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>Do You See A Theme Here?


Hello Friends, I’m breaking my schedule here. My last two posts were either kind of dark or heavy or self absorbed, so I wanted to leave you something fun for the rest of the week. But, alas, it’s been another banner day. 
The fierceness of the itchy red bumps has greatly eased off. And they’re even looking a little bit lighter, which is great, because I look really weird. I’m still not sleeping as much as I need, but that’s also starting to improve. It’s the Benedryl I’m still taking. The anxiety attacks have stopped, thankfully. But things that put other people to sleep usually make me wired to the nth degree. However, that, too, seems to be wearing off. Wow, lots of goodness going on. 
But, today….*shameful facepalm*… I was a bad, bad mommy. I forgot Kitty Boss at the Vet!!!!!!!!!
She had her yearly physical and I reminded Honey to drop her off. He didn’t need reminding, of course, but I did it anyway, just in case. One would think it would occur to him to remind me, too. But no. His reply was that in the three years we’ve had her, I’ve never forgotten. Why would he think I would forget now? Well, dang, how do I answer that?
This evening, when leaving work, I had a whole list of things I needed to pick up on the way home, until I remembered that Honey had made a deposit for me and had my debit card. So, what did I do? I went straight home.
So you can imagine my surprise, shock, horror, and shame when he called at 7pm and told me I had left her. 
There is good news, though. They were having a meeting and said I could still come get her. I made a 20 minute drive in just under 8. Don’t ask for details. I swear I will lie. Yes, they teased me terribly, and we all had a good laugh. But I felt like the mom who forgot to pick up her kid from ball practice. 
Fortunately, Kitty Boss still loves me and was happy to be home. Didn’t you miss her, you might ask? Well, no. Typically, she stays in her daddy’s office until he comes home. She’s a daddy’s girl, unless I’m fixing her nightly treat of a smidgeon of canned food or I go looking for her.
So, in honor of today’s events, I found some cute little LOLs to go along with the theme of absent mindedness. I hope you enjoy them and have a great week.


>What I Learned Last Night In The Bathroom


Well, I’m feeling much better (thank you for all your well-wishes and concern;  you guys are the best) and I’m working on getting the awards post together. I hope to have it posted tomorrow evening or maybe Thursday at the latest. In the meantime, here’s a post from May 16, 2010 that you may enjoy…..

I couldn’t sleep last night. No position was was comfortable, the sheets (my fave set) felt itchy, and my face felt oily. So, I did what I usually do-I got up to take a hot shower. It’s really kind of cool, in a creepy/scary kind of way to be up in the middle of the night taking a shower while the world around you is asleep….Anyway…though I didn’t need to use it, I turned on the fan we have sitting in the corner on the…dang-my mind just went blank. You know, the cabinet thingy where the sink is and your toothbrushes and soap? Well, while we had the windows open, we put a fan there to help circulate the cool fresh air. Honey closed the windows yesterday and turned on the AC.

So anyway, I turned on the fan because even with the air on, it would be hot and I don’t like to be hot after a shower. Kind of defeats the purpose. After my lovely shower, I go to brush my teeth when I notice Kitty Boss hair in the sink. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t shave so either she’s looking for an open window, (as close to outside as she gets and she loves laying in them) or she’s gotten cocky enough to start jumping up on the counters. The second conclusion would be sad because to date, she isn’t the type of animal you have to worry about being on the counters. We can leave anything out in the kitchen and she doesn’t bother it. I hope she was just jonesing for some fresh air and a prime place to lay. That was the first thing I learned.

The second? Well, when I was little I was taught that you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the ole Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim………but no one told me to turn off the d*** fan before I brushed my teeth!!! Lesson. Learned.

>Winners, Updates, And Some News…..

>All right. Maybe it’s part of getting older, but I gotta tell you. I’m ready for the snow to go. I’ve loved winter all my life, but this year, I just can’t deal with it. Snow days are great. Except, I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things. And all this dry weather has wreaked havoc on my sinuses (and nearly everyone else’s I’ve talked to).

On a funnier note, the dry weather has caused a comical, but terribly frustrating problem. In the mornings, while getting ready for work, I can’t do anything with my hair. It has so much static, it literally stands straight up, and then plasters itself to my face. Un. Bee. Leave. Able.

All that to say this: I finally drew names Thursday night. Old followers got their names put in twice and new followers once. I printed off the names according to the sets specified, cut them out, folded them twice, and put them in a pot. Yep, a pot. Then I let Honey draw from each set while he watched Family Guy.

The winners are:

What the Night Knows-Val Zdero
Odd Thomas-Summer Frey
Harry Potter-Melissa Wideen
Narnia-L. Diane Wolf
Creeper Calendar-Lola Sharp
Steampunk Calendar-Lydia Kang
Zen of Zombie-Ellie Garrett
Watchers-Carol Kilgore

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to everyone who entered. This has been a lot of fun for me 🙂

Unexpectedly, I have had several things come up that I have to take care of tomorrow, so I don’t know how quickly I will be able to get to the post office. I will try to have everyone’s package mailed out by the end of next week, if not sooner.

Reading Updates:

First of all, Theresa encouraged me to join in the 12 Literary Resolutions for 2011. Ann from Inkspots & Quills found this great list of literary resolutions. And guess what? They’re doable!!!!! Theresa’s in and so am I. Evangeline (Co-Teacher) is also going to do it, yay!!! Why don’t you check it out and think about joining us?

 For the month of January, we’re supposed to read a classic novel. I’m reading these two (since they’re pretty short):

Wednesday night, I was exhausted. As soon as I got home, I got ready for bed. Literally. And, once I was snuggled under the electric blanket, Roo tucked under the covers beside me and Kitty Boss between my feet, I finished two books: 

This book, for me, was very different. And I loved it. Today, I loaned it to Assistant Director and I really want to know her opinion of it. It made me cry at the end (like a really good book should).

If any of you have ever read this, please let me know how you felt about it. I’m not going to do a review; I’m just going to recommend it.

This is the book I won a while back in a contest Theresa hosted. I read it in an hour, but let me tell you, it’s a beautiful read. Lyrical. Haunting. Insightful. Dreadful. Healing. And, there’s a sequel! You know I’m gonna get it, right? Again, no review (it’s the middle of the night and I’m sleepy), but I’m going to highly, highly recommend it. Thank you so much, Theresa!

As soon as I finish my two classics, I’m going to read the book from Lisa Maliga, Notes From Nadir, woohoo! I’m making up for last year, for sure!

Okay, now for some news. Warning –  it’s some hard news. I was running through facebook and read a post Theresa had put up. Fellow blogger, and published author, L. K. Madigan was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. I read the author’s post, and I was moved to tears. What courage! What grace!

Theresa’s post on facebook (and I would link it but I don’t know how to link a post from fb) pointed out that Ms. Madigan had just published a book (her second) that came out in October, and perhaps her family would be aided by sales of the book. It’s called The Mermaid’s Mirror and I found my copy in the Teen section of B & N tonight after work.

I found out that her first book was well received, even winning an award, so I’m really looking forward to reading this one. She and her family will be in my prayers.

I’m posting about this and adding a link to B & N on my sidebar, hoping that curious people will either buy the book, blog about the situation, or both.

Also, please remember to keep our friends who live in Aussie-Land in your thoughts and prayers. Many of them have friends and family who have been displaced by the terrible flooding. Denise from L’Aussie Writing published this link on her facebook page. It’s an anthology of short stories, 500-1,000 words, any genre, any age. And, 100% of the sales profit goes to the Flood Relief Fund.

Please take a moment to read the link and consider doing a post, linking on your sidebar, and/or submitting a story for the anthology.

I think that almost catches everything up. I’ll be around sometime tomorrow. I really enjoyed visiting Monday and Tuesday (snow days) and I got spoiled. Sigh……

I can’t stop yawning now, so I’m off to bed. It’s 2:45 am, but I think I’ll schedule this to post later. I don’t know anyone who’d be awake at this hour……

Have a wonderful, and SAFE weekend!

>The Three Little Lost Girls – An Anniversary Tale, Sort Of….


I came home from work today and, as usual, Roo ran to greet me. I put away my backpack containing my laptop, my purse, and the mail, while she twisted her way between my feet. She stood on her hind legs and reached up with her front ones. She wanted to be picked up and cuddled.
Roo is a rescue kitty; she wandered up to Pooh late one night and made her way to us the next day. Honey picked her up on his way home from work, even though he hadn’t originally wanted to.
We already had a rescue kitty, Kitty Boss. She had wandered into the warehouse of the satellite company he worked for, starving and desperate for food. He reluctantly brought her home, too. Both times, he brought them home because I wanted them.

It’s interesting to compare their behaviors and personalities. Roo was rescued at seven weeks and Kitty Boss at seven months. Roo is much more outgoing and fearless-she’s had a secure life/home since she was still a baby. Kitty Boss is more reserved and skittish. She was nearly full grown before stability came to her. She lived in a state of hunger and fear for much longer than Roo and it still shows to anyone outside our little family.

As I picked up and cuddled Roo for a few moments, it occurred to me that this would be her first Christmas. I was excited for her since she’d formerly been homeless and in need of veterinary aid-she had several health issues in the beginning.

I thought of how much joy she’d brought to our family and how Kitty Boss loves her, even when she’s being a pest.

Then it dawned on me. Honey had rescued all three of us: Kitty Boss, Roo, and me.

I had been a lost girl, too. I had accepted my life of aloneness even though I didn’t like it. I was broken and insecure in more ways than I could tell  you in a week.

Honey and I met at work and one day, he just started talking to me. We became friends, then best friends, then…we got married. Not that he’s ever asked me, mind you. He just made up his mind that it was a done deal.

That was nine years ago this coming December 20th. Truly, I’m not the easiest person to put up with sometimes. I still have insecurities and scars that affect me, but Honey is pretty darn terrific at dealing with me.

When there is a sudden noise or unfamiliar voice, Kitty Boss’s eyes widen and you can see her gearing up for flight to the nearest hidey-hole. If there is food on the counter or something shiny on the floor, Roo won’t hesitate to go after it and eat it, even if it’s plastic. I’m an emotional eater; I’m reactionary; I’m a ‘worst case scenario’ thinker…all the time; I’m also impulsive. These things don’t always make for happy-smiley-fun days.

And, yet, here we are, rescued, the three of us, by a guy who probably had no idea what he was getting in to when he brought us home.

We are loved and cared for and even spoiled. He probably wouldn’t give you a nickel for any of us, but he wouldn’t trade us for a million dollars, either.

Kitty Boss has learned to hide less and has taken on a mothering role to Roo. Roo jumps on the cabinets less often and she never gets on the table anymore. I’ve learned about Daddy through Honey’s patience and generosity; I’ve also learned to be a little more optimistic and hopeful about things.

Honey, like my Daddy, is a finder of lost things. Like my Daddy, Honey is kind and patient and gentle (his name actually means ‘healer’). He makes us feel safe and loved and welcome.

As I consider this Christmas, Roo’s first, Kitty Boss’s third, and my ninth, with Honey, I realize how full my heart is. We are very fortunate and I am thankful beyond words.

His lost girls have come a long way….

>YouTube – It’s Great For Finding Lost Treasures!


My Thanksgiving was a little bit different. My husband went to Asheville to see his mom and have lunch. His dad is a sales manager for a large company and had to work, so he wasn’t able to be there.

Neither was I. I have some kind of wicked cough, sinusy/headachy thing and my sister in law on Honey’s side is pregnant. I wouldn’t for anything want her to catch whatever I have.

So, I stayed behind and nursed a headache, coughed, and laughed internally at my raspy, nearly non-existent voice whenever Honey would call to check in on me.

I think, too, that Roo has been online, chatting with the kids in my class. I’m positive she’s taking advantage of my inability to call her down when she’s doing something she’s not supposed to. Kitty Boss is just taking advantage of my being camped out on the daybed today by curling up with me.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to read everyone’s Thanksgiving posts. After that, I thought about working on finishing my nano wip. I wasn’t really in the mood, so thought if I listened to some music I had downloaded for my MC, I could get into the mood. It kinda worked….

I went to Youtube and started looking for some Josh Groban and switched to Sarah Brightman. I found a video I hadn’t seen in years-Sarah and Michael Crawford doing “Music of the Night.” Happy sigh….

On the side, where the suggested videos are, I saw something that literally made me catch my breath. Really? Someone had posted this?!!!!

Way back, more than 10 years, I found this little movie. A treasure. I’ve bought it twice now; once on VHS and then on DVD. It’s called Rigoletto and stars Joseph Paur and  Ivey Lloyd.

Paur has a voice that wraps itself around me and turns me into a gooey puddle of liquid bliss. I found several videos, but I will only post two of them. These have only the words; the ones with scenes from the movie aren’t as pure in sound….

If you’ve eaten too much turkey, potatoes, or pie, sit back, close your eyes, and let his voice soothe and enchant. It’s completely amazing…..

This is called The Curse and it was the first time Paur’s character sang in the movie. It told a little of what had happened to him in his world.

This one is called April Child. Paur’s character has by this time befriended many of the children, including his student’s best friend. Now, I’m not telling you anything about the movie, except it is a  tiny  bit like Beauty and the Beast but with a different message altogether.

I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to listen. Neither are very long at all, and, if you do listen, let me know what you think.

Has anyone else ever seen the movie?

>Have A Safe And Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!


 I’m very late getting this post up. Yesterday, I had internet difficulties and couldn’t get online until this morning. Yay.

Thankfully, though, Honey fixed it. (I’m thankful!)

Today, I thought about some of the things I’m thankful for:

A family that, because of time constraints, relishes the times we manage to all gather together.

A boss and an assistant boss who love me and have become my surrogate moms.

Co-workers who have become my extended family and provide a lot of comic relief.

My friend and co-teacher who shares many of my terrible (comical) traits and has become a new sister to me.

My writer/bloggie buddy who ricochets some really fantastic ideas and shares my enthusiasm for all things written. Well, mostly all…

My kitties who are my children and make me laugh and cry and slap my forehead and keep me company.

My Honey, who loves me even when I’m not lovable. Seriously.

My Daddy, who loves me in spite of myself and helped me find my way to all of the above people and situations and keeps me sane when I’m driving.

All of you, my bloggie buddies, who so generously and willingly offer your support, encouragement, insight, and shared experiences. My cyber friends.

And, I’m thankful for being able to ‘steal’ from you guys, too. Denise over at L’Aussie Writing posted something fantastic; you should seriously go and check it out. 

 I’m also thankful for:

paper fights at work with the kids @ laughter @ splashing water while washing hands with the kids @ kisses and hugs just because @ movies @ great books to read @ memory foam mattress toppers @ music @ pumpkin pie @ stuffing @ mashed potatoes @ Mother-in-law’s sweet potatoes @ my niece’s puppy-isms @ purring kitties @ sleep @ toothpaste @ make-up @ electric blankets @ trees with beautiful leaves @ giraffes @ Creepers….I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

Hav ah saaf an ah happie tanks-gibin
kittehs arr tankfull, too
tanks foar gibin us all dem taistee noms!

>My Comfy Place


Summer, over at ……and this time concentrate! is hosting a blogfest for the lazy. All you got to do is snap a picture (or pictures) of your workspace and link back to her. Easy as pie. Then, take a few minutes to check out the spaces some of our fellow bloggers have posted. I’ve always loved looking inside other people’s houses and this is an easy way to get my stalker fix!
This is a photo of my workspace from a couple months or so ago. The only difference is that now, the desk is against a different wall and I have a big cork board above it. Anymore, though, I just use it for make-up-ing. Sitting in my chair for any length of time aggravates my back something awful. (I injured my back badly several years ago and sometimes it reminds me that it can still cause me pain.)
 Which is why we got this-the daybed. I haven’t had time, or the inclination really, to pretty it up. On nights when I can’t sleep, or I’m sick, I typically slept on the sofa (the futon is the worst for hurting my back). After we finally paid off a few things we incurred from our home purchase, Honey said it was time for the daybed. I’ve filled it up with pillows because the pretty scrolled thing on the back cuts into my back when I sit for very long. And pillows are just comfy. The green throw you see has been Kitty Boss’s since we bought it a couple years ago. The other is one of mine. This is where I will be doing most of my nano writing. If I get sleepy, I can just shift things around and grab a nap!
 Kitty Boss making use of my desk chair. You can probably see all the holes Roo has put into the arms of it. She’s not like a normal cat who would just jump into the seat. Nope. She, when much smaller, had to cling to the arms and climb up. Now, she does the same thing to the back of it. *Sigh*
I tried to get a quick pic of Roo sitting beside me. She was lying down, nearly asleep, when she heard the camera come on. For her, it was a signal to play. She’s feeling much better and acting terribly normal *grin* but for some reason, Kitty Boss is still giving her the occasional hiss. I’m thinking she smells the surgical area….? And it makes her uncomfortable….? But for the most part, they’ve been playing normally.
I’m scheduling posts a few at a time and I will try my best to get around to your blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m thinking I need to use the weekends for catching up on word counts, so….
If you don’t see me, I’m still here and I haven’t forgotten you. Promise!
Good luck to fellow NaNo-ers and also to all of you out there in RH. 

>A Pre-Halloween Fix….With A Side Order Of Huh?


Well, Saturday sure was an adventure, for the kitties, anyway. 
It was time for Kitty Boss’s shots to be updated.
And Roo, well, Roo got fixed yesterday.
It’s all very strange, too. I think some kind of Halloween hoodoo is going on.
Kitty Boss is painfully shy. Roo is outgoing.
However, CG said that Roo had to be sedated twice-she woke up while they were processing her for the procedure.
Kitty Boss breezed through hers like a textbook entry.
Roo was in her carrier, hissing at everyone that tried to touch or pet her-
And Kitty Boss was sitting on a table, LETTING EVERYONE PET HER!
She never lets ANYONE pet her other than Honey and me!!!!!!
Roo couldn’t be picked up until 6pm, so we left them both there
hoping Kitty Boss wouldn’t do her usual day of hissing at Roo
(we think she doesn’t like the way Roo smells after visiting the vet).
Didn’t help. She’s still hissing at her.
And Roo is both comical and pitiful.
Because she had two rounds of sedative, she was quite uncoordinated.
She would stand on her hind legs…..and ever so slowly tilt backward.
She would try to walk straight, and would go somewhat sideways.
When she would try to jump up onto the bed or couch,
sometimes she’d make it. Sometimes not.
And the look on her little face made me laugh and want to cry at the same time.
She spent much of the night/morning curled up under the comforter with me. 
She’s much better this morning, the effects of the sedative finally wearing off.
Hopefully, while we’re gone, Kitty Boss will be nice to her.
Honey has to work tomorrow
so we’re doing something today for my b-day.
We’re going to the RenFest.
With BossMan and his wife.
Don’t know if Furby is going to be able to go.
His wife isn’t feeling too well.
I hope to get tons of pics-
I could schedule a couple posts with them.
NaNo starts tomorrow…
So anyway, that was our Saturday. 
The house seemed too quiet and empty without the kitties 
chasing each other up and down and in and out
and wrestling and climbing and knocking things off.
I hate the mess they’re capable of making
but I love their presence 
and watching Kitty Boss playing with Roo.
Roo is like a little force of nature.
You have to love her-she gives so much of it.
You have to laugh-she’s so darn comical.
You have to play with her-everything is a toy.
You may not stay inside your shell (Kitty Boss)-she’ll blow it away.
Yeah, she’s  pretty stinkin’ lovable.
So’s Kitty Boss. Who knows? 
Maybe because of Roo, other people will get to see it now….
Have a happy, safe, and fun Halloween!

>ROOooooOOOO!!!!!!! GGGRRRrRrrrrr!!!!!


This is Baby Roo. She was so tiny when Honey brought her home. For those new to the blog, she wandered up to my sister in law, Pooh, one Friday night when she was out pottying her dogs.

From the beginning, she was a teeny tiny ball of energy and love. One of her favorite things to do is cuddle. When I come home from work, she comes running up to me, meowing and eager to be petted. Her whole body will arch up to meet my obliging hand.

She’s grown a bit since then….

Faster than we can believe, she’s growing into her long legs and giant paws. Her curiosity and abilities are growing, too.

No place is safe from her desire to explore. Cabinets. Sinks. The television or dresser tops. The dining room table….

And, pretty much anything, in her mind, is appropriate for sharpening her claws. My bare legs, the leather(ish) furniture, the walls…..

Bless her, she’s also creative. Everything becomes a toy in her active imagination. Curtains, desktop items, my phone (she still sends texts to the last person with whom I was texting), the toilet paper…..

We’ve been so spoiled by Kitty Boss that we are nearly at a loss with Roo. She’s fearless. At least, I prefer that explanation to being clueless, though sometimes I have to wonder. A gentle swat does nothing to deter her. Water is only slightly better. A very strong “no!” has worked a bit better lately than it used to.

I’m completely against declawing a cat (part of their foot is amputated). Also, what if they got outside? How would they defend themselves? I have to admit, though, that sometimes Roo causes me to understand why people would consider it.

Honey has even entertained the thought of finding another home for her. She wreaks that much havoc. However, it’s only a thought. Firstly because Kitty Boss loves her and Roo is good for her. Secondly, she’s so very cuddly and loving. Thirdly, she’s so darn stinking cute! Thus, we deal with the merry wreckage she constantly leaves in her wake and remain consistent in our firm “no’s” and reassuring love.

I have to say, however, that last night, when I went to potty and had no tissue, I reconsidered, briefly, declawing her. A momentary fantasy flashed through my mind as I glared at the shredded pile of tissue on the floor beside me…..Momentary. I promise. 

We believe that her behavior is, in part, because of what she is. CG (niece in law), who works at the vet clinic we take the fur-babies to, firmly believes she is part Siamese. Here is a clip that will substantiate our beliefs and conclusions. She acts JUST like this:

>Chilly Pants Kitty Roo Roller Coaster Ren Fest!!! Did Ya Get That?


It’s been a roller-coaster ride today, for sure. Our cook was back, but the teacher was not. Another teacher, a floater, was in a wreck this weekend and totaled her car. She’s okay, just sore. Glad she’s alive-the pic of her car was scary!

My new glasses needed adjusting-they were making me sick. Thankfully, Director and Assistant insisted I go to the doc as soon as they opened. Only waited a few minutes and now, they’re pretty darn close to perfect.

Still, I had a wicked headache all day. Now, only its ghost is roaming around.

My cousin had her baby. My sister in law, Pooh, is coming by one day this week and bringing Squirmy. She’s seven months old!!!!

Roo is caught up on her shots and is scheduled for spaying in a month. We’re going to get fussed at for Kitty Boss, though. She and Roo like to eat each other’s food and kitten food is LOADED with extra calories-for growth. After about a month, we figured this out-but not before Kitty Boss gained a few extra pounds. Dang! She’s been on low cal food for a while and is slowly getting back in shape.

Honey actually got home early tonight, but I’ve been blogging and haven’t finished my homework. Guess what I’ll be doing after posting this?

Got an email. RenFest is coming this weekend!!!!! Woohoo! Okay, I’m a geek. I love RenFest. We’ve only been twice. This time, I’d like to stay till the end so we can watch the finale of the jousting thing. Then there’s the music (my favorite), the shows, the costumes, the dancing (not me! the belly dancers! remember, I love belly dancing and would love to learn), the food…..and this year, something new. Authors!

Yep. One really famous guy from Arizona and several from around NC. Cool! We had planned to go sometime in November. But…who knows? Here’s a link to check it out if you’re in NC or plan to be nearby from Oct to Nov.

And….it’s actually chilly in here. The summer quilt is gone and the comfy comforter is back. As soon as it came out of the dryer and got onto the bed, Kitty Boss laid claim to it. I even wore long sleeves and a jacket today *big squinchy grin* Teehee! Tomorrow, I may have to wear pants instead of capris! Ooo, la la!

I even got to break out my fun earrings. From October to about February, I get to wear fun jewelry. (I’ve become one of those eccentric teachers….) Today the kids today loved my candy-corn earrings. They want the ghosts for tomorrow. Then the spiders and skeletons. And you can imagine the Christmas/winter ones….

I learned a few years ago that, not only are they fun, they have a purpose. They help children say bye-bye to mommies and daddies much easier. So….

Are you enjoying the change in seasons? Does fall bring you up or down? Looking forward to any special activities?