>Fun And Games Blogfest


 Today is Alex’s Fun and Games blogfest. If you don’t know Alex, take a minute and check out his blog. 
He reviews movies, keeps us updated on new technology, and is very supportive of his fellow bloggers.
We’re supposed to list our 3 favorite games and why. 
I, of course, bent the rules a little bit…….
 Oh my gosh, if you’ve never played this game, you really should check it out!
On the rare occasions that my family can get all together, we play this. 
It’s totally hilarious and it’s fun trying to figure out what’s really being said.
I imagine it would also be a fun drinking game, ;}
 Pictionary is another game we play when we’re all together.
It’s challenging and fun and sometimes, our talents are um, questionable.
We’re terribly competitive, which makes for lots of fierce hilarity.
A hint: you can go to Lowe’s and have shower board cut.
Makes for an awesome dry erase board for a fraction of the cost!
 Now, here’s where I bent the rules a little. 
Those are games I like to play with others.
Sometimes, though, I need to just de-stress. 
The only game I ever play on Facebook anymore is Country Life.
The crops never wither and die! And it’s pretty mindless, so…..
 I have a Nintendo DS Lite and these are some of the games I have to keep me sharp *wink*
or to just help get me out of my head when I need it…..

I love, love, love Mahjong!!!!
Honey bought me a PC disc with all sorts of variations of the game and it’s likely my favorite.
I also have it on my DS, but it times out on me, hee.
So, those are a few that I love. 
When I was little, we played I Spy and Punch Buggy. Owww!
Wanna share your favorites?
TicTac Toe? Hangman? Global Thermonuclear War?

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I've only played Pictionary of those listed! Looks like I need to seek out some new games.

  2. >Countrylife confused me until you said it was a Facebook game. I know the others, though.Great choices! Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

  3. >Ah yes, Mahjong has kept me away from my writing far too many times to count!

  4. >Oooh I'd love to learn to play Mad Gab especially with drinks involved! Yay! take carex

  5. >Great choices – wouldn't be without my DS either!

  6. >Awesome list. Mahjong is an amazing game, indeed.

  7. >I've never heard of Mind Gab but I feel I'm missing out on something awesome! Great choices.Fun & Games Blogfest

  8. >young[er], i spent time on chess… now it's usually 'monotony' or 'scramble'…. you know, 'monopoly' and 'scrabble' šŸ˜› lol

  9. >What, no Scrabble?Pictionary is good & Mad Gab looks like a lotta fun.

  10. >I love Mad Gab! And I really need to get working on my Brain Age again. I think my brain is about 15 years older than it really is.

  11. >Pictionary and Mahjong are the only two games I've heard of from the list you've displayed here. Thanks for sharing!

  12. >Love Pictionary! I have so many great memories of playing it!

  13. >Solitare MahJongg was one of my first ever PC Game obsessions. Played it on the first computer I had owned (Tandy Color Computer 3).Like you list! My list is here.

  14. >Great games wow. I love Mahjong too. This blogfest makes me want to go out and buy a ton of games. =)Poetry, Quotes and Book Reviews.

  15. >I love Mahjong I play it on the computer sometimes. Great pics.

  16. >Mahjong is one of my favorites! :)I've never played the others you mentioned; Mad Gab sounds like fun!

  17. >Love Mahjong! I used to be very addicted to that one. Haven't played Mad Gab or Pictionary in forever.Great choices!

  18. >I have not played Country Life or Mad Gab, but will have to remedy that.

  19. >Pictionary is the only one I've played. Would love to play Mahjong.

  20. >Pictionary is another of those family classics. It's a must for us every holiday season.BEAUTIFUL blog, BTW. Thanks for sharing!

  21. >I've seen Mahjong out there today but I have not heard of it. I'll have to check that one out for sure!

  22. >Loved Pictionary, but I was disqualified from playing a lot because I am an artist…LOLMonopoly, risk, and life were my board games, but I LOVE poker….

  23. >Ah. MadGab. We gave it up when my son-in-law consistently spanked us. No one wants to play when only one person ever wins. =D

  24. >Mahjong is addicting. Will have to look up the others cause I'm not familiar with them, but they sound really fun to try. Thanks for sharing!

  25. >Mahjong is sooo addicting, I love it!

  26. >MAD GAB looks like a blast! I'm going to have to look for that. We have Game Night coming up and that sounds perfect!I'm totally addicted to Mah Jong in ANY form. I may have to play it before bed tonight…

  27. >I haven't played Mahjong in years, maybe I should look for an online version. I like any word games but my real passion in games are the FPS. I'm currently playing the new version of one called F.E.A.R. I know, I am a strange woman. šŸ™‚

  28. >I've played Mahjong online for a while, and it was quite addictive. I still don't understand why, but I liked it. šŸ™‚

  29. >I have mahjong on my iPhone for when I need to tune husband out

  30. >Eschaton for me.

  31. >Majong is SO addictive. Pictionary – OMG! Everyone always laughs so hard. We tend to draw really funny, really weird pictures. So fun!

  32. >I have a friend that would play Brain Age all the time!

  33. >i've never had a chance to play mad gab, but since i like your other games, i should try!pictionary just missed my list and i LoVe mahjong (and cant spell it)happy belated gameblogfest =)

  34. >I'd like to try Brain Age!!! Thanks for all this info! šŸ™‚

  35. >…wow, at what point in my life did I become old school?Anything beyond Pictionary and Scrabble and I got nothing…Yep, my son is right…Old School.EL

  36. >I love Mah Jong! I used to belong to a group years ago. I miss it. I'm not a big board game fan, but I like Pictionary.

  37. >So many great games! I loved Mahjong back in college–I hope I could figure out how to play it again someday. :o)My favorite right now is Boxers or Briefs. It's really fun with family and friends.

  38. >hey b, going offline tomorrowdunno when i'll be back… likely in july, some time after i move into my new place, one time zone over…

  39. >Just came by to say hi. Hi!

  40. >Just swinging by . . . I hope all is well!

  41. >Dropping in to say Hi. So HI. Look forward to catching up.

  42. >Heard of Mahjong and Pictionary, but the others are new to me.See you haven't posted here for a while. Hope all is well.LeeTossing It Out

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