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>Haiku, River of Stones, And Confession

>Every Wednesday, Jenn from You know……that blog? hosts the Sensational Haiku Wednesday. This week’s theme is deception. Here’s my entry for the week:

do not be deceived
by the stillness of their forms
now they simply rest
forces of nature 
tiny little juggernauts
miniscule tempests
children tend to live
passionately in the now
beware when they wake

Fiona Robyn and Kaspa are hosting the writing project known as A River of Stones. The object is to make daily observations of things that can be observed in everyday life. For more information, click here.

Here’s my observation:

The snow lay in dirty piles at the edge of the road, forgotten, used up, and discarded.


I know I haven’t been around yet to visit. I will be. This week has been busier than I expected. No reading. No mailing. Not even housework. I did manage to cook a meal. Just one. Sigh…..
I’m working on it, though. Promise!