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>RAIN – Why I Love It So


Some time back, I did a post on rain and why I love it. I mentioned the way the earth smells and how the hues of nature are richer, and so forth. But, in the writing of that post, something came out that I hadn’t considered before….

Many people find the sound of rain (not the torrential kind) soothing. ‘K, we all know that. We also know that babies (and puppies) are often comforted by the sound of a ticking clock. Doctors say it’s because the sound reminds them of their mothers’ heartbeat.

Here’s the part I liked about that piece: rain soothes our inner child. We get weary, worn down, tired. Our inner child is neglected, pushed aside so that we can take care of more important matters-work, relationships, hobbies, blah, blah, blah. We burn out… least I do. Especially in the summer.

For me, rain is like a magic tonic for my mind and soul. Everything smells fresh and feels cool. I can find a cozy place and snuggle with a book. Or close my eyes and listen to some music. Maybe watch a good movie.

Gray, cloudy, foggy, rainy days are my portal to other worlds, whether they’re in my daydreams or in familiar and much loved tales.

Like Bastian in The Neverending Story, I want to hide from the world and let a book take me so deeply into itself that I become a part of it. Rain can do that for me. When I listen to rain falling and feel its coolness against my skin, wonder is renewed and a childlike belief that anything really is possible is reborn. If it’s raining outside, you can bet that I’m in a pretty good mood. I am at peace.

 It’s where I find some of my best ideas…..

Is it really the Irish in me, like I always claim? I don’t know. What I do know is that the little kid in me loves to wander around in a rainy day…..


>D is for DIARY – My Very First One


In the process of leaving a comment Saturday, I realized I had to re-do my post for the letter D.

Let me begin at the beginning…..

To say that I have had trust issues is like saying Krakatoa went bang.

That meant that I could never, EVER have a diary when I was growing up.

As a result, I had no place to voice my thoughts, fears, doubts, or ponderings….

In my adult life, I’m happy to say that I learned to trust more, albeit selectively. But I still never kept a diary. Or even a journal.

That changed, though, in Feb. of 2010. I began this blog. In the afore mentioned comment, I wrote that we use our blogs to voice our hopes, fears, and failures. We write about our lives, our struggles, our doubts and even the lighter things that thankfully occur. We share our experiences and wisdom, and the cock-eyed humor we’ve gained along the way.

Blogs are like diaries that way. It’s a sort of safe place for us to express ourselves to whatever degree we feel comfortable with. And we even let others take a peek. Lots of others. And…we get to peek at theirs, too.

Is it because we don’t usually see each other face to face that we feel so uninhibited? For whatever reason, most of us fearlessly put ourselves ‘out there’ on a regular basis, whether it’s with random postings about our personal lives or excerpts from our works in progress (which is just as personal).

It’s for this reason that I don’t have a themed blog. I began this as a kind of diary and I’d like to keep it that way. I do, however, want to always make sure it’s varied, interesting, funny, thoughtful, and a fun/safe place to visit.

Because you’re peeking.

And instead of freaking out about it, I’m actually touched that you’re here 🙂

BTW, do you like my shiny new lol? Made it myself!



Okay, I know that those of us who like to write can really get into our stories and/or become attached to our characters.

Part of my process is imagining scenes and dialogue, sometimes for weeks or months, before they gel or click together in just the right way. Then, I’ll write it down. A slow process, I know, but for some parts, it’s necessary.

Anyway, one character, upon meeting the MC for the first time, asks her a question in response to her plea for his help. The question at first seems simple enough….but it’s actually quite profound. I’ve thought about her response for nearly two weeks now, and I think I’ve almost gotten it right….almost. Her answer is crucial because it will reflect her soul, who she is, what she believes, and why she follows the path and makes the choices she does. And, more than anything, I want to avoid trite, commonplace, been there-done that type answers. I want something….real. And bigger.

My question is this: have any of your characters ever asked a question of another character, or of life, that has affected you? Profoundly? Have you ever thought of your own response to the question….and found that you really had to contemplate before you could fully answer it? Has it ever made you go deep within yourself, causing you to stop and look – at yourself, your life, the world around you – and question it?

Want to share?

Just wonderin’…….

>News, Information, A Head’s Up, And Some Pondering……


Hello friends,

I wanted to share this link with you. Lola Sharp from Sharp Pen/Dull Sword sent me info concerning Lisa Madigan’s son. A trust fund is being set up for him and donations are being accepted. If you would like more information, just click here. I’m sure any amount whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. And please, keep him and his father in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, please remember all the people affected by the earthquake in New Zealand. The devastation is catastrophic…..

Maybe it’s all this sad news (including  the news about Zahra Baker – remember, she lived in my city), but I’ve been in a strange, melancholy funk this evening. The gorgeous weather (I love cold, gray, foggy, rainy days…thrive on them) didn’t help as it usually would. I’ve been thinking a lot about the word ‘legacy’ and all it implies. There’s a blog post coming…..I just have to sort it out.

Do you ever think about the legacy you’re leaving behind?

On a lighter note, tune in Sunday for a special announcement; you won’t want to miss it.

Too, a big, giant shout out to everyone who made the first round of ABNA!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

This is a strange post, I know. And I haven’t been around to visit. I’ve actually avoided the computer…..yep, my brain-pan is working on something, for sure.

Hope you’ve survived the week intact and relatively sane. Hang in there, Caturday is coming!