>RAIN – Why I Love It So


Some time back, I did a post on rain and why I love it. I mentioned the way the earth smells and how the hues of nature are richer, and so forth. But, in the writing of that post, something came out that I hadn’t considered before….

Many people find the sound of rain (not the torrential kind) soothing. ‘K, we all know that. We also know that babies (and puppies) are often comforted by the sound of a ticking clock. Doctors say it’s because the sound reminds them of their mothers’ heartbeat.

Here’s the part I liked about that piece: rain soothes our inner child. We get weary, worn down, tired. Our inner child is neglected, pushed aside so that we can take care of more important matters-work, relationships, hobbies, blah, blah, blah. We burn out…..at least I do. Especially in the summer.

For me, rain is like a magic tonic for my mind and soul. Everything smells fresh and feels cool. I can find a cozy place and snuggle with a book. Or close my eyes and listen to some music. Maybe watch a good movie.

Gray, cloudy, foggy, rainy days are my portal to other worlds, whether they’re in my daydreams or in familiar and much loved tales.

Like Bastian in The Neverending Story, I want to hide from the world and let a book take me so deeply into itself that I become a part of it. Rain can do that for me. When I listen to rain falling and feel its coolness against my skin, wonder is renewed and a childlike belief that anything really is possible is reborn. If it’s raining outside, you can bet that I’m in a pretty good mood. I am at peace.

 It’s where I find some of my best ideas…..

Is it really the Irish in me, like I always claim? I don’t know. What I do know is that the little kid in me loves to wander around in a rainy day…..


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I like the sound of falling rain. It's soothing!

  2. >*Alex-me, too! Thanks for your wisdom AND your kind words 🙂

  3. >i love warm rain; you can keep the cold, wind-driven kind… except when i'm indoors, then let it pour!

  4. >I like it in SMALL doses. Gray, gloomy skies depress me after a while… I need the light.

  5. >Its been wet here, but really cold. I like to cook up a stew on a rainy day to enjoy in my cozy chair with a good movie. Or book.Sometimes we make grilled cheese sandwiches and dip them in tomato soup on wet and cold days.The sound of the rain is very soothing…….dhole

  6. >Rain is lovely, without it how could we love the sun. Opposites attract.

  7. >I like snow. Rain makes me weep! But I do love the sound of fountains! Take carex

  8. >i love the rain… i definitely prefer it over snow. my brothers and i used to play outside in the rain, we had lots of amazing memories doing that. would you believe it if i told you we used to play outside even during a typhoon (in the philippines) – LOL. the wind almost blew us away!

  9. >A Native American teacher once told me that when it rains, Mother Earth is unhappy, and she's crying. When Mother Earth is extremely unhappy, she storms.

  10. >I'll take rain any day! I love those damp, misty days (like the picture in your header). They're mysterious and hold secrets. Oh and they smell so gooooood. Rain is healthy – it gives us life-giving water. Rain good, drought very bad!I found you through Alex's blog. I'm so glad I did :)Sue

  11. >You are singing my song, Sistah!Another great blog courtesy of Alex and the A to Z Challenge.

  12. >Now I know why you call your blog The Rainy Day Wanderer! Yes, rain can be soothing, as long as it's a soft patter rather than a big rainstorm!

  13. >I find comfort in a rain day; it is like a time out, time to recharge our battery~ Lovely post!

  14. >Rain is wonderful. 🙂 I especially love it when it's cool and lightly drizzling. I don't mind a lot of rain, either, if I'm inside and have things to do.

  15. >I also love the rain, if not too strong I love walking.!

  16. >Beautiful post! I love the rain too – but this was a kind of necessity growing up in Wales! I love the torrential kind – feels like it's washing your brainLovely to have founf you through Alex J Cav's site – new followerLx

  17. >forgive me … not a new follower, just a new regular reader – seems I'm already following 🙂

  18. >When I don't have anyplace to be, and it's night, I love the sound of falling rain. It's soothing. I don't even mind some stormy rain here and there, which I think is kind of sexy. But not when I'm trying to sleep in the middle of the night, of course!

  19. >Another big fan of rainy days here; the only thing I don't like about my hometown (San Diego) is our lack of them. But lately with all the climatic changes going on, we seem to be getting more wet weather…

  20. >I love the rain! I grew up in Michigan so rain doesn't bother me at all. I do some of my best writing in a violent thunderstorm.

  21. >I like spring and summer rains, the sound and fresh smells are wonderful. I like it for a day or two and not weeks on end, at that point I long for sunshine. We had rain today but it was mixed with sleet, not quite as soothing.

  22. >I agree! To me, rain says everything can be put on hold while I get to sit by the fire and read.

  23. >i love that kinda rain where i could take off my shoes and go walking in it. i like looking up at the sky and feeling the rain on my face and getting in my eyes and i like it all over my skin. i like getting my hair all drippy. i like mud squishing between my toes. i like my clothes getting all soggy and clingy. when its done raining i like sitting on the steps feeling all wet and looking at the grass and trees and flowers and knowing how they feel all fresh and happy….hugs from lenny

  24. >I love rainy days and sunny days. I like sunny days with poofy white clouds floating in the blue sky. But I don't like overcast days with no precipitation. For me, those are gloomy and depressing.

  25. >I love that scene where he huddles up from the rain! I don't like to get dressed up nice in the rain, but if I can stay home, then I think it's calming.

  26. >I have a sentimental reason for loving rain. Here in Philadelphia it has been going on for days and days. It is now making me very tired. I love it when the sun comes out after the rain…the smell is wonderfully sweet…http://www.doreenmcgettigan.com

  27. >*sigh* Now I really wish it was raining here, instead of sunny and 83…

  28. >I love rain! I love to take the GK out and do rain bath!

  29. >I love rain! I love to take the GK out and do rain bath!

  30. >Ceramic tile roofs have spoiled the sound of falling rain for many of us who grew up with it. Love it on a galvanised iron roof.The beach is my favourite place and beaches are much better in the sun, but rain has its place – falling at night, hee hee.Denise<3

  31. >Like L'Aussie I have grown up with the sound of rain on an iron roof. Any rain from a gentle shower to a tropical storm has its own signature on a "tin" roof.I used to love hiking in misty weather. It changed the world so even places I knew well became fresh again.

  32. >I love rain too, the aroma in the air is nice, it's only water, you can cover up and go out in it.I like it also because I have fruit trees and bushes, and a garden and the rain is necessary for that.Thank You.

  33. >Love this post, girlfriend. Rain smelleth so fresh. I love to walk in it and think about my characters. Horseback riding in the rain is the BEST!And the hubby swears I won't melt. meh 🙂

  34. >…sweetheart, you should be living in my neck of the woods, where the rain hasn't stopped for days!Keep smilin:)EL

  35. >I love the sound of the rain. Believe it or not, I can even be soothed by a thunderstorm, as long as it's not right on top of us and zapping all around the neighborhood. Wind, however, makes me tense. Rain + no wind = good.Good luck on the rest of the A to Z Challenge!

  36. >i love rainy days too, but not too many of them in a row. i need the sun to be happy. easy to get in Arizona, but i'm moving to Montana and they have more gray days. i know i'll have to invest in one of those natural light lamps. nice to meet you.

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