>About Hope….


I’m cheating today. 
Thing is, I’ve read a few posts this morning that have really touched me in some way. People voicing their personal doubts, their concerns for friends, the world at large….and I was reminded of this thing I wrote nearly 10 years ago when I was thinking about my sister….
I originally posted this in May of last year…
…of Hope

Isn’t it strange, sad, to see how fear can cost, cause us to give up or even destroy the very blessings we so desperately want? We get so beaten and broken down by life, circumstances and the choices we make that we sometimes feel as if we’ve been fighting the Hundred Year War all by ourselves. 

And it seems like every time we are about to give up, Hope glimmers over the horizon. We pull together our ragged emotions and run, summoning all the joy and strength we can muster, only to crash full speed into an enemy, in any shape or form – many would say “fate”

He stands, laughing, mocking our puny efforts, hurling words of defeat and failure (and many others) until we could no more be as thoroughly pulverized than if a sledgehammer had been used. We manage to crawl away and lick our wounds, and then the cycle renews: war, hope, mockery and pain. Each time, we become weaker, healing less, moving slower toward anything that looks like Hope. 

Hope is expensive. The price it demands is nothing less than all you have, seemingly with little in return. So it is with little surprise that it seems surreal when Hope does come and stand before us. 

There we are, dying from wounds unseen to the naked eye, lifeblood pouring from our souls, our breathing labored and raspy as it rattles through our spirit. We look upon this thing shimmering like a mirage and quite often, we lay our heads down in a pool of dying dreams and tell this thing, this “Hope” to go away. 

Little in this world can hurt like hope unrealized.

Sometimes, though, just sometimes, a few of us reach down into the hidden depths of ourselves, into the very essence of who we are, our hopes, dreams, regrets, past, present – we take that fragile part of us and do the unthinkable, because at last, whether we are conscious of it or not, we understand. 

We summon every drop of love, hate, pain, joy, shame, regret, sorrow, want, desire, rage, anger, bitterness, frustration, fear-and with a determination bordering on mania and a cry that echoes throughout the heavens, we rend ourselves asunder, hurling ourselves at Hope’s feet, naked and bloody, unprotected and raw, all our shells, masks and expectations lying, like so much discarded skin, in a rotting heap behind us. 

And there, barely a recognizable, roiling, writhing mass, we cling to Hope with a tenacity born of the need to believe in something bigger than ourselves; the belief that, even to those who feel most lowly, Good will and must come, that they matter, even in the grand scheme of things. And from this need, Faith is born.

And of course, that is only the beginning…

***Edit*** I hope no one thinks that by this I’m saying hope is useless or meaningless. Hope is often the only thing that keeps us going. When I wrote this, my sister was in a place where she was giving up. I’ve been there. Sometimes hope seems too difficult to cling to; we can’t see the help coming to us and we want to give up, give in, stop believing.

I truly believe that if you’re able to cling to hope, in the face of seemingly absolute despair, that’s where faith is born. Some people say, “I hope….” and then forget about it. Real hope is expensive. It requires effort. Those people in Japan who may be clinging to something to keep from being swept away aren’t just casually clinging and hoping. They’re doing it with all their might. Their muscles may be cramping, their hands bloody, and they may not hear or see anyone around at all. But they hope with all their might that someone is on the way.

Does that make better sense?


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  1. >WC~This is intense…and while it's more complex than my thoughts right now, the first thing that comes to mind is, 'what else do we have?' Those individuals in Japan, what more do they have than to cling to hope even though much has been lost? I always go back to what I learned early on in life; God never promised us an 'easy' life, He just promised to be there and pick up the pieces with us.True, while those thoughts permeate my mind and heart, and I haven't always 'believed' them in my deepest despair; what's the alternative?..only to lie down at the heels of 'Fate' and play dead….beautiful WC…words I will ponder throughout the day!

  2. >*Tracy-hmmmm. I wonder if people are going to misunderstand what I mean. I think I'll and an edit note….Hope is often the only thing we have. And we really do have to cling to it like a lifesaver.

  3. >Powerful writing, it gave me goose bumps.

  4. >Thank you! This is something that I needed to read right now.So powerful and beautifully written!

  5. >This was beautifully written. I'm so glad I stopped in to read this! I really needed this today and I'm with Dyche, it certainly gave me goosebumps!

  6. >Exquisite writing and thoughts, thank you.

  7. >What powerful thoughts–and this is beautifully written!

  8. >Thanks for the beautiful post. And it's all so true. Hope is the only thing that makes us wake up and face another day.Thanks for dropping in on Joanna Wayne's interview on my blog. Please also post on her FB wall for a chance to win one of her hot cowboy Intrigue!

  9. >Very moving Becky. I loved many of your images but this moved me: 'dying from wounds unseen to the naked eye.' Wonderfully crafted…Denise<3Thanks for visiting and supporting Roland.

  10. >Intense and insightful.Hope perseveres. Hope takes risks. Hope sacrifices. And hope leads to faith, especially when it seems like too much.

  11. >I have really enjoyed your words. I think that we have dreams and hopes, but being realistic and knowing how to discern what is possible and what is not. It is also true that we are slaves of fear and this prevents us from acting to get carry out the hopes that if possible. I wish you a wonderful week!

  12. >How thoughtful and encouraging. Hope and love comes with a price and it is all worth it. Thank you SO much for writing this; it's food for my soul. I needed this!*hugs*♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  13. >Optimism is a combination of hope and faith – we can never lose it.

  14. >Goose bumps, skin crawling and in the depth of your words there was HOPE. Sometimes it is the just the act of reaching out,that inspires. Beautiful piece 🙂Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. >Powerful and thought provoking–definitely worth sharing again, thank you!

  16. >*Kathryn-that's what some of your paintings and your words do to me :)*Jamie-I'm glad it was there for you. I needed the post I read just before putting this up. We seem to do that for each other here in bloggy land…*Jen-thanks. I've read several posts this weekend that were inspiring. With everything going on, I suppose we need it!*Margo-thank you!*Golden Eagle-thanks; what I was thinking and feeling at the time was pretty powerful…*Nas-I went by and entered, thanks for the head's up!*Denise-wow, thanks! That means a lot!*Tyrean-there have been times when I couldn't hang on and I just know that someone was hanging on for me (praying). *Leovi-slaves of fear….wow, that's an awesome phrase. And terribly accurate!*Elizabeth-I'm glad it helped. Apparently, there's a tone out there today, a feeling, because mine wasn't the only one talking about hope….*L. Diane-you're right. We must cling to it like a treasure!*Jules-thank you very much and I agree, reaching out is something that impresses me when I see or hear of it.*Amie-thank you!

  17. >It made perfect sense to me! I knew where you were going and it was very powerful post!! I have so been there at times in my life… almost ready to give up, clinging with bloody tired hands.. but I didn't and I'm praying that your sister didn't and that the people in Japan that are still holding on, get saved very soon!!! Such a meaningful post too! Thank you for sharing!!HUGS,Coreen xoxoxo

  18. >Beautiful post, and so timely given the horrors besetting the Japanese people. Thanks for this.

  19. >Hi Becky .. hope is always there .. we forget sometimes – but it comes back .. and will hold our hand going forward.All the best .. Hilary

  20. >Beautiful thoughts beautifully written.

  21. >That was beautiful Becky. And heartbreaking……dhole

  22. >If we give up on hope we relinquish tomorrow and all the dreams of the future. Hope is what fuels our lives.LeeTossing It Out

  23. >What a beautiful, thoughtful and thought-provoking post. You have given me a lot to thnk about here.Thank you.

  24. >I've felt like this far too often…Bless my little bundle of 'joy' named Skittles…when I get to feeling 'blue'…she does something that makes me smile…and then 'all seems right with my world' once again!Hope often breaks through from the most unexpected sources.

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