Well, more like a quick visit to say hello and see what’s going on with everyone. 

It’s been a little crazy the last several weeks. Initially, I took time off to work on my two wip’s. Part of the way in, I realized that Tangi had backed off again, though I did manage to get several scenes written and a few others sketched out. Hopefully, they can be used. ***update: as I was writing this, she showed me something!***

With the nano book, I rewrote the beginning (I learned that agents won’t read anything beginning with someone waking from a nightmare.) The new intro is actually much better than the original, so that’s a plus. Then, I found myself rewriting the whole thing, not something I have time for and it was loosing something in the retelling. So I decided that I would try and just rewrite pages at a time.

Finding how difficult and time consuming that was becoming, I decided to put both wip’s on hold and follow another idea. (Can you spot the ADHD coming into play here?) One that I’m keeping under wraps for right now. But the neat thing was that it would be quicker and aimed at a wider target. Cool, right? Well, it was cool, for about a week. I was 10,653 words into the new project when the A/C went out. During the hottest week in May. (Director’s father said his porch read 103 degrees F.)  And the prednisone was still coursing wildly through my system. Yep, a total meltdown occurred. At one point, I simply started crying and was unable to stop. *Sigh*

Since about the age of 14, I’ve been unable to abide extreme heat. I’m told it’s probably a hormonal thing. I’m no better than a wrung out dish rag. So all writing/blogging/and facebooking came to a screeching halt. Eight days later, we had air again *silent prayer of thanksgiving* but the damage was done. I’d lost all my motivation. The writing train had derailed. Three weeks passed. Not one word written.

Till William came back to the Center for the summer! He’s my only face-to-face friend that writes and understands/gets excited about all things writerly. He’d done some research about short stories and where to submit them. Since we’re both pushed for time, we decided to concentrate on shorts, working on the wip’s when time allowed or the muses insisted. We’re both writing like crazy and I’m finding it fun and challenging. I’m finding he’s also quite the crit buddy!

Since this is a longer weekend, I hope to get a few more written, (I’ve sketched out ideas for several!) then concentrate on polishing them up. I also want to resume work on the new shiny, finishing it if I can. Ambitious, but the summer is passing quickly and I want as much to show for my time off as possible.

That’s pretty much what’s been going on as far as writing goes. During the A/C – prednisone drama, I reverted to my bad emotional eating habits and paid for it in spades. Consuming an estimated 3 to 4 thousand mg’s of sodium caused the wicked-bad migraines to return. Lesson learned. I’ve had my tatt redone (when it healed, there were blank spaces) and Honey finally had time to do some landscaping in the front of the house (I looks a lot better).

Work has been almost non-stop activities/happenings/events, but this week was really mellow. Lots of families on vacay, so I got to come home early yesterday (Friday). A couple of our kiddos are having some serious health issues and could use some positive thoughts and prayers, please. (I can’t mention names or conditions, sorry.)

Right now, I’m going to get some of my Saturday stuff done and then I’ll see if the Muse is with me. If she is, I’ll be writing for most of the afternoon and early evening. Then, I’ll be around to visit. I’ve missed you guys!!!!  If Ms. Muse is absent, I’ll visit sooner!

My weekend plans? To see Transformers! And I’m sooooooo looking forward to HP7 part II. The last trailer makes me cry. 

So, how have ya’ll been?


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Sorry about your loss of momentum due to the AC failure and your sick kids. But really good to hear from you! Sent my manuscript to my publisher two weeks ago and now trying to decide what to write next.Have a great Fourth!

  2. >Thank goodness your a/c's working again. I have to admit, I was unclear what you meant by a/c – but Eventually I gathered you meant the air conditioner!! Yay!And yay for your writing and re-writes and new ideas and your fab writerly friend too!! Have a great weekend!! Take carex

  3. >Oh wow. You had a lot on your plate. Hope your kiddos are feeling better. And may your muse visit you and shower you with ideas and motivation. 🙂

  4. >Oh yeah, the heat can just suck the life out a person. That's why I live in a place with very mild climate. I hope and your muse have some great times creating! Have a great weekend…

  5. >I'm sorry to hear about your a/c and the heat; that sounds awful.Good luck with your writing projects–shiny new ideas can be fun. :)Sending positive thoughts!

  6. >Oh yeah, nothing like the summer heat and lack of an air conditioner to turn one into a dishrag. Glad to hear yours is working now. Sounds like you've been very busy and productive. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about the new Transformers!Happy 4TH!

  7. >oh god i didn't even know there was a new transformers…

  8. >My short story has been accepted in An Honest Lie 3, and I've just been sent a preleminary contract to agree to. I'm so excited. AHL 3 hopes to publish early fall :)I'm working on short stories too, but it takes me months to completely write a 3500 word story. I'm slow. Then another couple months to get it critiqued and revisions started. Fabulous that you are writing so many short stories, and got a shiny new idea. I'm sure all your novel revision issues will work themselves out when the weather cools. Shame about the A/C, but everyone deserves a break and maybe that was just what you needed to focus on something else for a bit. Sometimes a step back gives perspective.I hope you have a good holiday weekend. I hipe to see Transformers this weekend also……..dhole

  9. >…no A/C, ouch! I guess that's one way to sweat out a novel idea or two ;)Taking my kids to Transformers this afternoon…"more than meets the eye!"Happy 4th :)EL

  10. >Sorry you can't tolerate the heat. I write in starts and stops as well. I hope your writing goes well.Happy July 4th!

  11. >Thank heavens for A/C repair people! Prayers for the kids and yes to Transformers. So glad to see you back here! :)Happy 4th!Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. >Gosh, we'd be lost without AC in the south…we've had more than 35 days of 90 plus since the end of May. I really do like the heat so I'm not complaining but seriously we need rain.I do keep your kiddo's in my prayers for good health and healing!take good care and go easy on yourself as far as the writing goes. It'll come…

  13. >Don't see it as a train wreck. See it as a way to write about it at a later date. Also, you might want to stay away from any kind of thermometer/temperature gauge so you don't know the actual temperature as it can make it worse. Hope everything's a balmy 70 degrees & all is going much better for you in the writing zone!

  14. >Good luck on your WIP!!! I saw Transformers 3D and though it was great! Watched Monet Carlo and Judy Moody and the not Bummer Summer (twice) as I have daughters. And I'm looking forward to HP& as I am now only reading the books. I'm wrapping up number three and starting number 4 tomorrow.

  15. >Life had been basically squaredancing all over my attempts to write the past few months- but the end of that is in sight, at last. The past few days, the tiniest, softest whispers of my characters have been popping into my mind here and there…glad for it too. Worried they'd all just really gone this time. Hopefully soon I'll be losing sleep to stay up to write again instead of constantly trying to stay awake.So glad you have a buddy to spur you on there with your writing- it's so important to have that!Hope you're feeling much better and the AC stays on the rest of the summer (I wilt, too!)hugsbru

  16. >Hi, Becky,Gee, you have had quite the year. I am SO worried about you and your health. And now your kids have health issues. OF Course prayers are a given. Becky, If you NEED ANY HElP healing yourself through diet and exercise let me know. I used to have major health issues too. Mainly from bad eating and lack of exercise. Within four months I lost fifty pounds and I am no longer on ANY meds for high blood pressure. The first few weeks are tough, but once you break the sugar, starch, and salt habit you will feel FANTASTIC. It truly works. Please take care of yourself. We ALL care about you.Michael

  17. >Stopping by to say 'meow' 😉 I hope we can all read your nano book soon.~Avalon

  18. >I cannot abide the heat either. That's why I think I have the perfect dog for me. If it's too early, she doesn't want to walk. If it's too hot, she doesn't want to walk! I can't even imagine having our air go out. That happened to us a few summers ago during a heat wave and the cats almost died. I could soak in the cold water in the tub or wet my clothes. They hate water. So 113 degrees had them sluggish and open mouth breathing. Worst experience of my life. I totally understand it driving your muse away. And prednisone on top of that? I can't sleep and feel like I have bugs crawling under my skin on that stuff. You poor thing! Good to have you back! Positive thoughts and prayers for the kiddos health!

  19. >By now you've solved the AC problem, I'm sure and are churning out the words.

  20. >Sounds like you're as busy as I am…now that I'm moved…internet is up and running…watching the grandbabies during the week…still working on potty training Skittles (goes very well unless the grass needs mowed..then she resorts to peeing on the sidewalk and holding the number 2 until she can't hold it..then she ventures out in tall grass.)

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