>A to Z Challenge – A Couple Questions And Suggestions


Several bloggers have posted tips on how to make the A to Z challenge more efficient.
Some of those tips are:
  • disable word verification
  • use a pop up window for comments
  • keep posts short
  • preschedule posts as much as possible
  • begin going through the list of participants now to see how many bloggers you can realistically visit in one day
And I’m sure there are many, many more that I’ve missed.
Myself, I turned off word verification a month or so ago. And on Saturday, I changed my comment box from embedded to pop up.
I’ve prescheduled a few posts – still need to work on that. And I’ve alloted about 2 to 2.5 hours an evening to visit blogs. It will be a sprint, I can tell you. I also need to work on visiting blogs unfamiliar to me that are on the list. 
Sounds like a lot of work, but hey, many of us did nano last November. It shouldn’t be too bad!
A couple things I’m suggesting/asking:
  1. Let me know if my page is easier to comment on/load. Really!                                                              
  2. Go to settings and enable mobile viewing. I can visit at least 3 or 4 blogs on my Blackberry during my lunch break (it takes a bit to load, my phone is old). However, some blogs I try to visit won’t let me comment….I’m not sure why…..? If you know the answer to this, please let me know.
  3. You may also want to see who you’re allowing to comment. Mine is Registered Users. If there is a better solution, let me know. Do any of you allow anonymous users to comment?
  4. If you would like to use your cell phone and have a limited plan, such as 2 G’s per month or so, William turned me on to this: www.google.com/gwt/n. This will load a blog (or any website)….without the pictures! All you have to do is put in the address you wish to visit. Just be sure to click Hide Images. This should greatly cut down on your monthly allowance usage while also allowing you to visit a few blogs on your phone. Having no pictures to load greatly speeds up the loading process, too.
  5. If you do decide to use your phone and for some reason, you aren’t allowed to comment, don’t forget email. If the link is available, use it to leave your response/comment. ****Bloggers: Make sure your email address is available!!!****
Well, there you have it. A couple simple suggestions and a couple questions. Let me know if this works for you, feedback is always welcome here!
Now, I’m off to schedule a few more posts and this evening, I want to begin going through that giant list 🙂


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Loads fine on a desktop machine; haven't tried a phone. There are a fair few pictures in the sidebar which could make a slower connection struggle, although obviously your load-without-pictures trick would help.For what it's worth, I do allow anon comments on my blog and I rely on Blogger's spam filtering, which seems pretty good.

  2. >I've relied on the spam filtering for a long time now. Haven't thought about allowing anon. comments. Somehow I want to connect with those who comment and think I'd be frustrated not doing that with anons.Best,Bonnie

  3. >I allow everyone to comment and rely on Bloggers spam filter, works. Page loaded fine and…I love the solar energy link 🙂Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. >Great stuff here–you covered many important points very succinctly.LeeTossing It Out

  5. >I would add one more suggestion – please place your "Follow Me" buttons, links, etc in places where they are EASY to find and don't require the reader to hunt high and low to find them.

  6. >Don't have a phone, so don't need to worry about any of that! Good tips, though. And most of us hosting will have the list of participants posted.

  7. >Your blog seems to be loading fine on the laptop I'm using–and so is the comment window.I allow Anonymous users to comment. The filter caught a comment this morning, but I've never gotten any other spam comments before . . .

  8. >Wow – you rock for scheduling posts early. I was going to participate this year, but I just can't. I'm in the middle of revisions and need to get everything done so I can query. I don't have time to visit people's blogs like I should so I'm dropping out. You have some GREAT suggestions, though. And your site it so easy to comment on. You should get lotsa comments!

  9. >I don't allow anonymous posters any more. I got more spam in my e-mail, and several advertising flybys.And the pop up box is so nice . .good luck WC. Sounds like you're all ready. You'll do great……..dhole

  10. >Seriously great tips. I did allow anonymous comments awhile back because my sister was having trouble leaving comments.Do you remember where you found the option to change from embedded comments to new window? I thought that was set by the template, but I'm all for changing it if I can!

  11. >Becky, great tips. I can't stand word verification. It slows the commenting down no end. I hope people TURN IT OFF! I didn't know about the mobile allow through settings. Thanks or about the 'hide images' thingy. I can see how it will all help.I may use some/all of this for a post with your permission.Denise<3Thanks for commenting on my little romance…

  12. >Great suggestions, and THANK YOU for disabling your word verification!

  13. >*Simon-great point about the pictures. Will fix that by the weekend, thanks!*Bonnie-me, too! And, I've seen a few unkind comments on other blogs left by anonymous posters. They may not be spam, but they're close enough….*Jules-the google one? *Lee-(grinning)Why, thank you!*Lana-I did it, thanks!*Alex-I hope they're useful. I still can't believe you don't have a cell phone :)*Golden Eagle-I may still change and allow anon comments….don't know…..*Angela-thanks :)*Jennie-I wish I had your determination and 'just-do-it-ness'!!!*Donna-you've got a lot of faith in me! Yikes!!! Accountability :)*Vicki-thanks! It's in settings under the comments section; look for comment form placement…I think!*Denise-I'd be flattered *batting eyelashes* LOL! Sure, go ahead :)*Lydia-thanks for your post suggesting it!

  14. >Amen to disabling Word Verification. What a pain that is! And I have a theme for my posts. Short and sweet with a cool image. And I love that quote from LaoTzu. I post it on Facebook and Twitter from time to time.

  15. >Hi Becky .. good thoughts – and everyone's agreeing .. Spam comments come through but go into Spam in blogger fortunately .. the A – Z seems to be making everyone's life easier for blogging and commenting .. Cheers Hilary

  16. >I have my comments embedded for ease of existing follower, but you are right for the month of April pop-ups would definitely save time for new visitor.

  17. >Great suggestions. It sure would help if everyone turned off the word verification!! 🙂

  18. >Thank you for the pop up window and getting rid of word verification, both slow down posting comments so much. I got rid of them both over a year ago. I use Open ID with no anonymous comments, I like to know who is visiting. I also enabled comment moderation for posts over one day old, I don't miss comments on older posts that way. I really need to work on prescheduling posts, that's where I have fallen behind.

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