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Well, more like a quick visit to say hello and see what’s going on with everyone. 

It’s been a little crazy the last several weeks. Initially, I took time off to work on my two wip’s. Part of the way in, I realized that Tangi had backed off again, though I did manage to get several scenes written and a few others sketched out. Hopefully, they can be used. ***update: as I was writing this, she showed me something!***

With the nano book, I rewrote the beginning (I learned that agents won’t read anything beginning with someone waking from a nightmare.) The new intro is actually much better than the original, so that’s a plus. Then, I found myself rewriting the whole thing, not something I have time for and it was loosing something in the retelling. So I decided that I would try and just rewrite pages at a time.

Finding how difficult and time consuming that was becoming, I decided to put both wip’s on hold and follow another idea. (Can you spot the ADHD coming into play here?) One that I’m keeping under wraps for right now. But the neat thing was that it would be quicker and aimed at a wider target. Cool, right? Well, it was cool, for about a week. I was 10,653 words into the new project when the A/C went out. During the hottest week in May. (Director’s father said his porch read 103 degrees F.)  And the prednisone was still coursing wildly through my system. Yep, a total meltdown occurred. At one point, I simply started crying and was unable to stop. *Sigh*

Since about the age of 14, I’ve been unable to abide extreme heat. I’m told it’s probably a hormonal thing. I’m no better than a wrung out dish rag. So all writing/blogging/and facebooking came to a screeching halt. Eight days later, we had air again *silent prayer of thanksgiving* but the damage was done. I’d lost all my motivation. The writing train had derailed. Three weeks passed. Not one word written.

Till William came back to the Center for the summer! He’s my only face-to-face friend that writes and understands/gets excited about all things writerly. He’d done some research about short stories and where to submit them. Since we’re both pushed for time, we decided to concentrate on shorts, working on the wip’s when time allowed or the muses insisted. We’re both writing like crazy and I’m finding it fun and challenging. I’m finding he’s also quite the crit buddy!

Since this is a longer weekend, I hope to get a few more written, (I’ve sketched out ideas for several!) then concentrate on polishing them up. I also want to resume work on the new shiny, finishing it if I can. Ambitious, but the summer is passing quickly and I want as much to show for my time off as possible.

That’s pretty much what’s been going on as far as writing goes. During the A/C – prednisone drama, I reverted to my bad emotional eating habits and paid for it in spades. Consuming an estimated 3 to 4 thousand mg’s of sodium caused the wicked-bad migraines to return. Lesson learned. I’ve had my tatt redone (when it healed, there were blank spaces) and Honey finally had time to do some landscaping in the front of the house (I looks a lot better).

Work has been almost non-stop activities/happenings/events, but this week was really mellow. Lots of families on vacay, so I got to come home early yesterday (Friday). A couple of our kiddos are having some serious health issues and could use some positive thoughts and prayers, please. (I can’t mention names or conditions, sorry.)

Right now, I’m going to get some of my Saturday stuff done and then I’ll see if the Muse is with me. If she is, I’ll be writing for most of the afternoon and early evening. Then, I’ll be around to visit. I’ve missed you guys!!!!  If Ms. Muse is absent, I’ll visit sooner!

My weekend plans? To see Transformers! And I’m sooooooo looking forward to HP7 part II. The last trailer makes me cry. 

So, how have ya’ll been?




Okay, I know that those of us who like to write can really get into our stories and/or become attached to our characters.

Part of my process is imagining scenes and dialogue, sometimes for weeks or months, before they gel or click together in just the right way. Then, I’ll write it down. A slow process, I know, but for some parts, it’s necessary.

Anyway, one character, upon meeting the MC for the first time, asks her a question in response to her plea for his help. The question at first seems simple enough….but it’s actually quite profound. I’ve thought about her response for nearly two weeks now, and I think I’ve almost gotten it right….almost. Her answer is crucial because it will reflect her soul, who she is, what she believes, and why she follows the path and makes the choices she does. And, more than anything, I want to avoid trite, commonplace, been there-done that type answers. I want something….real. And bigger.

My question is this: have any of your characters ever asked a question of another character, or of life, that has affected you? Profoundly? Have you ever thought of your own response to the question….and found that you really had to contemplate before you could fully answer it? Has it ever made you go deep within yourself, causing you to stop and look – at yourself, your life, the world around you – and question it?

Want to share?

Just wonderin’…….

>I’m In Love!!!!!!!!!!!!

>Oh, my friends, this may not matter to you at all and THAT’S OKAY! For real! But if I don’t share this, I’m going to just explode!

I’ve mentioned before about my favorite wip. Not the nano novel (which I do love, btw). There’s just something about Tangi, my favorite MC. She’s haunting and haunted. She’s tragic and epic and I adore her. However, it’s a giant struggle to write her story and do it RIGHT. Therefore, most of it is still in my head. (I can do that. It’s my super hero power-storing whole story elements in my brain-pan.)

I can see the entire thing, but some of the characters need to be more, you know? And the antagonist(s) need fleshing out, as do a few other elements.

Well, I had a major breakthrough yesterday. Still not what this post is about, but it’s important nonetheless. One of the major characters solidified! His whole story just birthed itself, wow! And, his bff….I got the whole relationship, how it’s relevant, and how it affects Tangi in all kinds of ways. In fact, there’s a whole trickle down effect happening!!!! *happy dance*

Now, if I can just figure out the rest of the cast (make them more than 2D) and more specific conflict stuff….

ANYWAY! Recently, I saw Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time. I have to admit, it was way better than I expected. What’s more, I love the soundtrack. I love listening to the music as the credits roll and I’m glad, because I found something amazing.

This is going to be Tangi’s song. It fits her in a very different but profound way…….

The passion with which Alanis Morissette sings….it blows me away. In my head, I can hear Tangi singing this – with anger and sorrow and defiance…..a declaration to all who hunt her.

Sigh….I’m in love with this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>In A Quandary


Ask me how much reading I got done yesterday. Go on, ask. NONE! Honey got off work early and he played WOW and I blogged. It was fun catching up with everyone, so no biggie. I can read today after I get my housework finished. Yep. Another snow day 🙂

I do have one big problem, though. While visiting yesterday (and Sunday), I saw several people struggling with the same problem. Should they work on their current project, an old project, or the new shiny that keeps distracting them? 

All I could think of as I read these posts was, man, that’s rough. How do you make that choice? I offered what little consolation I could and just hoped they would figure out which way to go.

Guess what? Now, I am facing the same dilemma. I’m supposed to begin editing my nano story. Yeah, well…. I just can’t seem to make myself do it. Why? Because my first wip, my favorite one that’s ever occupied my brain-pan, has come a-calling, and WILL. NOT. LEAVE. 

I stopped work on it at the end of the summer because I ran into a plot issue. A major one. Now, it’s resolved itself. Plus, I’ve gotten a few other pieces of clarity that I didn’t know were missing until the MC, Tangi, showed them to me. She’s followed me around everywhere the last few weeks. Well, since about the middle of December.

When I wrote the Harry Potter piece for her, she set up camp in my thoughts and now refuses to leave. I hear music and she shows me scenes. And I want to write them.

Edit the nano story? Listen to Tangi? Where is Obi Wan Kenobi when I need him?!!


Oh, yeah. One more thing. Tomorrow is the last day to enter for the giveaway. It will officially end at 11pm EST. If you haven’t been by, go check it out. See if there is anything you’d like a chance at winning!

>My Harry Potter Blogfest Entry…..Sort Of…..


As most everyone knows, Michael over at In Time…..hosted a Harry Potter Blogfest
Congratulations to Brenda Drake and Hart Johnson!
I’m really glad I didn’t have to do the choosing; there were way too many awesome entries!!!
I had toyed with the idea of writing something, but didn’t know if I could think of anything.
Then, I happened upon a video on Roland’s blog….and I began crying.
For some reason, this Christmas is about the dead or absent for me….
….and the video seemed to emphasize and amplify my feelings.
From that, my own HP entry was born.
I couldn’t enter it, though. It’s over 3k words.
And, my first and favorite MC interacts, not me.
Still, I like it. Because of its length, I won’t post it here.
It’s over there….
….but you gotta scroll up just a tiny bit.
See over there where it says Pages? It’s under the one titled Shorts. It’s where I’ll post short stories.
But you won’t have to do that this time. You can just click here.
If you have time and/or the inclination, check it out. Let me know what you think.

>Kidnapped By My Muse…Or Something Else?


I don’t know if it’s because of nano, but lately, I can’t find enough time to write.

I toyed with the idea of writing down a few Christmas memories and posting them. Instead, things have come out of me that I hadn’t intended to write. I have several saved as drafts….

I found the Keyhole blogfest and, surprise to me, I entered it. My first short story in years.

I didn’t sign up for the Harry Potter blogfest, but, dang, the MC from my first wip demanded I write something. So, I did, for her. I couldn’t enter it as it was well over 2k words, but I may post it here as a break between Christmas related posts.

Roland put a video on his blog that I’d never seen – TSO’s Christmas Canon, with Harry Potter. It made me cry. This holiday season, which should be a festive and joy filled season, is all about the dead and the missing for me. I have no idea at all where I am. All I know is that I’m having a hard time dealing with all the feelings that are being dredged up inside of me and I can’t keep up with the ideas in my mind. Those things, combined with the music I’m listening to, are producing some interesting stuff, idea-wise.

The MC from my first wip is called Tangi and she and I have been getting really close lately. The HP story I wrote for her is about the dead we all carry around with us.

TSO has another song, and Tangi showed me a scene from her life that fit perfectly, and showed me even more of her heart and her soul.

I’m beginning to wonder if Tangi is more than my MC. I believe she is my muse, and she’s taken hold of my hand, like a ghost of Christmas, and we’ve gone walkabout. The landscape is strange and somewhat frightening. The skies are deep gray and a mist surrounds us. Soft shadows and sounds creep into our psyches. I am unsettled by the discoveries I’m making in these places, but I journey on, holding tight to her hand while the ghosts of Christmases past haunt my soul and the specter of the future looms like a great, dark cloud on the horizon….

See, this post isn’t even going as I’d planned. I wanted it to be funny….and it’s gone sideways.

This just occurred to me – this was the very thing I was afraid of if I began really writing. I would lose control and become an emotional wreck. Huh. I feel a little better, as long as it helps me produce quality stuff…..

Tangi hasn’t kidnapped me after all. She’s along for the ride, bending my emotional currents, shaping them, weaving music and emotion with words… a good muse should.

I just hope I can keep up and stay together and write things that make what I’m experiencing worth it all…..

Do any of you experience this type of thing?

>New Page ‘….bits and pieces’

>Oh, dear. I’ve done it. I actually have a whole chapter written for my project. I can’t even call it a WIP at this point. Here, for your perusal, is a few paragraphs from what would be book two. Be honest. Be critical. Be constructive. Thanks…(yikes!)  Oh. It’s on the new bits and pieces page….