>Blog Tour: The Bear With Two Shadows – Part 2


Welcome back, everyone. Today, we will continue our interview with the fabulous Roland Yeomans, author of the new book, The Bear With Two Shadows.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our wonderful guest!


Roland, so glad you could join us again today! Now, some of our newest audience members may not be familiar with your current occupation. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Roland is a blood currier. He transports the vital cargo to almost anyplace, works 32 hours a day and is on call 9 days a week. *winks at audience*

Which brings me to my next question.

What is your writing schedule like? Seriously, you do work some crazy hours and are on call an awful lot of the time…..
Well, the ghost of Marlene Dietrich persuades the ghosts of Raymond Chandler, Roger Zelazny, Mark Twain, and William Faulkner to “ghost” write for me.  LOL.  If only!
I carry a pad with me at all times.  If I find a slack time while waiting for a blood hand-off in a rural area, then I use that.  I stay up too late, get up too early, but the writing gets done.
If something is important to you, then you find a way to do it, right?
You’re absolutely right, Roland. You’ve definitely got your priorities in order and it always shows in your stories. 

I’m curious. You blend mythologies from different cultures, seemingly with little effort. Do you have to do research or are you able to just pull all of your mother’s stories from memory?
Many of the tales of Hibbs are from my mother.  Mostly, it is a distillation of my years of reading mythologies, legends, and dreaming them together into one rich tapestry.
When I first started writing, I thought how grand it would be if all my novels would happen in one connected universe.  I shaped it carefully, tailoring the world different mythologies into something that might have actually happened … in Rod Serling’s and Stephen King’s imaginations!
That’s an interesting combination, for sure! Adding reality to mythology makes a story seem so much more relatable and real. 

You know, I grew up listening to stories told by my mom and my grandmother.  Even as a child, I cherished those stories and would sit forever, listening to them, and always beg for more.

Today, we live in a very mobile, disconnected society with families scattered all across the country and even the world.

As a result, the art/tradition of oral history and story telling is fading away and children are growing up without a foundational sense of their history and their heritage.

What impact do you think this is having (or will have) on our society?
A famous city girl of the 1930’s, Anita Loos, the author of GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, strangely believed as you do.  She wrote :

     “Today there are no fairy tales for us to believe in,
and this is possibly a reason for the universal prevalence of mental crack-up.
     Yes, if we were childish in the past, I wish we could be children once again.” 

That was in the 1930’s how much more starved for spiritual magic are we? 

That’s actually a great quote and your question, and the answer, has the potential to be downright scary. Do you see your book, and other books like it, as having a role, a purpose other than being ‘just’ a great story for children?
Yes, I do.  In fact, I wrote it for a reader to come to love at one age, then to re-read it from one life stage to another, gaining new insight as the reader matures and thinks in new ways.

JK Rowling appeals to adults because she wrote a good story, rich with hidden meaning if you only but look.  Rudyard Kipling in KIM wrote a tale that every reader could enjoy no matter his or her age.  Classics are meant for all ages to enjoy on differing levels.

I set out purposedly to write a classic.  I set the moon as my target.  Why not?

I wanted to tell a tale that would speak to the questions we all ask ourselves in the dark of the night and in the dark of the soul.

I had once been asked by a mother of a dying girl to write a fantasy that would speak to her daughter’s fears of pain and death, while telling a rip-roaring fantasy.

I ended up writing four novels for that young girl as I operated my bookstore.  They were tailored for the girl’s dreams and fears.  But they got to thinking I could do that for a wider audience. 

When a dream murmured to me about Hibbs in my exile caused by Katrina, I decided to take aim at writing a classic, based on my mother’s tales told to calm her fears as well as mine.

If you’re wondering about that young girl I mentioned … some sleeping beauties never awaken.

Wow. It would seem that the tapestry of your life rivals the tales you tell. How wonderful that you’re able to take from all the light and the dark and weave together tales of such beauty and that we can now have one of them for our very own.

Don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen, that The Bear With Two Shadows is for sale on amazon. Remember that you don’t have to have an actual Kindle to purchase it. Amazon offers a free kindle for pc download

Also, Roland is having a contest. There are four amazing books up for grabs and they’re each signed by the author. How cool is that?

For one entry in the drawing, leave a comment. For two, link his book to facebook or twitter. Be sure to email Roland at rxena77@yahoo.com.  For three entries, write a legitimate review on Amazon. 

Now, tomorrow, March 12, Roland will continue his book tour in beautiful, exotic Australia. Sort of. Denise of L’Aussie Writing will be hostess and you won’t want to miss it!


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  1. >I met Roland when we first began our blogs around the same time. He instantly intrigued me with Hibbs. I am of Native American ancestry so it was nice to hear a new voice telling old stories. And because of that I think he'll go very far in the literary world. Go Roland. Bright stars for you!

  2. >Hi, Roland, Hi, Becky….Those were some fantastic questions. Becky you really know how to hit a home run.Roland, as always, your answers are well thought out and interesting. You have a magical way of thinking. You are infused with the spirits of the past.Good luck, today. And I'll see you at Denise's blog tomorrow.Michael

  3. >Great interview on both sides.Happy Weekend.

  4. >Interesting interview and count me in on the contest!!!

  5. >Wanderer,I love getting to know Roland and his perspective. The true tapestry of the good heart resounds in his writing and is even more so in his interviews.Dream big, love thy self, appeal to the good of all, how can you not love this guy?!Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. >If it's somethiing you want bad enough, you do find time!

  7. >Anne : Thanks for the kind words. May this year be THE for both of us.Michael : I'll be looking for at Denise's cyber home, too. Thanks for always having my back and being there.Carol : I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. And may you have a great end of week, too.Kimberly : You're counted in, and don't be a stranger to Becky's cyber home. Her welcome mat is always out.Jules : Thank you for your truly great words about me. I will try to live up to them. May your fortunes be brighter, and may The Great Mystery draw back the curtain to only happy surprises the rest of this year!Alex : Isn't that the truth. I could never seem to find time to eat those pesky vegetables on my plate though!

  8. >I really enjoyed this interview and learning more about Roland. Very inspiring! Looking forward to reading The Bear With Two Shadows.Thank you Becky and Roland!

  9. >Jamie : Thanks on behalf of me and Becky. I hope you find Hibbs to be a good traveling companion. Roland

  10. >I love the idea of combining everything into one "connected universe"–with so many different mythologies and views of the world the result must be one complex and interesting place.Great interview!

  11. >I agree. Those who want to write or NEED to write will find the time. Congrats on your tour.

  12. >Roland, it's always a pleasure getting to know you better, and like Gideon says, you have a magic about you that can't be suppressed.:)

  13. >Now listen here Wanderer! There's nothing 'sort of' exotic about moi! I'm the real deal or Hibbs wouldn't have embarked on such an ardous journey. Thank God for his superpowers! See y'all tomorrow!Denise<3Roland Yeomans Blog Tour here Saturday and Sunday. Follow The Bear with Two Shadows!

  14. >I'm so happy all of you could drop by today. It's been a very sobering day….I've enjoyed playing hostess to Roland and Hibbs and I'm glad you all have had a chance to get to know him, er, them, a little better. Be sure to travel to the land down under Saturday and Sunday as Roland continues his tour on Denise's blog!Roland, you've been a terrific guest and Hibbs, you can stay here all you want. My back yard is your back yard :)Denise, LOL!!!

  15. >WordsCrafter : I'm still at work so I have to be fast at this. I'm concerned — how was this a sobering day? Hibbs has a soft spot in his big heart for you. And yes, he loves kitties, they just seem to hump their backs and hiss though when they see him! But tonight if you see a flicker of movement through your back window — don't be concerned. It's just Hibbs taking you up on your offer!Denise : Even though I'm working, I'll make it to Australia and your blog — Hibbs' magic and all! I am looking forward to it.Lydia K. : May that magic rub off on all my friends this weekend! Thanks.Thanks, Clarissa : Thanks and magical times for you.Nancy : Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to visiting your blog, too.Golden Eagle : Yes, my melded mythology world is complex — but fun! Thanks for visiting part of it. Oh, didn't you know? WordsCrafter is mythical. Roland

  16. >I've tried pack a notepad. Doesn't work for me. I get distracted too easily and forget where I put it down :)Nice to see someone can keep track of all their writing projects though. Keep on doing what works for you………dhole

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