>Dr. Who? LOL!!!


Okay, yes, I love Dr. Who.
Ever since the first time I saw the show on PBS.
Way back in the early 1980’s.
Here’s a few random LOL’s 
about The Doctor…..
Hope you like ’em!
(If you’ve never seen the show, watch the trailer!)


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >i love to watch "dr. who" when i get the chance…and for some odd reason i love trying to attempt to say "doctor who" in a british accent which really doesnt sound like one at all….loltracy

  2. >We don't get that show (or channel) anymore where I live, but when I did get to see it, I loved it!!!

  3. >Hey, that's the same actor who played the fake Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter!I should watch this sometime!

  4. >I don't think we get this on our cable line up, but I'll check. Looks fun!

  5. >Neil Gaiman wrote a couple of episodes for DOCTOR WHO didn't he? We all have our favorite Sci. Fi. shows, don't we? Have a great weekend, Roland

  6. >Noticed your signed up for the A-Z blogging challenge in April, like me. It should be fun.Check out my blog:www.duncaninkuantan.blogspot.com

  7. >I have only seen a couple of episodes but I love the "Dicks' Sporting Goods" funny. I really think I saw those guys there 🙂Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. >I'm with Jules, I liked the Dick's sign…but what I thought was funny was the memory of filling the telephone booth and hearing stories from my mom and dad! Have a great day Becky!

  9. >Very interesting post. Begs the question, who would want to kick a ginger?

  10. >..considering how I'll be headed to Dick's shortly to buy my son a new pair of shoes…chills are setting in:)Thanks for commenting on my post, Hon. In answer to your question, "South of Charm" is currently at the presses, and yes, anticipation is sprouting like blooms in Spring. My indie publisher is an escapee from Simon & Schuster, but still uses the same printing company as they do. Therefore I've been told to expect results in six weeks…then reviews, and then…attention Wal-Mart shoppers:)Have a great weekend,EL

  11. >All great stuff. And Dr. Who is completely wonderful I agree.

  12. >Dr Who is a kind of national treasure now, which is splendid! Jelly Babies (candy) and extra long scarves are part of our cultural history and Cardiff, where the episodes are filmed, has been granted total cool status!

  13. >I've never seen Doctor Who–all I recognize is that actor from Harry Potter. 😛

  14. >*Tracy-glad I'm not the only one, hahaha!!!!*Pat-don't you just hate it when channels get changed and you miss your shows?!!!*Lydia-yep, that's him! If you like science fiction, you'll probably like this show.*Carol-you can watch old episodes on netflix. The new season hasn't started yet.*Roland-hey, I'll have to look into that!*Duncan-I went over (you have some beautiful photos there) and blogger kept eating my comment. I don't know if my last attempt worked; I hope it did!*Jules-I got my husband hooked! If I saw those guys there, I'd make sure I was still on earth!!!*Tracy-are there any phone booths left? It would be cool to find one for old time's sake….*Theresa-I know, right? I'd have your back. Well, does pink hair make you an honorary ginger?*Elliot-wow, I'm getting excited! And if you saw an Ood, they're really really sweet. Unless they're being manipulated by the beast in the pit…then you better run!*Simon-yay for Who fans! I wish we got the seasons as fast as you guys did…*Margo-I'd love to visit Cardiff!!!*Golden Eagle-it's full of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. You'd like it!

  15. >Really, really, really need to watch it already. A few of my friends are beyond obsessed. I've been promising that I would but I just never have time. I have a feeling, though, if I just make the time for one episode, I'll be watching it straight through!

  16. >Hehe. IS David Tennant your favourite Dr. Who by any chance?

  17. >*Jennie-it's likely that you would become hooked!*Ellie-Hmmmm, I do love Christopher Eccleston….it's a tie between him and David Tennant. Not as crazy about the new Doctor, but he's okay….do you have a favorite?

  18. >My two older children loved this series. I must admit it didn't hold my interest. I'm sure the fault was mine. I made the mistake of telling them I loved it, so now when I visit guess what we watch. Have a great weekend.

  19. >I kind of get Dr Who force fed to me because my other half is a Sci Fi fan. I like the idea of the pop-up blocker being useless against time lords.

  20. >ooo, big Who fan here too!

  21. >I watch Sci Fi with my youngest son all the time. He came across Dr. Who last year on cable and loved it too!!

  22. >I love the Doctor and have watched the show for years. I think Christopher Eccleston is my favorite with David Tennant a close second. Now if BBC America would just bring back Torchwood.

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