Oh, my friends! It’s been a FRUSTRATING few days!

1. Situation at work that I can’t talk about, but makes me want to claw the skin off my face. Yep, it’s that FRUSTRATING.

Not anything to do with Director/Assistant Director/Evangeline/Co-Workers…..

2. Allergies giving me grief.

3. Lack of sleep.

4. The Biggie: registering for a stupid class. I need one stinking class to get my stinking Assoc. Degree in Early Childhood Edu. One! Last fall, I tried to get into it and I couldn’t. Before, students needing only one class to graduate were let into a class that was full, or they were allowed to take it by internet/telecourse. Not anymore. Nope, you gotta stand in line for HOURS (literally) to get a chance at a ticket. Seriously?!!!!

Well, that’s just ridiculous. Not only could I not miss that kind of work for a CHANCE, but shuffling people around to maintain ratios for such a ludicrous thing is impractical, difficult, and just out of the question.

I tried tonight to register for fall online. Because I wasn’t in the spring semester, it wouldn’t let me. I’ve contacted a former English teacher who said she’d try to help tomorrow. I also sent an email to the lady in charge of part of the registration process, another former teacher. Hopefully, between the two of them, I will get into this class.

If not, I. Am. Calling. It. Quits. I cannot communicate how much I loathe, despise, abhor and detest school anymore. Largely because of the way everything has changed. Before long, we’ll need a BA to teach in daycare!

So, because of these things, and many more I’m not bothering to mention, I’m taking a few days off. Sorry new followers! Sorry fellow A to Z’ers! Sorry bloggy friends! I just can’t focus right now……I just want to stomp, scream, and punch something…..(btw: I’ve always thought having a punching bag would be fantastic therapy….I could use one right about now!)

I’ll see all of you Saturday or Sunday. If things go better tomorrow, maybe even Friday!


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >BREATHE…. BECKY. Take a huge intake of air right now!I am so sorry for your trouble. It is absolutely ridiculous what you are going through.I so hope for your sake the two ladies can do something for you. I'm sending you a big hug virtually. It's not much, but it's sincere. Take care of yourself. I remember you have high blood pressure and this isn't good for it. Just breathe. Think of swaying palms, ocean breezes, and a seagull's cry. Visualize the skittering sandpipers playing in the surf. Tasting the salty air and it fills your lungs. Breathe it all in. Hopefully this will help you calm yourself. This is not worth getting yourself sick over.Take care. We are ALL in your corner.Michael

  2. >Wow… that is crap they make it so difficult to register for class… hope everything works out… I sometimes had luck directly emailing the professor and begging to be let in… and depending on the teacher, sometimes they would break the rules and allow it… hope you enjoy your few days off… and take a much deserved breather.

  3. >That is so ridiculous, the class registration. I hope you can get that last class! Yes, get a punching bag–or use your pillow. It works well too. And oh wow, I totally LOVE that cat photo! Priceless. The look on its face, matched with the words. LOL

  4. >aww no 😦 I hope it works out for you XX and hurry back!!

  5. >I'm sorry things are so rough for you right now. It's very easy to go crazy because of your frustrations. Take a few days off and relax.We'll be here when you get back.

  6. >Aww – don't worry about it. The blogosphere will be here when you get back. That SUCKS that they can't do anything to help you get into that class. Finger crossed that something will come through for you.

  7. >aw..I so hope you get into your class. Sounds crazy the way they make you jump through hoops. Enjoy your bloggy break.

  8. >So sorry for all your frustration. Hope you work through it.

  9. >Oh wow! It sounds like frustration might be an understatement. Hope it works out with the class, it is ridiculous that you have to go through such torture to get in. Also hope things at work get better.Deep breathes, antihistamine and maybe a cat nap! ! !

  10. >Oh dear!!! F truly is for Frustrating!! I'm so sorry you are having such a truly awful time! I hope things are calmer now! When I get upset or frustrated I either do some aerobics or go shopping! Either way it's good to vent and not keep things in!!Big hugs all round!!!! I hope Friday and the weekend bring more optimistic and positive vibes. Take carex

  11. >Oh nooooo! I'm so sorry you're feeling frustrated – that sucks. But the most important thing is to take care of you. Enjoy your break and don't worry about anything. Just relax!Huggles!

  12. >Talk about the Class system being outdated! Really sorry to hear of your troubles and just hope common sense prevails in the end. Meantime, enjoy your break, look after your health, and pat yourself several times on the back, both for your consistent bloggy brilliance – and that fab-u-lous cat on the ladder thing :-)All the very bestKarla

  13. >After my week last week, and accidentally shredding almost ten edited pages yesterday, I can TOTALLY relate. Take a little bit of down time and regroup. Don't forget to breathe 🙂

  14. >Becky! I am sorry for all this grief. (Actually, clawing the face sounds like not a good idea to me.)About the school thing=Furious! I will be thinking of you and hoping you do something for BECKY this weekend. Miss you all ready. ❤

  15. >Wow, the trouble at work sounds terrible! I hope you get into the class! 🙂

  16. >too much of it hits the fan, then scatters all over! GRRRhope you get your class!

  17. >I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated!I hope you get into the class!

  18. >Big Hugs!I hope everything gets sorted out soon.

  19. >That's not right! I'd be frustrated as well. Don't give up. There has to be a way to get into the class or take it online.

  20. >Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and then take the time you need to deal with this frustrating situation. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Good Luck!!!!

  21. >*Michel-you really are a sweetheart. I read your post and it IS peaceful and beautiful…thanks :)*Austin-if I knew the prof at all, I would try that. I found out that they've stopped that practice altogether…sigh.*Carol-whoever captioned that one did a great job, it is perfect!*Niki-thanks, and I will try. It's hard for me to stay away…. *Jenny-you guys are the best. Gonna relax all night!*Lisa-thank you! I need all the luck I can get 🙂

  22. >*Lynda-supposedly, they've revamped everything to make it easier. In fact, everyone everywhere complains that it's more complicated and more stressful…..but thanks!*Carole-thank you very much :)*SquirrelQueen-a cat nap! Wonderful idea!*Old Kitty-it has been a long week. If Friday wasn't near, I'd probably just melt into gooey mess. And thanks!*Talli-thanks, I'm gonna try. Huggles-love the new word!

  23. >Do NOT quit. Don't waste all your hard work. It will happen.I'm sorry about work. If you want to gripe, e-mail me at tmilstein at gmail dot comHow lousy about your allergies and your sleep.It's nearly Friday. Get through one more day and then take care of yourself. (Hugs)

  24. >*Karla-I'm really glad everyone is loving the cat pic. It's one of my favorites and I'm soooooo glad I found it :P*Carol-yikes!!!!!! I can't imagine what I'd do if that happened to me. Bless your heart! We both need a fabulous weekend, huh?*Robyn-thanks, you're sweet. I may try to read something….but mostly, I'm gonna take some back to back cat naps, lol!*Misha-thanks, me too!!!!*T-you're so right. I had some really evil, er, cool thoughts about how to solve my problems, hee hee hee!*Golden Eagle-I really do, too. Thanks!*Fairyhedgehog-I would love to have a magic wand…do you think that would work?*Alex-actually, I tried to get into this class LAST year. And had all the same problems. sigh….*Ann-mmmmmm, tea! Sounds like a plan, thanks 🙂

  25. >*Theresa-ha! I just saw your comment and my first reaction was, "Yes Ma'am!" I may take you up on that offer…later. Got to close my eyes for a little while. Hoping it's just allergies. Fear may be strep. Again…yipee!But thanks a bunch!

  26. >You're absolutely right about the world being so different. Pretty soon you'll need a BA to be able to ask the question, "Do you want fries with that?"Hopefully you feel better and return to the A-Z Challenge soon!

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