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>My Holiday Viewing Favorites


One of the things I love about the whole Christmas season is the memories of curling up on the couch with popcorn or hot chocolate and watching movies.
Give this a click and listen while you read…it’s magical….
When we were little, Mom would make it a special occasion, an event. She’d splurge and make peanut butter fudge and hot chocolate, the old fashioned way. We’d turn off the lights, leaving the Christmas tree to create its own wondrous atmosphere while we watched Charlie Brown.
This is probably my all time favorite Christmas special to watch. I watched it with my mom, then years later with my brother and my nephew. It’s sweet and funny and I could listen to the theme music all day. 
I fell in love with this one the first time it aired. I love the look of the people and the mice and the songs were fun. It has a sweetness about it and I still record it on DVR when I catch it. 
This was Nephew’s favorite movie when he was young and we’d rent it in the summer time because we both got a kick out of it. I did make sure he understood that Kevin’s behavior and back-talk were disrespectful….
Sometimes, I watch movies according to the season in which I first saw them. I saw Harry Potter years after it originally came out….at Christmas time. I caught the Chamber of Secrets playing on ABC Family and got hooked. I had to go back and watch all of them, in order. Now, I can watch them all year round, but it feels right to watch it at Christmas.
Honey and I went to the movies to see the LOTR movies and they debuted near the Christmas season (I honestly can’t remember exactly when!) and I always feel the urge to see them when it gets really cold outside.

I don’t know if I want to watch this one at Christmas because of all the snow that’s in it or because that’s when I first saw it, but I watch it every year when I’m off for the holiday.

We went to the movies to see this one and of course, I have to see it every year now. I had it on a cd as a radio theater production and Jim Broadbent was in it, too. 
Last year, I was listening to a music station on tv and heard a song that called to me from another room. It was 2002, a group I’d never heard of. The music was like walking into a fairy tale and I fell in love with it. The next day, I went to Barnes & Noble to get a copy, the only place I could find it. I’ve nearly worn it out and it’s not even Christmas music….(but I did hear it at Christmas, so….)
These are a few of my favorite things to watch at this time of year. How about you? Do you have a favorite movie or tv show? Favorite music? Care to share?

>The TV Blogfest…A Few Days Late!


It’s getting late and I really need to get some sleep. I’m trying to get some posts scheduled ahead of time. I have many many things to get done this week…..

I just learned today (Monday) of the Top 10 TV Shows blogfest. Ah. A day late and a dollar short. That’s the cyber me….

Like another blogger I read this evening, I’m not posting pictures. Or even a brief synopsis. Just making a list.

Time restraints, donchyaknow?

In no particular order:

1. NCIS-Gibbs. Ziva. Abby. Wow.

2. White Collar-Just plain cool.

3. Psych-Humor. Mystery. Antics. Shenanigans. And homage to all sorts of shows and movies. Clever.

4. Covert Affairs-New. Action. Intrigue. Hope it lasts.

5. Dr. Who-Met him in the late 70’s. Chris Eccleston. David Tennant. Matt Smith. It’s the Doctor. What more do you need?

6. Dragonball Z-Goku. Anime at it’s best. Adventure. Humor. Goku.

7. Avatar: The Last Airbender-The TV cartoon on which the movie was supposed to be based. Aang. Zuko. Honor. Wisdom. Humor. Sacrifice. Zuko.

8. I Dream of Jeannie-The reason I want to be a belly dancer. In my own home, of course.

9. Home Improvement-Though it depicted men as insensitive and stupid, it’s where I got a lot of my father figure fix. As a grown up. I learned a lot from that family. Also from the Cosby Show…..

10. Scooby Doo/The Flintstones/The Jetsons-The trio of toons my sister and I would crawl out of bed for at the crack of dawn every Saturday morning. We would sit on the floor in front of the TV, and attempt to pour Captain Crunch into our bowls without spilling milk all everywhere.

***and an honorable mention***

Top Gear-If you like cars or crazy stunts or contests and like to laugh, you really should check it out on BBC America.

Wow. I nearly kept to the rules on this one. Can I get a star? Half of one?

>Beatin’ The Heat With A Little Snow….


It’s really hot outside and I don’t feel like doing too much
 I decided to be very lazy….
 ….and just put up a bunch of strips
 from my favorite toon/comic strip/characters
 of all time.
 I have many of the collections…
 but didn’t feel like snapping lots of pics, so I used the interwebs
  ….here are a few of the famous snowmen 
 that Calvin and Hobbes created (with Bill Waterson’s help)
I hope they make you laugh 
 …this one made me sad…it was the very last of the very best, ever.