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Wow, what a summer, huh? I hope everyone is surviving the terrible heat wave we’ve been having. Although, yesterday and today have been dreamy. For me, anyway.

I have all kinds of news. First, I gotta say-I’m not too sure about the new blogger. The dashboard is weird and creating this post is interesting. By the time I finish this, I’ll now more about whether I like it or not. Anyway….some news.

When I got my tattoo, I was disappointed when the scabs came off. There were spaces with no ink, and parts were lighter than others. Everyone told me that the guy who did it doesn’t do touch-ups for free. His online reviews said the same thing. Sorry. I’m not paying someone to fix their mistakes.

I recently found someone else and had it redone. Guess what? I have ink in all the right places! And no weird shading, either. Yay! Know what else? She said that if there were still spaces or shades, she would fix it. For free. Um hmm. She will get all my business in the future. (Yes, NOW I can plan for my next one *happy face!*)

In other news, my former teacher GOT ME INTO THE CLASS!!!! Yes, Friends, I will be graduating in December. Finally!

Now for writing news. My intended goals have been shelved and that’s okay. I’m not good at forcing creativity. The new shiny I mentioned before is patiently waiting and I really hope to begin working on it again before the summer is over.

To date, I’ve written 4 short stories and I have 2 more that I really want to get completed. I’ve learned a few things during this process. For example, I can’t write humor. My hat is off to those of you who can.

Fortunately, my Muse knows this and steers my path into other directions. Basically meaning that the ideas I’ve started with have consistently morphed into something else. I’ve also discovered how difficult it is to keep short stories short. William found several magazines who want stories between 3 and 6K, and a few more that want them up to 8k. I’m averaging 4+ to just over 6k.

The weird thing is, just like during nano, I’m finding naptime at work to be extremely conducive to writing. Yay for sleeping children 🙂

Speaking of weirdness, I’m ready for this:

Yep, the rainy, cloudy weather we’ve had the last 2 days has put me in the mood for fall and all its accouterments. Part of it may be my desire to leave summer behind and get on with cooler weather. (Okay, a lot of it!)

Mostly, though, it’s because I like to decorate the house in fall and winter. I don’t really do much decorating in spring and summer….

Lastly, has anyone seen the new Harry Potter movie? If you’re planning to go, a word of advice. Take Kleenex. Especially if you’ve read the books, because you’ll be able to appreciate what’s happening on a deeper level. Yes, there are changes and differences, but it’s still a wonderful ending to the series. I want to go back.

One of the things I really liked about it was these guys finally got their due in the movies…..

That’s it for now. I hope you’re home, cause I’m dropping by for a visit!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Oooh you;ve got a tattoo!!! I got one when I was 17! It was meant to be butterfly – but most people think it's a moth – cos when I had it done, I blacked out and the guy stopped the colouring! LOL!! Oh what tattoo did you have done? Glad your one got fixed ok!! Yay!Wonderful to hear about your story writing blitz!! Brilliant!!! Good for you!! And yay that you may have potential homes for them already! Great news about your class too!!!Have a great Sunday – unfortunately our summer here in the UK has been sporadic. At the moment it's cool, wet and dull. I hope August will be different!! I totally detest the new blogger whatchamacallit and am still on the old blogger settings!! I really don't understand why blogger/google are tampering with something that works ok already!I'm waiting for when the queues to the HP movie are less before going to see it! Can't wait!!Take carex

  2. >Glad you got that class! And don't worry, I don't do humor well either.

  3. >Good to hear from you. After all your work to get into that class I hope it's all you expect.Did I miss a picture of the tattoo?Can't wait for the HP DVD so I can watch it at my leisure. I'm going to miss these movies.

  4. >That is a lot of news. I had all sorts of brilliant comments come to mind as I was reading but now I forgot them all. Glad your tattoo is fine, and is a "fix" really the same as a touch up? I would think a touch up is years later. Also glad to hear you are doing magazine writing.

  5. >yes, yes, show us the tattoo! I can't do humor either but that's ok because I don't really like to write humor! Hope your summer gets more summery 🙂

  6. >…cooler weather?! Bite your tongue, Sweetheart! Lovin' the heat! Okay, I'm in the minority, but am cringing at any and all mention of autumn, for we all know what season follows…Congrats on the class, and by all means, ya gotta reveal the tat;)Happy weekend!EL

  7. >Love your post, especially about Neville and Severus. =DCongrats on getting into the class you wanted.

  8. >I want to see pics of that tattoo. I've never had one. I think they can look really cool. neville is one of my fav characters. Over here in Blighty the weather changes from cold and windy to humid sunny and dry to wet and grey from week to week :O)

  9. >Yes, do send us a picture of the tattoo. The ghost of Lovecraft wants to see it. Ah, he is visiting my blog today. You just missed him. But thank you for visiting and commenting. I missed you. I'm happy you got into that class you wanted. Roland

  10. >Do we get to see a pic of the tattoo?Glad to hear you got into the class!It would be nice to have some cooler weather . . . I don't know how hot it is outside, but it feels stifling."Always Say Always"–perfect! Much better than the original phrase. 😀

  11. >How fun on the class. And cool for you on the writing. The only tattoos I've been involved with lately or in painting.

  12. >Congrats for getting in the class and graduating in December!Any chance we will see a preview of your tattoo?I love humor in posts… I have my moments…Would like to see the HP movie…Have a great week! Thanks for your visit!

  13. >I'm with everyone else… tattoo pic, please! :DI'm getting concerned that everybody is crying at HP! What does that mean? I haven't read the last book, and now I'm afraid to.Congrats in advance for your December graduation. Awesome.

  14. Pictures; pictures!!Things sound like they're really hopping your way. Awesome about the short stories. No, I don't do humor either, and I'm always amazed at the people who can.Oh, I saw HP today. Yeah, I was starting to worry that Nevelle wouldn't get to . . but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who didn't read the books and hasn't yet seen the movie. I did like it :)Enjoy the cool weather while it lasts. I'm liking the bit of relief here too, but I don't mind some warmth.Have a good week Becky………dhole

  15. Yay, glad to hear you finally got into the class. Tattoo? So when do we get to see some photos? I have sort of the same thought as in a comment above, does fixing a mistake count as a touch up? He should have fixed the mistakes for free. Glad to hear you found someone else however. Come on over, I'll have the tea ready.

  16. Wow. You got a tattoo!! What did you have done? Do tell.Congratulations on getting into the class!Ellie Garratt

  17. I'm looking forward to cooler weather even though here in L.A. it hasn't been too hot yet. It's supposed to heat up this week.LeeTossing It Out

  18. Bummer and Joy on the tat. What did you get if you don't mind me asking? 🙂 And you write what you're heart tells you to, I'll read it. Soon as this temp job ends and I can breath again. 🙂Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  19. Hey Becky, I'm back. I finally got DSL at home today, yay! Just wanted to stop by and say HELLO and I'VE MISSED YOU! I loved Harry Potter. I'm not ready for fall, but I AM ready for it to cool down considerably.I'll be back! that rebel, Olivia

  20. Lots of stuff happening for you. Congrats! 😀

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