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>D is for DIARY – My Very First One


In the process of leaving a comment Saturday, I realized I had to re-do my post for the letter D.

Let me begin at the beginning…..

To say that I have had trust issues is like saying Krakatoa went bang.

That meant that I could never, EVER have a diary when I was growing up.

As a result, I had no place to voice my thoughts, fears, doubts, or ponderings….

In my adult life, I’m happy to say that I learned to trust more, albeit selectively. But I still never kept a diary. Or even a journal.

That changed, though, in Feb. of 2010. I began this blog. In the afore mentioned comment, I wrote that we use our blogs to voice our hopes, fears, and failures. We write about our lives, our struggles, our doubts and even the lighter things that thankfully occur. We share our experiences and wisdom, and the cock-eyed humor we’ve gained along the way.

Blogs are like diaries that way. It’s a sort of safe place for us to express ourselves to whatever degree we feel comfortable with. And we even let others take a peek. Lots of others. And…we get to peek at theirs, too.

Is it because we don’t usually see each other face to face that we feel so uninhibited? For whatever reason, most of us fearlessly put ourselves ‘out there’ on a regular basis, whether it’s with random postings about our personal lives or excerpts from our works in progress (which is just as personal).

It’s for this reason that I don’t have a themed blog. I began this as a kind of diary and I’d like to keep it that way. I do, however, want to always make sure it’s varied, interesting, funny, thoughtful, and a fun/safe place to visit.

Because you’re peeking.

And instead of freaking out about it, I’m actually touched that you’re here 🙂

BTW, do you like my shiny new lol? Made it myself!


>My LOLCAT Creations…


Well, it’s certainly been a week! I’ve suffered zombie-like stupors from the sleepy-making cough meds…then it flipped and the past two days, I’ve suffered zombie-like stupors…from lack of sleep! Apparently, taking hydrocodone four nights in a row (only 1 tsp.) makes me hyper to the 10th degree!!! Thursday morning, I couldn’t stop shaking; even my legs trembled…so last night I didn’t take anything….

….and I have to wonder if the cough med has caused me to feel the way I have this week…? Well, I’m not going back to the doctor!!!

Lots of the children were out today-many on vacay, and more out with older siblings at grandma’s or auntie’s (big school is officially out for the summer)…so Director let some of us go home early to offset the overtime generated by the grad ceremony last weekend. I was happy to be among the sent. So, how did I spend my extra two hours at home? Why on the interwebs, of course!

Read up on all my fav blogs, found my Sunshine Award (thanks, Charlene!), posted the follow-up step, read some new blogs…checked out Facebook, coughed a little 😦 and went to ICANHAS…

…where I remembered that last year I created some lols of my own. I decided to look at them…then I decided to submit a few to DIGG. These are the ones I submitted…

***Reminder*** Only 3 more days to enter the Artful Penpals project…