>C is for CASTLES


I have loved castles since I was a little girl. Reading fantasy and historical fiction for all these years, as well lots of movies, has only strengthened my desire to one day either live in one, or at least spend a few nights in one.

Did you know that there are castles for sale?!! Yep. All over Europe. Here’s a link to some for sale in Ireland. It’s real quick and only twenty pics. You can just scroll down the page and get a peek at some of the inside rooms. Hurry, do it!!!


If buying a castle is off the menu, but you may be thinking about a trip to Europe, perhaps to Scotland, then you may want to check out this link:  http://www.celticcastles.com/. It has events, holidays, specials, etc., for locations all over the UK. How cool is that?


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Ohhhh! I would just love to live in a castle. A dream come true.

  2. >I, too, have always had a fascination with castles. If I lived in one I'd be always dreaming of my Knight to return. :)ManzanitaWanna buy a duck

  3. >Ohhh, I love castles… I have a whole list of them I want to see… a new one I just learned about is the Castle of Chillon built in Lake Geneva… Lord Byron wrote about it in "The Prisoner of Chillon."I wish North America had cool castles… we have so few (especially on the west coast).

  4. >I've always wanted to live in a castle! I hope to one day go to Europe and see as many castles as I can.

  5. >Yes, a castle is on my major purchase list as soon as I publish my 20th novel :)……dhole

  6. >Thanks for the links πŸ˜€ I've been wanting to stay in one of the Scottish castle for a while, but could never find where to look for them πŸ˜€

  7. >OK, there are no castles where I live, so yes, I would also love to visit castles!

  8. >Castles are gorgeous, but I do wonder how comfortable I'd be if I didn't get to add modern luxuries such as plumbing, electricity and insulation… They do look spectacular, though!

  9. >Yay for Castles!!! Aren't they just full of history and romance and adventure!!!! I've been to a few in England – but need to visit some more!!!! Thanks for the links – off I go to drool!!! Take carex

  10. >A romantic ruined castle. Greetings.

  11. >I love castles, love the architecture love the history. Wouldn't want to live in one though.

  12. >ps I couldn't help looking at your temperatures. I'd take your summer temps any day :-)90F seems pretty mild compared to the 110F we get most summers. (Melbourne's record is 117F)

  13. >We have a castle here πŸ™‚ And living in one would be great…until I had to pay the heating bill πŸ™‚Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  14. >I too love castles – I think it was from reading Enid Blyton books such as The Castle of Adventure! All that space and history… my castle would have to have central heating though!You are one of my A-Z highlights today! πŸ™‚

  15. >It might be really cool to buy a castle, as long as you didn't have to do all the land maintenance yourself.

  16. >Castles are one of the things I really miss from the UK . . . I used to love visiting them. I've always wanted to live in one too.

  17. >I had no idea they sold castles. And I live in Europe! lol.

  18. >I love castles!! I had the opportunity to go to Ireland a few years ago and my significant other just laughed at me and my reaction when I got to see my very first castle up close and personal.Thanks for sharing. I'm now off to buy myself a real live castle (well, not really, but how sweet would that be?)M.J. FifieldMy Pet Blog

  19. >YES!! Castles!!! Love love LOVE castles. :)If I ever hit the lottery…*dreamy sigh*…Hugs,Lola

  20. >HiCastles fascinate me too – luckily, as I live in Wales, I'm surrounded by dozens of them, from heaps of stone on hill tops to more well-preserved examples – all of them speak volumes of history and make a great day out.Maybe I'll do the rounds again, soon – thanks for the reminder!All bestKarla

  21. >Living in a castle would be fun–especially if there were tucked-away places to write. πŸ™‚

  22. >If I were to live in one I'd need to have my family with me. Not just my son and his father but my parents and his parents. Knowing me I'd get lost and they'd have to send a search party for me. I think it would be best for me to just stay at one for a vacation but a long one. =)http://tigeronmybookshelf.blogspot.com/

  23. >I SO LOVE CASTLES!I always wanted to own one and who know someday it may happen. But with the cost to heat them …. hmmmm. Maybe not. lol.

  24. >I wish I could, but a woman can always dream….I still drift off to castles magical and ordinary with books and movies. Lovely C post.

  25. >I've visited dozens of castles in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. They're all different and all have their own 'atmosphere'. My favourite is Middleham Castle in Yorkshire.http://paulamartinromances.blogspot.com

  26. >I would love to own a castle, especially in Ireland.Found you through A to Z and am now following. KristinPoe Family BlogRazzy's Corner

  27. >Hi, Wanderer…I would love to visit castles in Scotland, since some of my ancestors were from the Highlands (I was born a Campbell). I have been many places but never to the British Isles. I have seen a lot of castles in Germany, though. Thanks for the post. So interesting and the pictures create a thirst to see those places. Thanks for comin' ta see me. Ruby

  28. >You know WC, my husband grew up in England and he has some phenomenal photos of Castles in Switzerland and all over the world πŸ™‚ This one was a beauty!

  29. >I dreamed of living in a castle for most of highschool. Now I realize it would be terribly hot in the summer, cold and clammy in the winter, and dreadfully dark!

  30. >*Ann-would be for me, too!*Manzanita-mine gets home around 8 or 8:30. I hate the waiting….*Austin-I will have to check that one out, thanks! We have Biltmore House here….*Nicole-can I go with you?!!!*Donna-nah, maybe your 5th. They're gonna be mega sellers!!!*Jamie-I'm so jealous!!! Really, I hope you can find a great one. If you do, post about it!!!*Nas-I think we should all get together and go!

  31. >*Cruella-many of them have been remodeled and completely updated!*Old Kitty-I'm already drooling. Want a hankie?*Leovi-can't you just imagine all the history?!!*Al-I don't know, I'm pretty in love with the idea. And I'm simply NOT a hot weather kind of person. I don't think I'd survive there!*Jules-yeah, even updated, it could potentially be costly to heat and cool one. Shhhh! Don't disturb my dream!*Jayne-thanks so much for the highlight!!! Wonder if solar panels would look terribly out of place…*Angela-I figure if I can afford the castle, I can afford some grounds keepers. Ha! Yeah, I'm so rich, LOL

  32. >*Kathryn-one of the things sooooo cool about living in Europe is that you all get to go visit stuff like this almost anytime you wish. *I have castle envy**Jessica-the sell them, rent them, and lease them from what I've found. *M.J.-it would be SO sweet! And I can imagine what my face would look like. I would be like a kid in a candy store. At Christmas!*Lola-I wonder if that's part of the allure. Knowing we'll most likely never get to live in something associated with so many fairy tales….*Karla-wow, you're so lucky! I would have to have a monthly budget so I could visit as many as possible. *Golden Eagle-ooooooooo!!!! What a great point!!!!!*Tiger85-LOL, that's funny. Hmmm, and not a bad idea. I'm terrible with directions.

  33. >*Michael-I'm thinking about solar energy. You're a designer. How could I hide solar panels?*Rekah-probably the only way most of us will ever be able to visit a castle….*Paula-and imagine their history, the lives that passed through, their everyday lives, the history….yes!*Kristin-thanks, following you back! And Ireland has some pretty good deals. At least back in December they did. Okay, castles may be a bit of a fetish for me…*Grammy-my ancestors are from Germany and Ireland! I would love to see castles in Germany!*Tracy-maybe sometime you could post a few of them, with some info…*Lydia-but think of the writing atmosphere!!!

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