>A to Z Challenge-My Thoughts


It’s reflection time for the A to Z Challenge.

I know! I know! I had to drop out. I was pretty bummed, too.

Here’s how I did:

I pre-scheduled posts all the way to ‘J’ and rough drafted to ‘P’ so I felt pretty darn good about that.

During the first three days (yeah, I cheated on Sunday!), I visited at least 175 blogs. I figured I’d get to as many as possible at the beginning and cruise the rest of the way.

Afterward, I visited about 10 new blogs a day (thanks, Marcus, for the linky buttons!), plus I made sure to visit my blogging friends who weren’t in the challenge. I also did pretty good visiting everyone who left a comment.

Then, life happened. Apparently, April is a terrible month to plan anything. The Center has a lot going on in April every year and I thought I could stay ahead of it. I thought wrong. 

I also got bitten by some low-life bug from Hades and it wiped me out for nearly two weeks. If I’m sick enough to not care about my ‘puter, I’m SICK. I went a whole week without opening it up. Dang.

While I was laying around feeling crappy with no one to talk to, my muse came to visit. Suddenly, all sorts of ideas were popping into my brain-pan. She wouldn’t go away; she just kept bringing me scenes, solutions, and new ideas. I’d toyed with these two wips for so long, I felt I really needed to pay attention and follow her.  That meant that I would have to drop out of the Challenge.

So, would I do it again next year?

Well, here’s the thing. I met some really cool new bloggers. I read some very interesting, funny, insightful and just plain neat stuff. I also managed to make sure I visited my non-Challenge friends, which I felt was important.

So, yeah, I’d do it again. IF…..it could be done a little differently. I read a few bloggers’ comments about how they loved the experience, but felt very overwhelmed by it all. One suggestion was to have the co-hosts limit the linkys to a certain amount, and this got me to thinking…..

What if the co-hosts each put up linkys and people signed up on them and they weren’t duplicates. Each co-host could have maybe 200-250 Challengers. Let’s say I’m on Alex’s linky. I visit the people on that hosts site. If I finish that, then I can move on to another hosts sight.

Does that make sense to you? If we all visited the blogs listed on our own hosts sight, we’ll have visited at least 200 or so blogs. Then, we can move on. That way, it’s not so overwhelming and everyone will stand a better chance of having new visitors to their blogs.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. It was a lot of fun while I did it and I really really hated that I had to drop out. I don’t like quitting.

What are your thoughts about my idea?


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I'm not really sure i didn't sign up for the challenge but i want to next year. =)Poetry, Quotes and Book Reviews.

  2. >Hey, life happens! It's all right.A couple people mentioned more than one list. Hart suggested starting with the blog listed after your own and just go as far as you felt like going. No pressure. I posted that one today because I liked that idea. I was overwhlemed, but I felt even worse for the blogs in the second half of the list. Some saw little to no action.Not sure what Lee's going to do for next year. Glad you tried though!

  3. >I like your idea very much and hope they make some changes next year so there aren't so many people participating all in one lump. It was so daunting and I wouldn't allow myself to not visit all the blogs, so spent way too many hours blogging. But all in all, I'm very glad I participated.Karen

  4. >Yep…so agree it WAS a challenge and debated about dropping out at one point but I made my self stick it out becuase I knew I'd regret it if I did…but I DID allow myself to miss a letter if I needed to and didn't beat myself up over it.I think you need to be proud of yourself for what you DID accomplish because that was more than some people did 🙂

  5. >Your idea sounds great. It would make things a lot less overwhelming.

  6. >I like your idea. It's good.

  7. >That is a good idea! Separate ones. I thought it was overwhelming too, so I didn't enter. Maybe next year. Hey thanks for linking to my blogfest! Sweet!

  8. >Great idea, would make it a bit more manageable.

  9. >I like your idea…. As a matter of fact when the co-hosts were announced, I thought that's how it was going to be.Don't worry about finishing. You couldn't help getting sick. Your health should ALWAYS come first.You did a great job. You visited me lots of times and left wonderful comments. I so appreciated that because I worked so hard on each post.Michael

  10. >I really like your idea. Having to visit so many blogs is just too hard for those of us with day (or night) jobs. I hope your health is better and your muse percolating still, Roland

  11. >The main reasons I didn't join the challenge were the time it would take and the numbers of bloggers to visit. I like your idea, it would certainly make it more do-able for me.

  12. >I offered a similar idea – I called it teams. I guess great minds do think alike 🙂

  13. >I say so long as you enjoy the blogfesting!!! Your ideas sound fab – good luck to y'all doing this again next year! Me, I blog for the fun of it and not much else really and don't really take to blogfesting – too much like hard work and I'm very lazy and a bit of a loner and like doing my own thang without any pressure! But if I follow you and you fest away – I'll be there to cheer the loudest!! Take carex

  14. >hate it when life happens! (hope you are feeling better now though) the amount of people participating was overwhelming for sure!

  15. >I like your idea. I mean, there was no way we were all hitting 1k blogs. Not happening. But sounds like you did really good–way more than me. As I felt lucky to be able to post daily since I was writing a brand new first draft too. I tried to catch up with new blogs, but it was tough.Anyway, I don't think you even had to finish to be able to reap the benefits. Just hop down the list of those who were. :)Sorry about your bug bite. That sounds awful. What kind of bug???

  16. >I just wasn't prepared for the amount of bloggers joining in, even though I was #500. But I did it to make myself stretch.

  17. >go for it, b… dunno the rules, but i'd have minimums at one graphic, and as few words as necessary to explain it… those with 'textual diarrhea', you know who you are, can use as may words as you want toi like to be a minimalist… if only to save time for other things….

  18. >Yup to the life thing. i like the idea you suggested. I've seen some other ones too on blogs. Hopefully they will be incorporated next year.

  19. >That sounds like a good idea–one shorter list at a time would have felt much more manageable.Great Reflections post!

  20. >Glad you're feeling better!

  21. >I figured a blogger would have to pre-schedule the posts unless they really like to wing it!175 blogs??? I'm mega impressed. But I can see how that would be difficult to maintain.I don't know what can be done to make it easier. I think eliminating word verification codes would be a start!

  22. >For the time you were in I think you did pretty darn good.Several people have mentioned suggestions like or similar to what you have mentioned and I can understand why. I am collecting the suggestions and analyzing the possibilities of how we could do it. I think I have a good plan in mind and now I'll have to figure out how it could best work.For more of my thoughts on this I will be posting each Monday in May about what I've learned from the participants and from my observations and those of my co-hosts. On May 30th I will compile it all into an evaluation post to see what readers think.But, yeah, bummer about being sick and then of course life happens so you got to meet the priorities and let the blog fun go. Thanks for giving it a shot.LaterLeeTossing It Out

  23. >It looks like a good idea!

  24. >I really like your idea! I'm planning to do the Challenge next year and I think that would make it easier given the number of people who sign up!

  25. >*Tiger85-it really was neat meeting new people and trying to find things to blog about for each letter. I love a challenge :)*Alex-I used the linky buttons Marcus developed, then I'd switch off and started at the very end of the list and went backward. I found a lot of people who hadn't started or even posted since the middle of March! But it was still a lot of fun :)*Karen-I caught myself feeling the same way. That's one reason I blew it out the first three days and the rest of the time I was in it, I made myself stick to my limit of 10-15 new blogs, guilt free.*Tracy-thanks. I knew ahead of time that I may miss a couple days here and there because of all the things going on at work and such, and I'd decided it would be okay. I really didn't stress it.*Sarah-I'm hearing a lot of good ideas and this one is only partially mine. It grew from the idea of another blogger. I just don't remember who!!! Sigh…*Angela-thanks. I just tweaked someone else's idea…*Lydia-welcome, it's my pleasure!*Ann-I think when people realized just how large it had gotten, that's when it became overwhelming for them….*Michael-I had determined to make sure I visited my 'regulars' as often as possible, whether they were in the Challenge or not. And your posts were wonderful to read!*Roland-thanks, and right back atchya! Yep, she's still hanging around. Patiently!*SquirrelQueen-I think a lot more people would participate if it were in smaller chunks….

  26. >*Rhonda-teams, I like that!*Old Kitty-you're the sweetest thing! I liked the challenge of it. It'd been a long time since I posted daily. I think I've gotten a bit lazy myself, lol!!!*Theresa-thanks, me too! Yeah, I've had people (not necessarily in the Challenge) drop by just to tell me something. And I agree about the tones. There were some that were really cool, though. Two bloggers are science buffs and shared some interesting information and L. Diane Wolfe did daily posts that related to book promotions. Alex featured bloggers each day. It's not in me to simply post about something just because it's that day's letter. It has to be something I enjoy-movies, books, music, or my crazy life. I totally relate to what you're saying, good points.

  27. >*baygirl32-and when it happens, it's not just one or two small things. It's usually a heaping bucket of big things, lol!!!*PK-not entirely sure, but my strep test came back negative so they treated me for severe congestion, sinus and ear infections. I never had a sinus infection cause my throat to hurt for over a week or give a fever of 103.5!*L. Diane-I loved reading your posts! They were very helpful and full of great ideas. I'm going back and reading all the ones I missed, so thanks!!!*T-LOL! Great point, though the posts are supposed to be short. You would excel at this with your fabulous micro fiction!!!!*Holly-I believe all the ideas are being considered, so we'll see….*Golden Eagle-awww, thanks. And I really loved your posts!*Jenny-thank you!*Lisa-I totally agree about the word verification. The hardest ones are where you have to input all kinds of information….*Lee-thanks 🙂 It really was fun and I love to challenge myself, especially with something I really enjoy. Curious about your idea!*Bob-thanks, I just stretched someone else's idea a bit :)*Jennie-it really is fun, and a lot of work. But I did good with myself about not feeling guilty when I missed a letter in the beginning. And I stuck with my limit after the first weekend. You can do it!

  28. >life certainly does happen. i had to drop out of blogging fer a little while, but it's so good to be back. i love my small group of friends, which includes you. and i love it when the muse shows up. the light goes on behind my eyes. low-life bug from hades:)

  29. >*Ed-it's nice to see you again. I didn't know what had happened to you! And you're in my small group of friends, too. *happy face grin*I'm loving your articles and can't wait to read the interview!

  30. >It's a great idea. Smaller teams or chunks would make it more manageable. Maybe next year, I'd take part.

  31. >Aha! Here you are with a THE at the beginning. Forgot about the the. :)I agree with you. Great idea!Happy May 5th! that rebel, Olivia

  32. >All these nearly daily posts were hard to read, so I'm sure they weren't easy to write on a nearly daily basis. Now it's May!I'm sorry you were so sick. I hope May is kinder to you.

  33. >That's a cool idea. I didn't do the challenge this year, but maybe next year!

  34. >I like the idea of each co-host have a separate linky; it could work as long as people stick to it. Another blogger suggested each person only visits say the 100 blogs after them on the linky. Either way, it could make life a bit easier!Ellie Garratt

  35. >I think your idea sounds great to me. I am very impressed with how many blogs you got to visiting. I am still limping my way through the challenge (as real life happened to me too, but enjoying working my way through favourite children's fiction characters) and will visit everyone who commented throughout – eventually!

  36. >LIFE certainly does 'happen'…sometimes when we least 'expect' it:)To say that my life has gotten fuller..with far less time to do 'fun' things like reading and commenting on my favorite blogs…since 'Skittles' came into my life..is certain.But…I LOVE her…so I'm really not complaining!

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