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I know I’ve griped about this before, but dang!

I love visiting, and I’ve managed to get around to most of you. The rest, well, hang on. I’m getting there.

The thing is – it takes me forever. Not to visit and comment. To post the comment!

Nearly 90% of the time, I have to click the Post a Comment link a dozen times before it will take me there, and always first by telling me the webpage isn’t available.

Then, I have to save the comment, Leave This Page, and go back to the post again before it will let me post a comment.


And it’s not with blogs containing lots of widgets or long comments. It’s nearly ALWAYS. Does anyone else have this problem on a continuing basis? If so, let me know. I’m going to contact Blogger about it.

Oh, and it’s not just on this computer or simply a recent thing. It’s been for months.

Sorry. I hate to gripe much on here, but I had to get this off my chest.


Happy Sunday!


>****Gremlins Have Invaded Blogger!**** ….I Think….?


This is how I am feeling about Blogger – last weekend and this one, at least so far. I have so much to do, including taking Roo to the Vet for her check up (turned out it wasn’t last Saturday, it’s this one).

I also need to get around to everyone’s blogs and clean my neglected house. Also, since I took the last two days off from nano, I need to get some serious writing done.

I’m finding, just like last weekend, that when I try to leave a comment, it either won’t let me, or it posts the stupid thing over and over. On someone’s blog last week, it posted one comment FIVE TIMES!!! GGGgggrrrrrrr!

 I’m having to copy every comment I make before I click the leave comment button. Ask me how often I remember to copy the comment first? Ask me how many comments I lose? And, isn’t it a rule that your first comment is better than the third or fourth one you go back and try to leave?

Is anyone else having this problem? Or, do the gremlins just love me so much that they give me all their attention exclusively? *** whimper***

ps – I hope no one is offended by this little computer guy. I found him when I first joined facebook and fell in love with him – we just had this amazing instant connection that went deeper than mere everyday commonalities. We have RAGE in common! =P

>The Gremlins Strike Back!


Remember that lovely little post about our lovely little vacay this weekend? Well, guess what? Readers of the blog may already know this.

My plans tend to derail. The routine continuity of the derailings only convince me further of the existence of gremlins. They better watch out. Everyone is after them this time.

One of the staff at Honey’s job is delayed in returning from his vacation. He must be somewhere like the Outer Banks because it’s a tidal issue. So BossMan had to cancel his part of the trip. However, he strongly urged the others to keep the plans in place and have a good time. Didn’t I say he was sweet?

Reluctantly, they agreed. Then, and this is some funny truth, a banking error (on the bank’s part-Monopoly anyone?) occurred and caused much consternation and frustration, resulting in much more work than normally necessary, and no $50 extra! BossMan would be there alone, to deal with customers, normal banking transactions, and the error mess.

Against BossMan’s pleas, Honey and Furby cancelled the beach trip and intend to show up on Saturday, as usual, and help BossMan work through the mayhem. Yeah, they’re a pretty good group of guys. So, as of this writing, the weekend is up in the air.

I learned of the change of plans not too long before work was over but I didn’t make it home in time to stop the scheduled post from posting. By the time I was able to check, sure enough-it had posted and a few people were already commenting. Dang!

There were several things I needed to get done, plus visit all your blogs (this is important to me, especially since I might be very very limited after November 1). Figuring it would severely decrease my available time if I composed a new post (they do take a while), I chose to visit and comment and then compose something that would explain what happened.

I hope that’s okay. I really appreciated all the fun wishes. Although I was a little nervous about meeting BossMan in person, I was really looking forward to the whole thing….

On the plus side, I now have more time to get things in order for the NaNo. I’m super excited! So is Parker. We’re finding people near us and hope to attend more than one write in. It’s fun just for the experience of it all. At some point, I’ll give a little bit of info on the story.

For now, I have some more news. Summer over at    ……and this time concentrate! is having a really cool blogfest. It’s called Show Your Work Space Blogfest. All you have to do is go link up, snap some pics, and put them in a post. How easy is that? It’s to be held on November 1 in honor of NaNoWriMo.

Go on, go make your space especially purtyful and snap a picture of it. Schedule the post for November 1 (unless she puts the fest up early to ease the pressure of the NaNo-ers) and you’re done! Piece of cake….(it’s why she’s called it the fest for lazy people and it’s right up my alley!).

I’ve always loved looking inside people’s houses to see what they looked like. Now, I get to look at yours! Hey, it’s okay! I’ll show you mine! *wink*

>Monday, Monday, Can’t Take That Day….

You know how you just have one of those days? It’s been like that today, in spades! I did everything right this morning. No dillydallying, no computer time, no facebooking before work….I knew what I was going to wear, pretty much everything was together. I wanted to leave early enough to stop and pick up something I needed for work. Ha! Somehow, in spite of all my goodness, my efficiency, my staying on task-ness, my computer avoidance, I ended up waaaaay behind!!! What?!! I think Adam Sandler must be hiding somewhere near with that remote, clicking randomly. Or, oh please no! Not the stupid gremlins!!! Arrrggg!!! Annoyed that I wouldn’t make it to the store, and panicked because of being behind, I quickly got everything together and headed for work. Remember the rules from before? I got behind people doing much less than the posted speed limit, in both lanes. I got behind someone who thought it prudent to stop for a green light!!! I got behind someone who was not only color blind but couldn’t differentiate between top and bottom (how else do you explain people who sit there after the light turns from red to green?). I finally got to work a few minutes late (thanks to my “pilot’s license” only to discover I had, in fact, forgotten quite a few things. Like, the lesson plan draft, sheets for the cots, the bulletin board art work, and who knows what else.

Then of course, the day was difficult at best. The children were really tired and so they acted out. Warm weather brings busy weekends and more activities. Ah well.

Then, I get home and step on Kitty Boss. Bleep it all to bleep!!!!!!!!! She seems alright, thankfully.

I think I will soon be going to bed to avoid any other disasters. I haven’t seen any gremlins but, now I think about it, I have to wonder if they love warm weather…

…and I usually love Mondays!

>Holidays, Curses, & Infestations….

>Hmmm. Where shall I start today? Perhaps with the curse. There is a curse in child care. Never, ever speak aloud a positive observation concerning an otherwise and usually contrary situation. Let me explain. BillyBob and SallyAnn are usually fighting, say. Or, they have potty issues….they have some kind of issues that are so prevalent that they seem “normal” for them. Then, they have a good day, or in some cases, a good few hours. Don’t, for the love of Pete, remark on it. It creates a jinx, a curse, if you will. Almost immediately, BillyBob and SallyAnn will revert back to form and pay back the careless observation with interest. ALWAYS.

Yesterday I spoke a curse. I commented on how great a day it had been considering we were coming off a three day weekend and a holiday filled with candy, extracurricular activities, beach trips, etc. I’m sorry. I forgot! Forgive me!!! We were repaid with much interest today. Everyone was fighting, screaming, whiny, angry, and, almost without exception, left home without their ears. Lesson learned. For now, at least.

What else? It’s hot. No, it’s HOT. Why? It’s only the first of April for crying out loud. We went from winter to summer. That just ain’t right.

You know how you need to tell someone something and when you get to a place or circumstance conducive to the relating of the information you had stored, and you find that someone raided the storehouse, leaving you looking foolish? Well, I’m feeling that now. I had so much to say, and all I can think about now is getting a shower and going to bed. My tummy hurts from eating too much “pasketti”, as the kids in my class call it. It was good, though.

Till tomorrow…

P.S. I usually read through my blogs to make sure they’re the way I want them and that they make some kind of sense. As I read through this one, I have to wonder if, while out hunting for Easter eggs and strolling on the beach the children picked up a fresh batch of gremlins….seems logical, don’t you think? I mean, their behavior sure seemed gremlin-y…. Note to self: re-check children’s hair for fresh infestation.

>See Ya

I am exhausted and about to get a shower and hit the hay. Before I do that, though, here is how the day went:



Listening Ears-nope

Gremlins-yep (read previous blog for information about gremlins and children)




Hide Eggs-yep


Find Eggs-yep

Squeals of Delight-yep

More Laughter-yep

Grass Fight-yep

Full Tummies-yep



Tummy Aches-probably




Bad Day-nope



Worth It-yep

Signing Off-yep

Why are you still reading? I said I’m going to bed!

>I Didn’t Do It!!!


If my goal for Saturday was to be completely, totally, and uncompromisingly unproductive, then I succeeded. The monkey on my head that has been stabbing me with a knife for the last several days seems to be getting tired. He has been rather quiet, thankfully, only remembering what he’s supposed to be doing every once in a while.

Though it’s no excuse, it doesn’t help that Honey is working all kinds of days and hours lately. It doesn’t take much to throw off my schedule and routines…

Tomorrow I will do better. Rather, later today…

>A Hunting I Will Go…

In the immortal words of Milli Vanilli, I got to blame it on someone. So I blame the stupid Gremlins! (I’m just writing mainly because I promised myself that I would do this every single day to learn discipline…). Earlier in the week, I injured my back. Actually, I simply re-injured an old injury. Over the course of the last few days, it has steadily gotten worse. Today, I can barely walk. It is beginning to feel like the first time. Not in a Foreigner kind of way, either. The first time put me in the bed for two weeks. I really dread calling my Director. Not that she’s Cruella or anything. It’s just that it seems anytime I call in, so do about six other people. Ah well. I have all the blinds open. I hope later to find melted carcasses all over the place. It will be well worth all the cleaning up if I can once and for all put an end to these little buggers. The one with his little claws in my back I hope dies an especially slow and painful death. It may become my mission in life to the first ever professional Gremlin Hunter. Maybe I can get my own TV show…

>Gremlins…Got Some?

Did you ever see that movie from the eighties…Gremlins? Neat movie. Except now, I actually believe gremlins exist. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to convince me otherwise. This morning I actually left early enough to stop by a store and get cupcakes for Dr. Seuss’s birthday party we planned to have at snack time. To get back to the road I needed, I had to wait for a left turn light. The gremlins in charge of the little switches that change one set of lanes from green to red so that the other set of lanes, namely mine, can go from red to green, were snickering behind their scaly little paws inside the transformer box. If I hadn’t spied a city cop sitting in the parking lot, I would have turned left on red, but alas, I was too chicken to try. I hate the gremlins. They made me wait at least three minutes, which is a lot in travel time. The road was clear in both directions for at least half a mile…but no, they just laughed and high-fived one another and left me stewing, helplessly, at my red light. I’m sure they could see me through a peephole they have drilled in their little box, making fun of my frustrated faces, futile swearing and impotent rage. Finally, other witnesses to their evil antics pulled up behind me and, fearing detection and ultimate deportation, they changed the lights. These are probably the same ones that played with the lights near our old apartment. There, they actually made me wait as long as seven minutes before. I think from now on, I’m going to take advantage of the times they make me wait and see if I can find their little peephole. If I do, I’m going to start carrying a reflective crystal. Then I’ll fry the little buggers! No one will ever have to sit through useless red lights again! (clap, clap, clap…you’re welcome, bow)

Traffic gremlins aren’t the only kind that exists, either. I also have reason to believe a microscopic version of the teeny titans of tumult live somewhere on my scalp and have been responsible for the wicked migraines I have experienced recently. Why else wouldn’t my usual remedies work? Because it’s GREMLINS!

Now that I consider it, it’s possible they live in the hair of small children, too. Much like Ratatouille steered his ventriloquist cook, gremlins persuade the children to hit, scream, run, slap, and fall-all day long by pulling their hair and scratching/biting their scalps. And of course, it’s the children who have to sit in time out, not the gremlins…note to self: check children’s heads for signs of gremlin infestation.

On a lighter note, went to Hospital to see Sister in Law and Brother. Met Nephew and Niece in Law there. We are probably the only people who have been threatened with eviction from a hospital. For laughing. OMG Brother makes me hurt I laugh so hard. He is a very talented storyteller. Not to mention the interaction between him and his beleaguered wife. Had a great time. Nice, because on the way was not as much fun. Why must men go over the river and through the woods to get to the next block? Had a tiny argument with Honey cause he always goes waaaaaaaay around the other direction to get anywhere. He thinks it saves time and is shorter. Dang! Hello! Migraine here! Don’t feel like wasting ten extra minutes of riding time just to satisfy your need for a scenic route! You know, I better check Honey for gremlin infestation, too. Just to be sure…