>NINJAS…..Okay, You Know Me…..Ninja Cats….Mostly



About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Too funny! I needed a good laugh this morning.Have a great weekend, Becky.

  2. >we share same mind… i went with ninjas too… you went the way cooler route.

  3. >AhahahahahahahahaI iz giggling so hard my sides are going to split. 🙂 Too cute.

  4. >Love your ninja cats. And the ninja squirrel was a hoot, too. Have a great weekend. Wish me luck speaking at the Sci-Fi Convention, Roland

  5. >ja, ja, ja! 😛 lol

  6. >LOL. Those are so funny!

  7. >…just so you know, the entire family has gathered around the monitor, laughing at your pics:)It seems you've earned some fanfare!EL

  8. >Fun-ny! Love love love them.

  9. >Great for a rainy Saturday with coffee — if you aim it away from the keyboard.

  10. >What a wonderful collection of cats, now what's the collective word? A madness of cats…. ?

  11. >Hilarious! LOLcats indeed 😉

  12. >Ninja cats RULE and ROCK! 🙂 Take carex

  13. >Brrill … love these pics!Thanks for the cheer up :-)All best, Karla

  14. >Love the ninjas!

  15. >Haha! I have a ninja cat named Shadow. He seriously kicks trash.

  16. >I like them all but the footsteps 1 really had me laughing!

  17. >I loved "never see him coming". And waiting; how did he get up above the door?Very funny, and just what I needed.Have a good weekend Becky………dhole

  18. >hehehe aw these are great. Stunt double turtle! lol

  19. >oh my gosh they are brilliant pics. I love the one of the cat stuck to the wall. Freaky! 😉

  20. >So much more lighthearted than N is for Nepal, providing a nice weekend guffaw. Thanks Becky!Denise<3

  21. >Love Ninja Cat. I had to blow up the Christmas tree to find that one. Santa doesn't stand a chance is right. Thanks for the laugh.Pamela Jo

  22. >AHAHAHAHAHA! I know those pictures are precious, just from reading the titles. "ninja cat skills squirrel." ROFL!

  23. >Great piccies!Funny too!

  24. >I love your new set-up…it striking! and being a cat lover, I love all the photos; I wonder if Angel-Kitty could be a Ninja!? what do you think?Have a great Sunday Becky!

  25. >These pictures are hysterical. My cat is a periodic ninja. My son has a loft bed that has steps out of slats on the side. Completely vertical. And my kitty can scale them. The wood has all these nicks in it from her claws.But mostly she sleeps.

  26. >Ninja cats! Love it!

  27. >So funny! Loved them!

  28. >I can't believe some of these pictures are real! So funny.

  29. >Funny pics! I love the squirrel and the kitty on the side of the building.

  30. >Ninjas!!!!!! Awesome choice.

  31. >It's after midnight and my hubby is already in bed, I hope I didn't wake him up with my laughing. These are too funny especially the Awesome Ninja Skills.

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