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>A to Z Challenge-My Thoughts


It’s reflection time for the A to Z Challenge.

I know! I know! I had to drop out. I was pretty bummed, too.

Here’s how I did:

I pre-scheduled posts all the way to ‘J’ and rough drafted to ‘P’ so I felt pretty darn good about that.

During the first three days (yeah, I cheated on Sunday!), I visited at least 175 blogs. I figured I’d get to as many as possible at the beginning and cruise the rest of the way.

Afterward, I visited about 10 new blogs a day (thanks, Marcus, for the linky buttons!), plus I made sure to visit my blogging friends who weren’t in the challenge. I also did pretty good visiting everyone who left a comment.

Then, life happened. Apparently, April is a terrible month to plan anything. The Center has a lot going on in April every year and I thought I could stay ahead of it. I thought wrong. 

I also got bitten by some low-life bug from Hades and it wiped me out for nearly two weeks. If I’m sick enough to not care about my ‘puter, I’m SICK. I went a whole week without opening it up. Dang.

While I was laying around feeling crappy with no one to talk to, my muse came to visit. Suddenly, all sorts of ideas were popping into my brain-pan. She wouldn’t go away; she just kept bringing me scenes, solutions, and new ideas. I’d toyed with these two wips for so long, I felt I really needed to pay attention and follow her.  That meant that I would have to drop out of the Challenge.

So, would I do it again next year?

Well, here’s the thing. I met some really cool new bloggers. I read some very interesting, funny, insightful and just plain neat stuff. I also managed to make sure I visited my non-Challenge friends, which I felt was important.

So, yeah, I’d do it again. IF… could be done a little differently. I read a few bloggers’ comments about how they loved the experience, but felt very overwhelmed by it all. One suggestion was to have the co-hosts limit the linkys to a certain amount, and this got me to thinking…..

What if the co-hosts each put up linkys and people signed up on them and they weren’t duplicates. Each co-host could have maybe 200-250 Challengers. Let’s say I’m on Alex’s linky. I visit the people on that hosts site. If I finish that, then I can move on to another hosts sight.

Does that make sense to you? If we all visited the blogs listed on our own hosts sight, we’ll have visited at least 200 or so blogs. Then, we can move on. That way, it’s not so overwhelming and everyone will stand a better chance of having new visitors to their blogs.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. It was a lot of fun while I did it and I really really hated that I had to drop out. I don’t like quitting.

What are your thoughts about my idea?


>RAIN – Why I Love It So


Some time back, I did a post on rain and why I love it. I mentioned the way the earth smells and how the hues of nature are richer, and so forth. But, in the writing of that post, something came out that I hadn’t considered before….

Many people find the sound of rain (not the torrential kind) soothing. ‘K, we all know that. We also know that babies (and puppies) are often comforted by the sound of a ticking clock. Doctors say it’s because the sound reminds them of their mothers’ heartbeat.

Here’s the part I liked about that piece: rain soothes our inner child. We get weary, worn down, tired. Our inner child is neglected, pushed aside so that we can take care of more important matters-work, relationships, hobbies, blah, blah, blah. We burn out… least I do. Especially in the summer.

For me, rain is like a magic tonic for my mind and soul. Everything smells fresh and feels cool. I can find a cozy place and snuggle with a book. Or close my eyes and listen to some music. Maybe watch a good movie.

Gray, cloudy, foggy, rainy days are my portal to other worlds, whether they’re in my daydreams or in familiar and much loved tales.

Like Bastian in The Neverending Story, I want to hide from the world and let a book take me so deeply into itself that I become a part of it. Rain can do that for me. When I listen to rain falling and feel its coolness against my skin, wonder is renewed and a childlike belief that anything really is possible is reborn. If it’s raining outside, you can bet that I’m in a pretty good mood. I am at peace.

 It’s where I find some of my best ideas…..

Is it really the Irish in me, like I always claim? I don’t know. What I do know is that the little kid in me loves to wander around in a rainy day…..



Okay, I know I’m stretching it a bit. But you know me. I  tend to break the occasional rule. According to Jack Sparrow, they’re more like guidelines anyway, so….

First, I hope everyone is okay after the terrible weather. Hopefully, this whole crazy year will be like the month of March and, since it’s roaring like a lion now, it will exit quietly, like a lamb.

Now, on to the post for today. Really, ‘OMG’ is about the only thing that relates to the letter ‘O’ here. But I had to find a way to share. And that lolcat kinda depicts me accurately when I find a new movie to love. Here it is:

I simply adore Amy Adams, and Matthew Goode, well that long-legged fellow ain’t too hard on the eyes. It’s set in Ireland-green, gray, moody, and hilarious. Perfect! It’s sweet. I’ve watched it three times this weekend already. Giving Star Trek a break, lol.

Seriously, I’m wondering what’s happening to me. I’m pretty much an action/sci-fi/mystery kind of person. I’ve never, ever, been into ‘chick flicks.’ But it’s happening more and more lately. Hmmmm……

Lastly, I have a routine when it comes to my internet choices. I check the pics from Lakeland Cam, then facebook, gmail, ichc….and then, just before the blogs, I go to I read the headlines, see who’s having a birthday, and look at the featured trailers to see if there’s anything that interests me.

Now, I got to tell you, I absolutely love David Hyde Pierce. He’s the reason I love Frasier. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw he has a movie coming out. Then, after watching the trailer….I was even more surprised. Omg, you have to check this out! (See how I tied that in there?)

Honey says he has it figured out already. Do you? Think it will be any good?

>NINJAS…..Okay, You Know Me…..Ninja Cats….Mostly


>A is for the "A" List


For the first day of the A to Z Challenge,
I thought I’d start things out 
by posting some of my favorite things 
that begin with the letter “A”.
In no particular order
(and believe me, this is a very short, random list):
About a Boy
I love this movie. It’s sad, funny, tragic, and real.
And you’ll see Hugh Grant in a whole new way.
Highly recommend it.
It’s no secret that I love YA/MG novels.
Artemis Fowl is one of my favorite characters.
I’ve read the whole series so far and I’ve enjoyed watching him mature.
August Rush blew me away.
It’s a fairy tale. Musically.
Freddie Highmore is completely brilliant.
He breaks my heart, in the very best of ways.
Very highly recommended!!!!
This is probably my favorite Audio Adrenaline album.
There’s even a fantastic cover 
of Pete Townshend’s Let My Love Open The Door.
AA has a rock flavor that appeals 
and a message that encourages.
Check them out if you haven’t before!
Funny Face
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
My Fair Lady
War and Peace
Grace. Charm. Beauty. Talent.
That smile…..
Has there ever been anyone like Audrey Hepburn?
I absolutely adore this movie.
Ingrid Bergman is beautiful, fragile…..amazing.
And Yul Brenner just makes me swoon!
A real life fairy tale that almost could have been….
It’s not for nothing that this is a true classic.
all images from
So, what’s on your A List?