep, it sure is :)*Blogger Formerly Known As-me too! I've played this song so many times now that it's bordering on obscene!*L Diane-yep, music will do that to me!*Jennie-hey, now I have to go check that out. Thanks!*Alex-*clicking heels and saluting* Yessir!!!*Carla-you too; and take it easy!!!*Golden Eagle-thank you, and me, too!*Beth-she's had lots of music for a while. I practically have a library for her! When she sings this song, it makes me sad….

  18. >Well, I'm so glad your feeling so happy!

  19. >I love it when I have a break through and get passionate about my own work.Congrats Becky. Hope that feeling carried through today and the rest of the week……..dhole

  20. >the prob with canuck singers? too many move stateside 😉 lolgrats on the progress, b! 🙂

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