>My Tinkerbell Theory (Long-ish, But With A Surprise At The End)


I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!

You ever have those days when it seems like you’re all alone in your quest for your dream? And everything and everyone is pulling at you from all possible directions and, when you finally do get to a quiet, peaceful moment, you’re too tired or too fuzzy to think creatively?

I’m not saying that there aren’t people around me who wish me well in my creative endeavor. It’s just that most of them have a lot going on in their lives and just don’t have the energy. They do want to know how it’s going, but, really, I can’t expect them to get all giddy about getting four thousand words written when they have to spend their evening going to a dozen sporting events, cooking dinner, and making sure everyone’s homework is finished. Some of my friends understand that trying to write something is hard, and they respect that. There are those who believe you can just pull the words out of your head and be published in a few months. I wish! But, really, they don’t understand what it takes, or what it costs.

It’s just not everyone’s thing. Like baseball isn’t mine. Honey is a great ball player and I would go watch some of his games if he played in a league. But come the hottest part of summer, I’d have to think of other ways to be supportive from time to time. Me and summer – we ain’t cool. And Honey would be fine with that. He knows that summer is not my thing.

Not everyone writes. So people don’t generally understand the emotional highs and lows, the ever plaguing doubts and insecurities, and the need to try, even if the dream of becoming published and successful inches farther and farther away every day.

I do have one friend who gets it, but he’s a college student. My co-teacher’s son, William. He’s an aspiring writer who plans to masquerade as a history teacher. The rare moments we get to see each other, there’s not enough time in the world to share our successes and failures and ideas, etc. But it’s good, for a few minutes, to speak the same language, to have the same understanding, you know?

That’s just one of the many, many reasons I’m so thankful to have all of you. Whether you know it or not, you help me. You inspire and encourage me. By commenting and commiserating; by going before and throwing breadcrumbs liberally behind you; and you even take a few minutes to read and offer feedback when I hesitantly put something up that’s writing, not just posting.

And what makes it even more special, is that you offer your time and support regularly, even with just plain ol’ everyday life stuff.

I don’t remember what made me think of Tinkerbell the other day, but when I did, I had this image of all of you. Of us; our little cyber-social world. Most of us are not what I call ‘face-to-face’ friends. We’ll likely never meet (except if you live in my state, it would really be cool!), but we still get to know each other a bit. I miss it when I can’t visit more regularly. I miss you when you’re gone for a while. There have been occasions when people have left permanently, one way or another, and I’ve been genuinely sad.

As I thought about Tinkerbell, I began to wonder. Sure, we blog for all sorts of reasons, but…..do you think – is there a bit of Tinkerbell inside us all? Inside of me?

I can only answer for myself. And I would have to say yes, I do believe there is a bit of her in me. Or, rather, I’m a little like her….somewhere. I get weary and tired. Especially when it comes to writing and trying to figure out some of the what if’s and the what now’s and so forth. Not to mention the self-sabotaging I do sometimes. And there isn’t anyone who understands. They want to, but, like I said before, it’s just not their thing. I love them for their desire to help and if their support is in the form of clearing the way for me to write uninterrupted and without any fuss because the dishes aren’t washed, then that’s fabulous to me *waving and blowing a kiss to Honey!*

I think that’s part of what makes you guys so special. You do understand. When one of us has fallen down because of rejections, or a block, or illness, or whatever, we clap our hands and remind each other that we do believe, we do believe! We remind each other that there are people out there, somewhere, tethered to a computer in a room, typing, and going through similar things. And that we’re not alone.

Hope is offered. So is understanding. Often, sound advice and creative ideas are, too. Sometimes a laugh, which always helps. {{{{hugs}}}} are priceless.

Pretty soon, even if a solution isn’t in sight, a warm glow fills us and we revive, ready to try again. Just because someone, somewhere, believes…….

So thank you, my friends, for all the times you clap for me. Just know that I’m clapping for you, too. I do believe! I do believe!

So, for all of you who regularly come by and visit, sharing wisdom and laughter and commiseration, this is for you. No rules. Just a thank you. I really, really mean it. It’s yours. Share it with whomever you choose.

BTW, image gotten from imagebase.davidniblack.com. a free image source. Way cool site.


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I do believe! I do believe! Thank you for your lovely post. This wonderful reminder that I'm not alone made me smile.I'm so grateful for you and the wonderful writing community we share.Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  2. >Oh how sweet that is…I have the same feelings. since I've been away and sick this week, I have gotten nice thoughts from others and it has felt so affirming!It's a great community to be part of and I thank you for the lovely award.

  3. >I believe – in you! Something just require a shared experience to understand.

  4. >You're too cool Becky 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts………dhole

  5. >No matter the darkness. No matter how hard the way. If we have one person who believes in us, in our worth, in our dreams — we can find the strength for the next step — even if it's straight toward that towering, roaring dragon. Thanks for believing in me, Becky. Roland

  6. >I get it. I really get it. Most people in my life don't understand why I write or the rollercoaster it can feel like trying to get published. But thankfully I do have friends that do — and I'm forever grateful for that. So thank YOU for sharing your journey! I'm happy to be on it with you.

  7. >Hi Tinkerbell. Thanks for sharing the love. No doubt the blogosphere is a place where true friendships are forged and woes listened to and applause given for good or bad. There is truly no one to understand us like a fellow writer and it is good to encourage each other through the good times and bad. I hope your projects are going well.Denise<3

  8. >What a fantastic post. It really spoke to me. I'm with you.

  9. >The writing community is such a supportive one – I feel lucky to be a part of it! We all need encouragement at some time or other!Hope you're having a good weekend.

  10. >You must always believe in your inner Tinkerbell!! Yay!!!!Take carex

  11. >This is a lovely post. I'm glad we provide support for you. I know you've been such a booster for me when I've been down, and your comments make me smile. Thank you. Writing is a lonely endeavor. Nobody gets the highs and lows like other writers. What did we do before the blogosphere?

  12. >Just so you know… I would have said the same thing about you. Appreciation, uplifting, caring… :)Anyone who thinks they are Tinkerbell is just cool. But if you are her, then who is hanging on my sun visor? Thanks for the bobble!!Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  13. >And the same thanks go to you. You are appreciated. Thanks for the visit. God bless, love, Geoff.

  14. >And the same thanks go to you. You are appreciated. Thanks for the visit. God bless, love, Geoff.

  15. >Being in my writing cave I am so thankful to have this writing community. Everyone has been so wonderful to me too. So I'm there with you.Thank you for supporting my blog and writing encouraging words for me to read. :-)And I think Tinkerbell is the coolest. So let's live our dream. K? 🙂

  16. >Wonderful post! I think all writers have a bit of fairy magick inside them.

  17. >Awh bless. I believe too. Blogging gives me the tinkles all over, and bells of joy! There are fairies out there :O)

  18. >I'm clapping loud and hard here. This is such a beautiful, heart-wrenching post for so many reasons. One, because I've always loved Tinkerbell and the concept of her. And two, because everything you say here is true for me as well. My writing is not going well because I'm not giving myself over to it and I can't talk about it with anyone else but the bloggy world. Thank you.Karen

  19. >I totally get it!!! Especially after this week when we lost our pet….. My blogging buddies' support meant so much. Thanks for this post!

  20. >I love all the cyber hand-holding we do for one another in the writing community. I had to train my non-writing friends to take my writing time seriously and not try to talk me out of it to go do "something fun." They now know "something fun" is the writing. Great visuals in this wonderful post.

  21. >*clapping* This post is right on about blogging. 😀

  22. >You are the sweetest thing. And someday we will meet, because you know, we live in the same state. Yay! That just makes me feel good all the way around. Like I'm not the only one.

  23. >What a lovely post. You said it all so well, and yes, I do believe, and am over here clapping away, hoping we'll all achieve everything we wish to achieve. 🙂

  24. >Oh, me too, me too…I belive in you…and in fairies. I have statues of them all over my house, hidden, so the grand kids and I can search for them when they come visits. I even have fairy shadows on the walls, where we have scared them away…(or so I tell my grand kids..)This post was so appreciated and so heartfelt. WRiting is such a lonely experience, since we are gernerally locked up in a room typing away by ourselves…but like several have said, the support and the friendships of our fellow writers is EVERYTHING!Some times I wonder what is happening to me, because so much of my personal time is in solitude and I long to be with my family…and friends…but then when I am with them, I long to know what is going on with my blogging friends and what is going on with them…How does one find the balance? I really don't know…I am still searching…but so glad to have found you and my other blogging friends.

  25. >Thank you! And you're so right. I value the community we belong to. It's so special. No one else in my family understand the life I live as a writer. It's so different than theirs. I have come to love writing a lot more since blogging.

  26. >Love, love, LOVE this post! I'm clapping along with the bunny there! You are an amazing, beautiful, real person and true fairy at heart Becky and I swear if I ever find out that you and Anne Gallagher are in the same location having coffee or something I'm going to have to find a way to teleport myself there for just a few minutes at least! Lucky state to have the two of you in it……and I giggled, thinking of you as Tinkerbell because for a very long while one of my nicknames outside the writing community has been The Bru Fairy…I have a friend who even sends me anything with Blue Fairy she can get her hands on because she's hard to find! From now on, I think I'm gonna have to call ya Tink…the magic is in you, baby. Believe it. You're made of pixie dust.xoxobru

  27. >Thank you, Becky.This post couldn't have come at a better time for me. I so appreciate you coming by my blog and telling me about it. It's been such a whirlwind for me lately. I have been pulled away from writing/editing to heal myself. As much as I adore writing it was consuming me. My health failed and I needed to take back my life … which I did. I finally came to a balance where I can still create and have time for me. I am not one for schedules … I am the ultimate Pantser! But now I put myself on one to have time to work out and write. My blogging will always have a place in my day because, like you, I love our community and the people in it. I learn so much and feed off the love and caring which nurtures us all.I know you have had a rough year with your health and stress at work, pushing for your certification. Let's keep positive and continue on our road and support each other when we can. We are all in this together… WE WILL all succeed in one form or another.Thanks again for sharing and giving to us this lovely sentiment and badge.Michael

  28. >Love the pics! I must admit, it's great to have other writerly friends to talk to. I'b be lost otherwise. What a fabulous post.

  29. >I believe, too. This community is awesome. 🙂

  30. >Clapping! Do you hear the clapping? Most everyone has a little bit of the Tinkerbell trait, we all need confirmation of our abilities from time to time. I think it helps to keep us on track.

  31. >Awww, Becky, how sweet! I'm sending this back to you right here and now. Because no matter how little I make it around, how often or how little I post, you always make it around with a word, and a wave. Thank you so much for that! And for your belief.Yes, I am/have a tinkerbell. Lately I've been feeling like the one the lolcat ated. So thank you for the reminder. No matter what, you guys are out here. And you care.Thanks a million! that rebel, OliviaBTW, the Tinkerbell scene in the original movie is one of my favorite all-time scenes. I'd forgotten that, too. 🙂

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