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>Here In My Car….It’s The Only Way To Live….In Cars…..


 Honey used to work for one of the two major satellite companies. It was good work with good pay…but awful conditions. Bad ozone, 100 degree temps, sweltering heat, storm and tornado warnings-in the summer.

 In the winter- freezing temps, frozen roofs, frozen ground, slick, hazardous roads, ice and snow, freezing rain…I always worried (and prayed) for his safety, and that of his co-workers. His friend Furby, who used to work at the same place, got another job. At a car lot. He’d been after Honey for months to come work with him. We both didn’t think it was a good idea-car lots have bad reps and it wasn’t stable money.

 He did go work part time, beginning in January. The owner is pretty sweet. He goes home worrying about customers who need a car to get a job. Honey couldn’t stop talking about the people that worked there. He informed me the next car we buy would come from there. He assured me they weren’t ‘slimy.’ Okay.

 The owner loved Honey. For four months, he was after him to come work full time. Finally, he conceded to Honey’s one condition-salary, not commission, and it would have to match his usual take home from the satellite company. Done. Sweet! In the mean time, Honey’d bought a Tahoe. The sweetest ride I’ve ever been in (it was loaded). But, instead of driving a three mile round trip to work, he was driving much much further. In fact, he was now putting about $200 in gas every month. He sold the Tahoe.

Now, he drives a Dealer car every day. I never know what he’s going to come home in. A few times, he’s even frightened me because I didn’t know the car out front and someone was trying to get in! These are some of the rides he’s driven home. My favorites are the Mercedes and the Lincoln.

 He also drove home a Honda Hybrid. It has over 200k miles, but he said it’s whisper quiet and drives like a dream.

 One of his favorites is the Sebring. I think he likes it because it’s a convertible. I don’t like convertibles. I think they’re dangerous…

 As a teenager, I wanted two cars. A Mustang and a Jaguar. He drove this Jag home on a Saturday. I wanted to ride around in it so the next day, actually the next evening, we decided to go for a drive and get a slushy.

 We drove to the closest Sonic (about ten miles away). I thought I’d snap a few pictures of the inside. It was pretty….

 But I was disappointed. I expected to be impressed-it was a Jag for crying out loud! But you know what?

 My little Honda has more room, by far. And, it’s more comfortable and rides just as smoothly. The only impressive thing I could find about it….well, Honey took it on the interstate. It actually growled when he put the pedal down. It ate up the miles! Yeah, I’d probably get a ticket in this one….it does move.

I tried to get a picture of the beautiful clouds, but it seems my camera doesn’t get them right…oh well….