>A Tribute For Gypsy And Roland…..


My friends, it has truly been a difficult week. I found out early yesterday morning that Roland’s beloved Gypsy had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 

I cannot describe what a joy and a blessing it is to have a furry little companion that gives you unconditional love and acceptance when you’re otherwise very alone in this world.

They see the secret you.

The one that cries and worries. The one that teeters on the brink of absolute despair and wonders if tomorrow even needs to come.

They see the one that smiles when a friend calls or comes by because they were thinking of you. The one that sheds quiet, happy tears over thoughtful emails and paper cards.

Through it all, they sit by you, cuddle with you, and watch over you while you sleep. They wait patiently for you when you leave, trusting that you will return to them. The joy they express when you do is genuine – they miss you.

They even draw you out of yourself in the guise of play. They love it when you laugh.

They become your confidant, your companion, cherished beyond description.

And saying good-bye to them is very nearly more than you can bear…..

I’ve been there.

Back in January, another friend’s companion crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I wrote this for him. I’m reposting it, now, for Gypsy and Roland…..

Bless the Beasts and the Children, for in this world they have no choice, they have no voice…  by Karen Carpenter
Tiny little paws make permanent prints all over our souls. 
They come into our lives,
on purpose,
by accident, 
as miracles.
The lucky ones are cherished.
We let them in.
We feed them,
bathe them,
keep them safe
and warm
and healthy.
And they give.
They trust.
And love.
And when they leave,
they tear a hole in our hearts.
Broken and devastated,
we honor them
with our tears,
our pain, 
and our recollection
of all the time we shared with them.
This week,
a friend of ours
was left behind.
His cherished companion
crossed over the Rainbow Bridge,
leaving behind sad faces and broken hearts,
as well as sickness and pain.
It isn’t easy, 
letting them go.
Love is a double edged sword.
It heals
and cuts
and heals again.
And one day,
we’ll follow shadowy prints
over a bridge,
through a misty veil…..
and be greeted by 
warm fuzzy kisses, 
excited barks
and happy purrs.
Till that day,
may they always run
over fields that are green
and under skies that are blue.
…..for Gypsy and Roland
RSM 1/6/2011

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >A tear splashes on my keyboard….That was so beautiful, Becky. I felt all the heartache rush back to me with my dearly departed pups from a lifetime ago. How I miss them still.

  2. >I sit here with my two cats on either side of me recognizing how much they have given me. Thank you for this reminder of how fleeting our time with them is.

  3. >I love the idea of the Rainbow Bridge and all those wonderful pets waiting for us to come and cross over with them. I'm sure our Cooper and Argos are enjoying each other's company and enjoying remembering their time with us.Best,Bonnie

  4. >Becky, how lovely. A moving tribute.I lost my Blue on Nov. 12th 2009. His brother Scooby mourned himself to death on Jan. 3rd 2010. I still miss them terribly. Their mama, Cotton is still with me. On occasion she meows through the house looking for them. They were very close. She used to lie on their graves which are next to the bridge they slept on when they were outdoors. So very sorry for Roland.<3

  5. >What a beautiful post and poem. It's so hard when much-loved friends pass on, but only if you've never known the love, can you never know the pain. A double edged sword indeed. Roland is unlucky in his loss, but blessed with your wonderful tribute.Karla

  6. >Robyn, I pray that you and Cotton can be there for each other in your grief and remembrance of Blue and Scooby. Thanks for your caring.Becky, like Michael, there are tears in my eyes … tears honoring the love Gypsy showed me.Thank you for the lovely poem and more for caring enough to do this lovely post, Roland

  7. >…what a wonderful post, in honor of our friend Roland, and his loss.Well done, Becky. Well done:)EL

  8. >What a beautiful post and sentiment. Pets are a joy. p.s. Your question and my answer has been posted.

  9. >This is such a moving post.Wonderful tribute!

  10. >Such a beautiful, heartfelt post. x

  11. >Oh, that is beautiful! Pets aren;t animals – they are family – and it's so hard to say goodbye. I cried so hard when we lost Calvin & Hobbes.

  12. >It just sucks that animals don't live as long as we do…

  13. >So touching and so sad for Roland. It's been several years now that we lost our lifelong sheltie dog. I mourn him still. One night, two years after he died, I had a dream that I was in my mother's backyard. My sheltie came along the side accompanied by his friend, a previous dog we owned. Both were mere shadows of each other. Their color muted. I laid down in the grass and the sheltie came and laid down with me, wagging his tail. After a long while of talking and petting him, he turned back to the other dog and together they disappeared. When I woke, a great peace settled over me and I knew, they were both ok.NancyN. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  14. >This was very sweet and heart felt.I have been feeling sad for Roland since I heard. It is so sad. When my dog Ginger died it was like a memeber of the family had passed. And my cat Shadow is such a cool kitty–I dread the day he goes. )=

  15. >Thank you so much for the heads up. It's been such a crazy week that I haven't made it to Roland's blog and I am VERY familiar with the power of our furry families.

  16. >The Rainbow Bridge will carry Gypsy and Roland to a safe place, Becky. As I was reading this post, tears rolled down my cheeks. I have a cat of my own and without him in my life, I would be miserable and sad. He comforts me in every possible way.dtwilight xoxo

  17. >What a lovely tribute to the beautiful Gypsy, bless her little wonderful furry heart and soul. May she run free and happy over at the Bridge! Take carex

  18. >Wonderful sentiments that hopefully bring comfort to the bereaved.

  19. >WC,This is very lovely and brought tears to my eyes; brought memories back of losing our beloved Ginger and Tigger Magoo…gosh we love our pets and they capture out hearts.

  20. >Becky what a wonderful tribute to Roland and Gypsy. He's going to be heartbroken for some time.Denise<3L'Aussie Travel A-Z Challenge. H is for Haiti, I is for Ibiza

  21. >I've just trudged in from my weekend late shift — after having been chewed out by my supervisor for a mistake I made last night (I told him I wasn't fully functional, but he still left me alone to work until midnight by myself.)No Gypsy to greet me at the door with her friendly yowl. Aussie's right. It will take awhile to heal.Thank you, Becky, for this moving lovely tribute to Gypsy. Her spirit yowls a thanks of her own.All of you who have commented and sent me your compassion and caring — Thank you. It means more than words can say, Roland

  22. >I'm sorry to hear about Roland's pet. We get attached to our animals. It's hard to be without the uncomplicated relationship.What a nice friend you are to do a tribute to Gypsy.

  23. >Thank you, Theresa.Becky, you are a true and special friend. With this lovely surprise tribute to Gypsy, you have made a grim, black day at work and a return to an empty, Gypsy-less apartment much easier to bear.May The Father bless you and all my friends who sent you and me their kind words of compassion and caring!Roland

  24. >Oh, how sad! My condolences to Roland. It is so hard to lose a friend and member of the family.

  25. >I look at the 300 pounds of fur lying at my feet and say, Thank you." Wanderer, your tribute is just beautiful. Roland my heart aches for you, I have been there many times.Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  26. >Ah…that hurts.I recognize the two cats in our household in your entry, in your poem.I know the pain of the loss of an animal companion. My thoughts are with Roland.

  27. >What a beautiful tribute to Gypsy and Roland. My cat Tasha crossed the Rainbow Bridge three years ago in March and I still miss her.

  28. >SquirrelQueen : I am so sorry about your Tasha. May her spirit be with you in your dreams. Thank you for your compassion and concern.KjM : Thank you for thinking of me and being supportive while I am in the dark.Jules :I have been here too many times before, too. It never gets any easier. In some ways it gets harder. Thank you for caring and sending me your thoughts.Lydia :Thank you for being so thoughtful of a cyber friend. It helps ease the pain a bit. Roland

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